Weekly Menu Plans - April 2017 Second Half

by MidwesternerTT 8 days ago

April ..2nd Half. Time to start gardens yet? By month-end I’d guess most of us will be able to use our BBQ grills ou...

pistachio peas commented 10 minutes ago

what to use in place of white wine?

by hungryabbey 10 years ago

Im cooking for my boyfriend and he's allergic to wine and so many of my recipes call for it. Does anyone have any sug...

ninrn commented 13 minutes ago

Voting thread: Cookbook of the Month, May 2017

by pistachio peas 6 days ago

We had a total of 26 books (with a couple "pairings") nominated! Wow. There were two clear front runners, however. On...

pistachio peas commented 28 minutes ago

COTM: Cookbook of the Month Nominations for May 2017

by pistachio peas 13 days ago

May will soon be here and for many of us that means lots of wonderful spring vegetables will be in full bloom or comi...

pistachio peas commented 29 minutes ago

Cooking from Simply Nigella

by LulusMom 2 months ago

This thread is for reporting on recipes you've tried from Nigella Lawson's Simply Nigella. Remember not to quote reci...

pistachio peas commented 39 minutes ago

What Cookbooks Have You Bought Lately, or Are You Lusting After? April, 2017 Edition!

by buttertart 20 days ago

Better late than never! March was a blur for me, first my husband got sick and then I did. I had no idea viral br...


qianning commented 1 hour ago

Tomatillos Discussion

by tompoe 7 hours ago

I am looking for experts to set me straight about tomatillos. Can I treat tomatillos the same as I now treat celery?...


Eldon Kreider commented 1 hour ago


by pistachio peas 23 days ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: PASTA & NOODLES (p. 175-205); and TOFU (& A...


qianning commented 1 hour ago

May 2017 DOTM: Nominations

by herby 3 days ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for May 2017 Dish of the Month! If you’re new here, or if you just want a refresh...

pistachio peas commented 1 hour ago

Northern Italy Itinerary

by lavendula 3 months ago

Planning a trip to Northern Italy for this May and could use guidance with my itinerary. We fly into Milan on a red...


lavendula commented 1 hour ago

Frying in Copper

by veggiecookware 6 hours ago

I've been trying to figure this out and am hoping someone with more experience can weigh in. Can anybody tell me how ...


PSRaT commented 1 hour ago

Vegetarian Essential Cookware

by veggiecookware 1 day ago

For various reason, I am having to start my cookware collection from scratch. I know I'm going to go with Falk, but I...


veggiecookware commented 2 hours ago

Food Suggestions for Charleston without Car / Culinary Tours?

by lmwmcintyre 2 hours ago

Hello! Heading to Charleston with husband for first time in June (Sun-Fri). We will not have a car until the end of t...

LaLa commented 2 hours ago

A Quiet Cocktail Place

by Bobbing1956 6 hours ago

I am meeting a friend next week in the evening and we are looking for a place to have a drink and to talk not shout a...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 hours ago

using long grain white rice vs aborio rice

by italiana3 7 years ago

HI everyone I am making a recipe called zucchini torte. The grated zucchini and rice mixture is baked and cut into ...

Ttrockwood commented 2 hours ago

Long North Carolina / Southeast road trip

by Yuv83 7 months ago

Hey all, My wife and I (33 year old from Israel) going on a fairly long roadtrip from DC through Asheville, NC down ...

LaLa commented 2 hours ago

What Are You Baking These Days? April, 2017 edition!

by TorontoJo 22 days ago

Starting up the April thread! Around here, Spring keeps trying to make a permanent appearance, but Winter keeps butti...

islandmermaid commented 2 hours ago

Family Visit to Barcelona Recommendations

by awsiegel 8 days ago

Hello Chowhounds. I'm visiting Barcelona for 5 days with my family of four (wife and twin 14yo boys). One kid is pret...


awsiegel commented 2 hours ago

Silver Noodles in NYC Chinatown / Flushing?

by chefdekoven 2 days ago

Hey. There is a type of noodle called "silver noodle" or "thistly noodles". A short rice noodle with a thick center, ...


chefdekoven commented 3 hours ago

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