French Laundry Dinner Tickets for Friday, May 19th Available

by mercurialsoxfan 13 hours ago

I have 4 tickets available for Friday, May 19, 2017 at 5pm that I cannot use. I am looking to recoup my cost. They ca...


mercurialsoxfan commented 15 minutes ago

Queen of Pho, Chapel Hill

by Panski 22 days ago

Husband and I had lunch today at the recently opened Queen of Pho Vietnamese restaurant in the Timberline Shopping Ce...


Panski commented 34 minutes ago

Orana (Adelaide)

by debbieann 2 years ago

WOW - ok when everyone says they want Australian food, this is where they should go, as long as they book a couple mo...

haynes commented 1 hour ago

E. Dehillerin---what to buy?

by Pirendeus 3 days ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris (possibly once in a life time) and plan to visit E. Dehillerin. Any suggestions on somethi...


TJFRANCE commented 4 hours ago

Where To Eat With 2 Kids in August (near Union Station)?

by js76wisco 11 hours ago

Hi Toronto CH friends. It's out first time in Toronto with a 4 and 6 year old for 5 days. We are renting a place near...


hungry_pangolin commented 5 hours ago

Reservations for Noma Pop-Up in Mexico

by The Chowhound Team 8 days ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging reservations for the Noma pop-up in Mexico, we have c...


Jodie_Akinci0305 commented 5 hours ago

Live uni in Santa Barbara

by abypmua90 3 months ago

I'm visiting San Francisco at the end of June for the first time, my goal is to find live uni to try!! I have only fo...

Melanie Wong commented 5 hours ago

What's your favorite vegetarian dinner when you have friends coming home?

by Nesanime 19 hours ago

I have a couple friends for dinner and I want to cook something nice for them. Other times I would have cooked a b...


Nesanime commented 7 hours ago

What's for Dinner #402 (April 2017) - The Sunnier Days Edition

by ChristinaMason 24 days ago

Hopefully no matter where you live (unless you're on the other side of the Equator, that is), things are starting to ...

EllenCooks commented 7 hours ago

Oil-seasoning copper cookware

by Computta 2 days ago

Has anyone ever tried coating the outside of a copper (tin lined) pot with some kind of oil to prevent it form formin...


alexrander commented 8 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - April 2017 Second Half

by MidwesternerTT 11 days ago

April ..2nd Half. Time to start gardens yet? By month-end I’d guess most of us will be able to use our BBQ grills ou...

Ttrockwood commented 8 hours ago

Can I make shrimp for shrimp taco in advance?

by MsBees 12 hours ago

Hi on cinco de mayo I have guests coming in for the weekend. We plan to serve a taco bar with bison carne asdada, por...

Ttrockwood commented 8 hours ago

Voting thread: Cookbook of the Month, May 2017

by pistachio peas 10 days ago

We had a total of 26 books (with a couple "pairings") nominated! Wow. There were two clear front runners, however. On...

LulusMom commented 9 hours ago

Soft Shell Crabs... Sauteed, in Manhattan???

by erica 2 days ago

I'd be happy if someone could point me to a non-Asian restaurant that currently offers soft-shell crabs. I like them...


Kathyd1 commented 9 hours ago

Paris Trip, Need Advice

by TLM 2 days ago

My wife and I will be in Paris from this Sunday, April 30 until the following Saturday, May 6. We have a long day tr...


TLM commented 9 hours ago


by pistachio peas 26 days ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: CHICKEN (p. 22-61) and MEAT: PORK, BEEF, VE...


stockholm28 commented 9 hours ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - April 2017

by fldhkybnva 27 days ago

Hip Hop Hooray for April! Hopefully, old man winter is officially gone and spring flowers will start to bloom. Trader...


sarahvw1 commented 11 hours ago

Catered dinner in Paris

by macdog 13 hours ago

A friend wants to have a small dinner party (10-12) at her rental apartment in the Marais in May. Does anyone have an...

hychka commented 11 hours ago

Announcement Thread: May 2017, COTM: THE A.O.C. COOKBOOK

by pistachio peas 3 days ago

Well, that was a bumpy ride! But at the end of it, we will cook the delicious food from: THE A.O.C. COOKBOOK by Su...


sr44 commented 12 hours ago

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