Melanie McCrary

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Fort Worth, Texas
University Of California, Davis
Healthy Eating, Italian Wines & Cuisine, Ethical Food Sourcing
  • Melanie is an avid travel foodie who lives to experience new cultures through their cuisines—her favorite changes with every trip, but always seems to find its way back to Italy sooner or later.
  • She has a special interest in stories that tackle the ins and outs of ethical food sourcing, especially the issues of animal welfare, environmentalism, and human rights.
  • When she's not writing, Melanie can be found dragging her friends to new eateries across North Texas or pillaging the nearest farmer's market.


Melanie's hands-on experience, lengthy background writing about food content, and lifelong obsession with food's connection to a place's culture make her a uniquely qualified writer for Chowhound. She got her professional break during an internship at Parker County Today Magazine in Fort Worth, TX. After joining the publication's staff as a writer and reporter, she seized the opportunity to learn the editorial process from top to bottom, eventually serving as managing editor. During her time with PCT, Melanie reviewed countless eateries and covered numerous regional food festivals and competitions. She later decided to continue her career as a freelance writer and content marketing specialist, enjoying the freedom to focus on topics that she is truly passionate about.


Melanie is currently studying content marketing strategy at the University of California, Davis, with plans to pursue a B.A. in journalism.

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