Sera Parris

Photo of Sera Parris
Birmingham, MI
University Of Michigan, University Of Notre Dame
Traveling Foodie, Seafood Lover, Wine Enthusiast
  • As a foodie and wanderer, Sera believes one of the best things about traveling around the world is the opportunity to try new foods.
  • Whether it is by booking an incredible experience at Mediterranean restaurants fit for the gods or DC and Batman-themed joints like Park Row in London, she is always hungry for something fresh.
  • She can be found snagging reservations at Michelin Star dining establishments in Scotland, out and about on lively tasting tours in Spain, partaking in cooking classes in France, and traipsing through wine regions across the globe.


Early in her writing career, Sera covered local restaurant openings and did her fair share of bar and pub reviews. As an entertainment and listings editor/writer, she enjoyed seeing the other side of the restaurant business and indulging in the free food and drinks. She also provided coverage for various food-related annual happenings in Michigan, such as the Arts, Beats, & Eats festival and the OPA! Greek Fest. Once Sera fell in love with traveling the world, she became a feature writer at Static Media. When exploring new destinations, delving deep into the local food scenes is always on her itinerary. A curious foodie who once dreamed of owning her own restaurant, Sera brings her love of writing, travel, photography, cooking, and the sampling of all foods to the table.


Sera earned her B.A. in English and communications from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She participated in the University of Michigan Publishing Certification Workshop and The U-Club Poetry Council. She also studied abroad at the University of Notre Dame.

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