Use Cottage Cheese To Make A Light, Easy 'Alfredo' Sauce

You probably think of a few different meals when you think of cottage cheese. Maybe you conjure the image of a halved cantaloupe, dolloped with refrigerated cheese, or perhaps you picture your cottage cheese topped with sliced strawberries as part of a protein-filled breakfast. But one thing you probably don't think of when you imagine cottage cheese is pasta. Well, you might be surprised at cottage cheese's pasta-bilities.


Think about it: Cottage cheese is often used in dishes as an alternative to foods that are higher in fat content, such as ricotta. So, if you're craving Alfredo sauce, but are looking to cut back on the fat from the heavy cream that usually goes into it, cottage cheese just might make a great basis for an easy "Alfredo" sauce. Of course, a cottage cheese-based sauce will not produce the same indulgent and super creamy, cheesy Alfredo sauce that you might find at a restaurant. However, it can make a great substitute if you want to cut fat intake and meet your protein intake goals. Remember, this is just a tasty alternative, not a dupe for the real thing.

Saucing your cottage cheese

Now, making an Alfredo sauce alternative with cottage cheese is not as simple as tossing a container of the clumpy cheese in with cooked pasta. To turn your cottage cheese into a creamy and delicious "Alfredo," you will need a few additional ingredients. Along with your cottage cheese, you will want to use Parmesan, garlic powder, salt, skim milk, and other seasonings of your choice to really amp up the flavor factor. Simply blend your cottage cheese with these ingredients to achieve a smooth consistency, and add it to your cooked pasta, tossing to incorporate.


You can also customize your sauce to add a kick of other flavors. For example, adding a squeeze of lemon will add a refreshing twist to your sauce. And a bit of tomato paste can make a lovely pink sauce, if you're feeling extra non-traditional. Of course, the resulting sauce will not be the same as a regular Alfredo, but it does create a great sauce of its own. Cottage cheese is kind of having a moment as a one-size-fits-all ingredient swap, often blended and added in place of other ingredients — it's even made its way into an edible cookie dough recipe, for those wanting something sweet and protein-rich.