Posie Brien

Photo of Posie Brien
Washington, DC
Princeton University
Biscuits, Baking, Bread
  • She was managing editor for King Arthur Baking Company's award-winning magazine, SIFT.
  • She writes an award-winning food blog and fiction serial called "600 Acres."
  • Her recipe development work showcases classic techniques with modern flavors, like Eclair Pound Cake, Savory Babka with Black Sesame and Mozzarella, or Croissant-Stuffed Brownies.


Posie has worked as a food writer and editor for 15 years. Her career has taken her from restaurant reviews at Tasting Table to cookbook writing and editing at King Arthur Baking Company (after a very brief stint in the world of finance and marketing), in between which she worked as an editor at Food52 covering their newly launched home and cooking shop, becoming an expert in everything from enameled rice cooking pots to vintage French glassware. Her recipe development and content creation work has been featured everywhere from Food52 to Yahoo and Bon Appetit, and she's worked on recipes for clients ranging from Organic Valley to Kerrygold Butter to Miele. Her blog, 600 Acres, won a Saveur Blog Award and marries fiction stories with original recipes. She was responsible for the rewrite of King Arthur Baking Company's beloved James Beard Award-winning cookbook, The All-Purpose Baking Companion, and helped author the company's baking education book, Baking School. She now works as a freelance writer and editor, and she is working on her first fiction novel — with plenty of vivid, colorful food writing woven in.


Posie has a bachelor's degree in anthropology from Princeton University.

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