Seafood dive/shack in winter

by jlesar 2 days ago

Hi all, My in-laws are coming to town next week. They lived in Cambridge in the late 60s/early 70s and have fond m...


catsmeow commented 11 minutes ago

Non-stick Options, Or Not

by mikie 18 days ago

I've had it, really! I've had a Scanpan 8" nonstick classic pan for probably longer than I should. It's been sticki...

kaleokahu commented 14 minutes ago

Spring 2017 Baking/Dessert Cookbook of the Month NOMINATIONS

by Caitlin McGrath 6 days ago

Time for a baking/dessert COTM restart! Let's see if we can regain the momentum with a more successful and crowd-plea...


dkennedy commented 34 minutes ago

Voting Thread: Cookbook of the Month, March 2017

by pistachio peas 1 day ago

It's time to vote! March is a long month. Think about what you'd like to explore over its 31 days. This round of nomi...


dkennedy commented 37 minutes ago

Considering Lupa for dinner

by Njchicaa 16 hours ago

My birthday is coming up so my husband and I thought we might go into the city for dinner at one of Mario Batali's re...

Njchicaa commented 40 minutes ago

Sunday dinner

by Food on the brain 3 hours ago

Last dinner tonight before an early flight. Ma Peche, Le Perigord, or DB Bistro Moderne? They all look amazing, alb...


small h commented 1 hour ago

Cuisinart Replacement Blade

by anndillman 20 days ago

Has anyone received their new blade yet? Any idea of how long it will take to get one?


ChrisJM commented 1 hour ago

NYC - looking for braised short ribs!

by baxter101 22 hours ago

Hi! We have a special event coming up to celebrate, and I'm looking to find a restaurant in NYC that has good short r...

sgordon commented 1 hour ago

Is it time yet to plant seeds indoors (Zone 6)

by DonnaMarieNJ 14 hours ago

Is it now time to plant seeds indoors now? I want to plant seeds for lettuces, cabbage, onions, etc. Is it too earl...

coll commented 1 hour ago

What Are You Baking These Days? February, 2017 Edition

by MidwesternerTT 18 days ago

Looks like buttertart, who usually starts these baking discussions each month, hasn't had time to create a February p...

pistachio peas commented 1 hour ago

COTM Cookbook of the Month Nominations for March 2017

by pistachio peas 8 days ago

Good morning, everyone! It's that time again....Cookbook of the Month (COTM) nominations. We start nominations early ...


butiamlucia commented 2 hours ago

What's for Dinner #400 (February 2017) - The Milestone Edition

by ChristinaMason 16 days ago

Four hundred What's for Dinner posts!? Wow! And that's just since we've been counting. This thread had seen a lot of...

MidwesternerTT commented 3 hours ago

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Manhattan Memories

by JimmySee 2 years ago

Luchow's on East 14th Street; Mamma Leone's on West 48th; Ratner's on Delancey; The Stork Club on East 53rd; HoJo's i...

MacGuffin commented 3 hours ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - February 2017

by fldhkybnva 18 days ago

Happy February, we're moving right along through 2017! Punxsutawney Phil will soon let us know whether we should prep...


Joltingjoey commented 3 hours ago

What should I bring back from Spain?

by Monica 24 days ago

I know there are numerous posting on what to bring back from France but I don't recall any posting about Spain. An...

erica commented 3 hours ago

When a recipe calls for 'chili sauce,' what do you use?

by Jjjr 5 years ago

Just a question out of curiousity. Whenever I see a recipe that calls for 'chili sauce,' I get a little annoyed b...


Indy 67 commented 4 hours ago

Arroz con Pollo for Oscars Party

by Felliott 3 days ago

Friends of ours host an annual Oscars party, for which they randomly assign best picture nominees to attendees, and i...


mbcraw4d commented 4 hours ago

If I just had two really good salad recipes...

by soccermom13 14 days ago

If I just had two really good salad recipes, maybe I would finally invite some people over..... I have some good ma...

Multifoiled commented 5 hours ago

Cooking from Fika The art of the Swedish Coffee Break

by MidwesternerTT 12 months ago

The Spring Baking 2016 runner-up book had enough interest that a few of us plan to cook from in March. Here's a pla...

Multifoiled commented 5 hours ago

Best Technique for Cooking Oils on Induction?

by westes 8 hours ago

I have run into my first cooking problem on an induction stove with stainless cookware. I want to make Indian Ghee /...


westes commented 5 hours ago

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