Stephanie Dejak

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Atlanta, GA
SCAD Atlanta
Spirits & Cocktails, Vegetarian Cooking, Restaurant Reviews
  • Stephanie made her literary magazine debut with a personal essay titled "On Slovenian Roots," inspired by her immigrant grandparents and close-knit extended family. (She even shared her Staramama's beloved palačinke recipe.)
  • One of Stephanie's favorite interviews to date was with the owner of the iconic Café Intermezzo in Atlanta, who fell in love with a woman at first sight when she walked into his coffeehouse in 1988.
  • Her favorite party trick is casually whipping up a fresh batch of the best guacamole that anyone has ever tasted.


Stephanie is a writer and editor that specializes in telling true stories. She started her professional writing career in 2016 with the Stanly News and Press, covering events in and around her small hometown of Albemarle, North Carolina. After moving to Georgia to finish her writing degree, she became a regular contributor to The Connector — SCAD Atlanta's nationally-ranked online news source — as well as SCAN, the university's literary magazine. In 2022, Stephanie began working as the features editor for The Connector, where she wrote and edited a myriad of profile pieces, food reviews, and short fiction stories for the publication. She currently serves as the editor-in-chief of both SCAN Magazine and The Connector. She joined Static Media as a news editor for Chowhound in 2023, which has furthered her knowledge about cooking and food.


Stephanie is a senior writing student with a minor in fashion journalism at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

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