Let's make a deal. Costco-loving Chowhounds share insider tips for what to pick up at the big-box store and what to skip. Weigh in and give us your opinions on the best (or worst) things about Costco.

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New brand of fresh Kosher beef at Costco -- Tomer, not Glatt

by MisterBill2 7 months ago

I was at Costco in Nanuet, NY this weekend, and noticed that their kosher meat case was almost entirely poultry. The ...

MisterBill2 commented 23 minutes ago

"Grand Cafe" smoker Costco

by justanotherpenguin 10 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with this. I like smoking, but am tired of sitting and tending charcoal. Want a gas o...


5starGumbo commented 8 days ago

Costco Ahi tuna...sushi grade?

by cleopatra999 4 years ago

I am assuming the ahi tuna at Costco is not sushi grade. I am wanting to make ahi poke, and most of the recipes call ...


ScottZee commented 10 days ago

Best deals at Costco in Vancouver/Lower Mainland

by VanGrrl 1 year ago

Would love to have an updated thread on great finds at Vancouver's Costco. Always looking for new things to try ther...


VanGrrl commented 10 days ago

The Costco Thread - Ontario - Jan to end of June 2017

by elvisahmed 4 months ago

Starting a new thread for Costco. Please share your finds here for food items in Costco location across Ontario


youdonut commented 13 days ago

Verdi Castelvetrano olives from Costco

by gmm 5 years ago

I bought a container of these yesterday. The Castelvetranos I've had in the past were from olive bars or the Mezzatt...


nivas commented 14 days ago

sabra hummus

by Lil 10 years ago

Best we've ever had. Who would have thought we'd find it at Costco. Go figure


small h commented 19 days ago

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2017

by treb 2 months ago

It's spring!!! At least somewhere, today it's snowing here. Predicted 6 inches of the wet stuff. Let's see if ...

knowspicker commented 27 days ago

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2015

by treb 2 years ago

Well, I'm thrilled to see this winter, almost, gone. What a nightmare. If I'm lucky, I'll see my lawn in May! Ti...


bachchick commented 1 month ago

Chicken Pot Pie At Costco?

by Tujunga Mike 14 years ago

okay, I admit it... I love chicken pot pie. Recently on a Costco run I noticed in the meat department, an enormous c...


CostcoRick commented 1 month ago

Costco pork ribs and GMO feed

by JuniorBalloon 1 year ago

I'm trying to find out if ribs bought at Costco were fed a GMO diet. I know they're not organic. I have a family memb...


weldlove commented 1 month ago

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NJ Costco - Spiral Ham- Disappintment 2017

by jnk 1 month ago

Easter 2016 I bought I spiral ham at Costco that was probably the BEST spiral ham I had ever had. Moist, well smoked....

Costco is needling their beef, a dangerous practice

by foodcache 2 months ago

Costco beef has been of very high quality for a long time, but over the past year, they've begun needling their beef,...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago

Snake River Farms American Kobe corned beef @ Costco

by PorkButt 2 years ago

There's another thread about SRF American Kobe sliced roast beef round at Costco:

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Decoding info about Costco's pork suppliers

by quokka70 9 years ago

Hi, I recently emailed Costco with some questions about how their pork suppliers treat their animals. The answer ...


Healthy188 commented 2 months ago

Has anyone tried Kirkland (Costco) Mayo?

by Babyducks 6 years ago

I saw it the other day for the first time . Wonder how it compares to Best Foods.


Brimac commented 2 months ago

How do I convince CostCo to open in my area??

by Diane in Bexley 12 years ago

In Ohio, CostCo has outlets in Cleveland and Cincinnati but none in Columbus. I have been e-mailing them. My city is ...


ferret commented 2 months ago

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2017

by treb 5 months ago

Well it's 2017, time to post about new Costco Food Finds. Always like to get there right after the holidays, they ...


Chowrin commented 2 months ago

Best appetizers at Costco?

by Honeyman 12 years ago

I'm having a, holiday party and borrowed a buddy's Costco card since I'm not a member. What are the best ...


Betennat commented 2 months ago

Declining quality at Costco?

by Monica 2 years ago

Maybe this is only happening in my local Costco (Hackensack, NJ) but lately, I have been noticing a decline of qualit...

mcf commented 2 months ago