Weekly Menu Plans – August 2017

by MidwesternerTT 28 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in August. Will you travel? Are you plannin...

LulusMom commented 10 minutes ago

Manhattan looking for Vegetarian (4 dinners)

by PeterCL 8 hours ago

Looking for recommendations for vegetarian options, four dinners, diverse cuisines. Considering: Southern Indian ...

sherrib commented 18 minutes ago

Tokyo - upcoming itinerary + questions

by od_sf 4 days ago

Restaurants I'll be going to on my upcoming trip: Sushi: Ichijou (dinner) Arai (lunch) Hashimoto (dinner) Taic...

od_sf commented 19 minutes ago

Staub pot is crazing

by littlewing830 1 hour ago

Hi, I have owned a Staub enameled cast iron braiser pan for a few years now. I noticed recently that there was a l...

kaleokahu commented 25 minutes ago

Too Much Salt... ?

by Augie6 11 hours ago

So, I've came a LONG way since by first days here at Chowhound.... However, I am having a slight issue.. All of a sud...

LaLa commented 40 minutes ago

New York Traditional Foods

by Oregonguy 1 day ago

I'll be in New York the first week of Oct. I need to get my fix after being away for so long. Originally from Ct but,...

Ttrockwood commented 1 hour ago

New Article

We Can't Get Enough of These Summer Panna Cotta Recipes

Panna cotta: Who ever thought gelatinous cream and sugar could taste so good? Well...the Italians, but now we're getting a little too technical. All we really...


Flat Handled Cooking Utensils for Hanging..?

by jemcpi 1 day ago

I need new cooking utensils. Everything I see has thick ergonomic handles, but you can't hang them on a hook. They ei...


jemcpi commented 1 hour ago

What to Do with Fresh Ham Bones

by gretchenohar 10 hours ago

Recently roasted 4 large fresh hams in a La Caja China for a family get-together. Now have plenty of bones and a mid...


saregama commented 2 hours ago

Nominations - Home Cooking Dish of the Month: September 2017

by masha 3 days ago

Welcome to the Nominations thread for the September 2017 Dish of the Month. For those unfamiliar with the Home Cooki...

jpr54_1 commented 2 hours ago

Le Creuset dilemma

by Philliesfan91 5 years ago

Finally getting my first full set of cookware from le creuset. I currently have a mixture of the cobalt blue and red...


katmendez commented 2 hours ago

Sweet Corn Shelf Life?

by zackly 3 days ago

So, it’s “local” sweet corn season here in CT. Around here, starting around May, we start to see corn shipped in to m...


Eldon Kreider commented 3 hours ago

New Article

A Beginner’s Guide to Peruvian Cooking

Peruvian cuisine is all the rage throughout the world and for good reason. This culinary jewel of South America with its abundant raw ingredients, dizzying variety...


Where Should I Get Choucroute Garnie in Paris?

by therealdoctorlew 4 hours ago

Making eating plans for our upcoming Paris trip. One dish that I like is not particularly fancy, and certainly not m...


therealdoctorlew commented 3 hours ago

September 2017 COTM: Announcment

by MelMM 12 hours ago

After a really active nomination period, we had relatively quiet voting and a clear winner. The September, 2017 Cookb...


hirsheys commented 3 hours ago

Trip Report: Emilia-Romagna/Piedmont/Milan

by JohnTalbotWannabe 2 days ago

We recently spent time in some of Northern Italy. Thank you to the many of you whose posts on this forum helped us i...


lisaonthecape commented 3 hours ago

Freezing fruit syrups?

by nofunlatte 7 years ago

Hello, all! Can fruit syrups be frozen successfully? I'd like to make some blackberry syrup and save it until my fo...


ricepad commented 4 hours ago

Baking for baby

by MumbaiCentral 12 hours ago

Hey, Would like to start baking treats for my baby (9 months) but we are trying to avoid added sugars and salt to ...


masha commented 4 hours ago

Reservations for French Laundry

by The Chowhound Team 4 months ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging French Laundry reservations, we have created this pos...


p_lm commented 5 hours ago

First time in Chicago

by Late to the party 7 hours ago

Hi there, my wife and I are on our way last minute to Chicago for the ZBB concert this Saturday at Wrigley. We have ...

nsxtasy commented 5 hours ago

What Cookbooks Have You Bought Lately, or Are You Lusting After? August 2017 edition!

by buttertart 22 days ago

Dying to get my mitts on "Bravetart" by Stella Parks and the Ottolenghi "Sweet"...preorders...how about you?


sallyt commented 5 hours ago

What's for Dinner #406 (August 2017) - Swimming in Summer Produce

by MidwesternerTT 20 days ago

So What's for Dinner tonight in your household? Most of us in North America are swimming in summer produce, and / o...

Berheenia commented 5 hours ago

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