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Chowhound is a site for food aficionados – also known as food nerds. It's for everyone who wants to know the absolute best way to prepare a dish and the science behind why that's so. We dig deep into the history of food and how it works, and care just as much about the best time of year to buy oysters as we do the reason American cheese has such a perfect melt (and whether or not it's actually cheese).

Chowhound was founded in 1997 by writer Jim Leff and Bob Okumura, and has deep roots in the food world. Acquired and relaunched by Static Media in 2023, our team of writers, editors, and recipe developers is committed to editorial excellence, which is why we regularly consult experts in the food industry to ensure we're bringing our readers the best of the best when it comes to first-hand knowledge and sources.

If you are a serious home cook, a chef (currently or in a previous life), or just love researching the what and why something operates the way it does, Chowhound is the place for you.

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