Monika Sudakov

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Princeton, IL
Chapman University, University Of Nevada Las Vegas
Culinary Education, Food History, Food Anthropology
  • In 2015, Monika became a Certified Culinary Professional with the International Association of Culinary Professionals
  • She was the innkeeper and chef of an award-winning bed and breakfast featuring gourmet cuisine for 18 years.
  • Her master's thesis entitled "Moroccan Tea Ritual: Religion, Gender, Socio-Economics and Hospitality" was published by Lambert Academic Press in 2010.


Monika has worked in the culinary field since 2005 as a chef, cooking instructor, and cookbook author. She began her career as a writer with regular contributions to the mental health website The Mighty in 2016. Over the years, she has written on topics related to chronic illness, trauma, cooking for dietary restrictions, and hospitality. In 2022, she fused her experience as a culinary professional with her research in food and culture and her acumen as a writer by joining the team at Daily Meal and Chowhound.


Monika has a bachelor's degree in French, a BFA in media performance, and a master's in cultural anthropology.

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