The Trick To Making Cottage Cheese Flatbread In Your Air Fryer

Tik Tok: the realm of viral videos and ... super cool air fryer recipes? There's a pretty active community on the popular video platform that revolves around sharing recipes and little cooking tips and tricks, and some of those really gain some traction. One such viral video is all about a super simple, protein-packed cottage cheese flatbread made in your air fryer.



Replying to @Lavinnia trying the viral cottage cheese flatbread in the airfryer 🧀✨🍯 recipe below!! Ingredients: 1/2 cup @Good Culture cottage cheese 1 egg Seasonings: onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper Toppings: @Primal Kitchen Foods chicken dippin sauce, arugula, chicken, @Mike's Hot Honey Instructions: 1. Mix all ingredients together 2. Line basket with parchment paper and transfer mixture 3. Airfry at 350° for 15 minutes 4. Flip and airfry for another 15 minutes af 350° 5. Broil if desired 6. Add toppings as desired 7. Enjoy😚 Honestly not a fan if this method... too squishy and eggy and its giving omelet lol. #cottagecheeseflatbread #cottagecheese #cottagecheeserecipe #lowcarb #mealideas #heathymeals


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There are tons of different, perhaps unexpected foods that you can make in your air fryer, and this flatbread could definitely be added to that list. However, depending on what kind of air fryer you own, you may have to alter your strategy when trying out this recipe. The mixture of cottage cheese and egg doesn't exactly make for a very solid substance, and that can pose a problem if you have an air fryer with a grate instead of a tray. Even if you have this issue though, you can still solve it by choosing not to mix the cheese and egg as smoothly, or by simply laying down a piece of paper or foil. So worry not — no matter which air fryer you have, you can give this viral recipe a shot!

Use cottage cheese in more excellent recipes

The cottage cheese flatbreads as outlined on Tik Tok are a great way of getting a delicious (not to mention healthy) "bread" option into your diet. Of course, not all air fryers are created equal, so you might have to modify your recipe if your flatbread becomes too eggy. You want a flatbread after all, not a cottage cheese french toast. But the plus side is that this recipe is incredibly receptive to customizations. You could lean into the savory ingredients and add pesto, onions, tomatoes, and the like; or you could swap out those ingredients for something a little sweeter, like cinnamon, sugar, sugar, and such. That option would be more like a flour-less Dutch baby, but it's still something worth pursuing when experimenting with this flatbread.


But your cottage cheese escapades don't have to be limited to just this flatbread. If the savory route is more to your liking, you'll love implementing cottage cheese in game-changing high-protein egg salad. And not to be limited by cottage cheese and egg combinations, the cheese can also be used for a light, easy, alfredo sauce. Whether it's for viral flatbreads or for other means, you might want to consider picking up more than one pack of cottage cheese next time you go shopping.