Ann Meyer

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Blacksburg, VA
UC Davis
Plant-Based Cooking, Food History & Media, American Cuisine
  • While in college, she had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with Samin Nosrat, who is just as warm and personable as she is in her show "Salt Fat Acid Heat."
  • Her favorite food television shows are "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown," "Bong Appétit," and "School of Chocolate." (She's always excited to see what new thing Amaury Guichon has created out of chocolate.)
  • Born and raised in California, she is particularly passionate about vegetarian/vegan restaurants and Mexican food.


Ann is a writer and editor who consumes as much food media as she does actual food. Her passion for all things culinary stems from the power of cooking in bringing people together. She particularly enjoys learning about other cultures and places through food, drawing on social media, television, travel, and writing. She began writing about food in 2018 for Spoon University; her favorite articles included how to add pesto to every meal and ranking Kettle brand potato chip flavors. Her other freelance work has covered a range of topics including kitchen gadget and appliance reviews, must-see documentaries, home décor tips, professional development, and sustainable living. She loves trying new restaurants and recipes, especially when dessert is involved. When she's not eating or thinking about eating, Ann can usually be found at the gym, gaming, reading (non-fiction or fantasy), or spending time with her two cats.


Ann has a bachelor's degree in English and history from the University of California, Davis.

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