Sign at register: Please refrain from putting tips on credit card to keep prices reasonable

by ebchower 3 days ago

This was at a New Jersey diner. My first thought was "how tacky." But if somebody has already decided to pay by cred...


BethNH commented 6 minutes ago

Looking for Large Mesh Strainer

by zackly 5 hours ago

I'm looking for a large mesh strainer that I can primarily use for draining marinades away from food before I cook/gr...

NE_Wombat commented 19 minutes ago

Roasting Poblano peppers: what went wrong?

by mschow 8 years ago

Yesterday I roasted a bag of poblano peppers (to make chile rellenos with). I roasted them in my gas oven, under the...


AtlantaRob commented 23 minutes ago

Bar Seating at Zahav & Other Old City Recommendations

by pbplus 5 hours ago

We are headed into the city for a show at the Arden Theatre on a Saturday evening in June. We just made the decision ...


Bigley9 commented 29 minutes ago

Fort Greene Lunch

by SadieSue 36 minutes ago

I'm a tourist heading to NYC next week. I want to eat well in Brooklyn. Heading to Fort Greene then Park Slope. ...


fm1963 commented 29 minutes ago

Saute Pan vs Fry Pan?

by Seitan 6 months ago

I recently noticed I haven't used my saute pans in a while. They are just sitting there forlornly in my lower cupboar...


damiano commented 31 minutes ago

Rome, Italy. Emma Pizzeria

by GrumpyHusband 21 days ago

Had lunch with friends. We are here for a month. Seating is like a cafeteria. Boring wait staff. Worst pizza we have ...

vinoroma commented 37 minutes ago

Best Frog dish in Manhattan

by Monica 5 months ago

I don't know what made her to do it but my 8 yr old daughter decided to order a frog dish last time we were on a crui...


bronwen commented 44 minutes ago

Voting thread: Cookbook of the Month, June 2017

by pistachio peas 5 days ago

Another busy nominating round yielded a total of 21 nominations. The two most popular are now our finalists for June ...


Madrid commented 1 hour ago

Any Ideas on Canned Fish - Sardines, Smoked Oysters, Mackerel, Etc.?s

by TheBigLeChowski 2 days ago

I've only in very recent years come to discover and love canned seafood. Smoked oysters were my first love....I can e...


Bigley9 commented 1 hour ago

Bug in Food - Should I Have Tipped?

by Philly Ray 3 days ago

Stopped in a local bar for a quick dinner. I sat at the bar, ordered a beer and some food. Halfway through eating, I...


ABParker commented 2 hours ago

Lunch recommendations near the Convention Center

by Etcetera 23 hours ago

I'm in town for at the convention center for most of this week and am looking for some lunch recommendations within a...


saeyedoc commented 2 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans – May 2017 First Half

by MidwesternerTT 25 days ago

May – A month filled with celebrations from Cinco de Mayo, to Mother’s Day (also known as “Fishing Opener Weekend” he...

clcorbi commented 2 hours ago

Jumbo Lobsters

by BostonTparty 23 hours ago

Anyone have experience cooking jumbo lobsters? Lobsters in the six pound plus range? The largest one I ever cooked wa...


BostonTparty commented 2 hours ago

What Cookbooks Have You Bought Lately, or Are You Lusting After? May, 2017 Edition!

by buttertart 22 days ago

Hey hey it's the merry merry month of May...I've received most of the various odd items I bought last month (the Dani...


sallyt commented 3 hours ago

Golden City Inn aka Ye Cheng Du | Bayview - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 16 hours ago

At our January Sichuan chowdown , "chowho...

Melanie Wong commented 3 hours ago

Ebook Deals of the Minute II

by MmeFleiss 2 months ago

As promised, here's a new thread for the ebook deals. These deals seem to go by so fast, so just a reminder the sale ...

rasputina commented 3 hours ago

Breville Smart Oven

by SouthwestSpice 2 years ago

Has anyone owned a Breville Smart Oven for more than a couple of years? I am very interested in getting one but read...

rasputina commented 3 hours ago

Smucker's Fudge Topping - still good after long time in fridge?

by blueartemis4 14 hours ago

I have a jar of Smucker's Simple Delight Hot Fudge Topping in my fridge. I have no idea how long it's been open, but ...


beevod commented 3 hours ago

New brand of fresh Kosher beef at Costco -- Tomer, not Glatt

by MisterBill2 7 months ago

I was at Costco in Nanuet, NY this weekend, and noticed that their kosher meat case was almost entirely poultry. The ...

MisterBill2 commented 4 hours ago

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