Bistro 1521, Filipino in Ballston - Quick Hit

by Steve 9 days ago

I was interested to hear about a brand new Filipino place in Ballston, especially since the unfortunate closing of Bi...


Steve commented 15 minutes ago

Where to buy patis in Manhattan?

by _emilie_ 1 hour ago

Anyone here know a store that sells patis (Filipino fish sauce) in Manhattan?

_emilie_ commented 16 minutes ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - August 2017

by fldhkybnva 17 days ago

It’s August…already? The last days of summer are in the near future and kids will be headed back to school soon. Neve...


saregama commented 17 minutes ago

Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

by CMLo 1 hour ago

Anyone have input on the Work Sharp Culinary line of electric sharpeners? These seem interesting... knife sharpening ...

tim irvine commented 28 minutes ago

Healthy Single Serve Desserts

by tvan614 4 hours ago

Hi there! I desperately need some ideas for some healthy, preferably low sugar desserts that are for one person!!


small h commented 35 minutes ago

ATK Review: Best Large Saucepans

by Seitan 3 hours ago

Can you guess which saucepan America's Test Kitchen rated highest without watching the video? Of course you can: h...


gooster commented 41 minutes ago

New Article

What Is the Difference Between Champagne and Prosecco?

Most company refrigerators are filled with expired condiments and takeout cartons. At my first job, however, we always had a bottle of Prosecco on hand. Whether...


Ready peeled garlic in my garden?

by jaybirkland1970 15 hours ago

Okay, I'm working in my mother's garden. Digging up and turning over the soil. While she's not been neglectful, i.e...


medlar commented 1 hour ago

Seeing Fewer Farmer's Markets in My Town

by zackly 1 day ago

Maybe it's not a trend, just a local anomaly but several farmer's markets did not come back to my town (Norwalk, CT, ...

nofunlatte commented 1 hour ago

Are broccoli worms harmful to human health?

by pinkskittles 9 years ago

i realize the title of this post is a little less appealing than most posts, but i thought i'd ask the community to h...


Barb_x2 commented 1 hour ago

Jinhua ham substitute

by sjsto 2 hours ago

So, I want to make XO sauce, and for that I need Jinhua ham. Can't get that, however, so I need to sub something. A f...


sjsto commented 1 hour ago

Cherry reduction recipe help

by E_M 6 hours ago

I bought some sweet cherries today from the local farm, intending to make a cherry-wine reduction sauce to serve with...

nofunlatte commented 2 hours ago

New Article

Would You Drink Gin 'Flavored' With Harley Davidson Motorcycle Parts?

Just when we thought we've seen it all, somebody decided it'd be a fun idea to throw motorcycle engine parts into alcohol and sell it for over $1,000. We wish...


Vegetarian Visitor

by villainx 10 days ago

Hi community! My family will be visiting Clearwater, St Pete, & Tampa. What are vegetarian and vegetarian friendly ...

Steve R commented 2 hours ago

What's for Dinner #406 (August 2017) - Swimming in Summer Produce

by MidwesternerTT 16 days ago

So What's for Dinner tonight in your household? Most of us in North America are swimming in summer produce, and / o...

EllenCooks commented 2 hours ago

Wine Pairing Dinner Party Help

by mexicaliblues 1 day ago

Hello, I'm hosting some folks for a very simple dinner this weekend and want to make sure the wine shines. Please ...

hotoynoodle commented 2 hours ago

Best places to buy groceries in Toronto?

by pistachio peas 2 years ago

Hi! I'm moving back to Toronto soon after a few years in the US but before then I want to start dreaming/thinking/plo...

prima commented 3 hours ago

Questions on Demeyere plancha

by damiano 2 months ago

I'm considering buying a Demeyere plancha. I currently have a Le Creuset cast iron griddle pan, which I don't use eno...


medlar commented 3 hours ago

Former Taco Bell Employees, Please Help!!!

by HoundDogz 6 years ago

Some time ago I started a discussion on how Taco Bell tasted a lot better in the '70s and '80s. The meat was much be...


jantrojan commented 3 hours ago

Anyone heard of this sous vide machine?

by johnfarmstrong 4 hours ago

Hi all. I was looking for a sous vide machine and came across this link. Called MasterSous. The video shows it can so...


rararobb commented 4 hours ago

SALSA - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, August 2017

by L.Nightshade 18 days ago

Welcome to our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY Dish of the Month! Dish of the Month was started in August of 2012, and we’ve been g...

L.Nightshade commented 5 hours ago

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