Let's make a deal. Costco-loving Chowhounds share insider tips for what to pick up at the big-box store and what to skip. Weigh in and give us your opinions on the best (or worst) things about Costco.

Should You Buy Your Steak From Costco?

There are a lot of things we love to buy at Costco, but one we waffle on: steaks. Read on to find out why this is such a needling issue, and whether you should buy your steak at Costco. Costco is at...

Costco Sous Vide ‘Grass Fed Sliced Beef Sirloin’

by twodales2 1 month ago

Has anyone tried this product? I picked one of these up to try at Costco yesterday. I am thinking about quickly sautéing a few slices, cutting them into bite sized pieces and then cooling them dow...

Where do you find Short plate ribs?

by beeflover1 23 days ago

Have you guys seen short plate ribs? (Plate Short Ribs NAMP 123). The short plate ribs are from ribs 6-8 and are 3-bone ribs. I am not referring to the other type of beef ribs, chuck short ribs whi...

Costco Food Finds - 2021

by treb 10 months ago

Well I'm happy to see 2021 is here. There have been some interesting buys lately, great cheese selections, wines and some excellent fruit and produce this past season. Please tell us what are...

Kirkland Brand Gluten Free Pizza

by knowspicker 2 months ago

After months of no Sabatasso GF pizza at our Seattle are Costco stores I see they are now stocking a Kirkland brand GF pizza. Has anyone tried these? It wouldn't surprise me if they were having Sab...

Retail Workers Are Pissed Off About the End of Masks in Stores

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

"After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s announcement last week that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear masks in most situations, retailers like CVS and Costco said they wer...

The True Story a Stainless Steel Bowl Buyer (Heatproof Bowl for Cooking Part 2)

by jochaima 8 months ago

There were a lot of great suggestions on my previous post .Here’s what happened. I liked the look of the Farberware and got a Farberware 3 set of stainless steel bowls, very good used condition,...

Costco Commodity Chicken Air Chilled?

by zackly 8 months ago

Costco built a gigantic chicken processing plant in Nebraska recently. Lincoln Premium Poultry produces a significant percentage of Costco's raw chicken and they air chill all their products. I som...

Frozen Fish Costco, TJ'S or WFM

by Unkle Al 8 months ago

Although I often buy shellfish that is frozen I have never bought fish out of the freezer. I need help in locating high quality frozen fish at one of the above noted retailers which are close to m...

Costco Food Finds - 2020

by treb 2 years ago

Time to prepare for a new decade and hopefully new finds at Costco. This thread is for the whole year, maybe we’ll have better activity in 2020. Chow on and post on !!

Amid calls for boycott, Costco removes Palmetto Cheese from 120 of its stores

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

A sign in front of the remaining Palmetto Cheese products at the Myrtle Beach Costco location: “The * (asterisk) on this sign means that these 2 items are discontinued and will not be re-ordered...

Where do you buy bulls penis and testicles? (Serious)

by beeflover1 1 year ago

Where is your go-to butcher / supermarket for weird foods and animal offals? I'm looking for bulls penis and testicles or any particular animal (Lamb, Goat, Pig/Pork, Chicken). I'm from the Bay are...

How long is Costco Rotisserie Chicken good if I reseal into smaller bags?

by BhamGuy 1 year ago

This is the refrigerated, pre-pulled rotisserie meat that is available by the bag. The expiration date says several months away, December 15. If I open the bag and immediately reseal in Foo...

Where to buy Fresh/frozen grass/organic fed liver?

by beeflover1 1 year ago

Where can I buy Fresh or frozen grass fed calf/beef liver on the silicon Valley area?

Terra Delyssa Organic Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - New at Costco

by Flexitarian 8 years ago

I was going to post this in the Costco thread but I find that thread so unwieldy now to navigate with the 500+ posts. I just saw and bought this olive oil at the Downsview Costco last week. It w...