The Pan Trick To Easily Transport Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the perfect treat for any party: Guests can serve themselves, so they're easier than slicing a cake, plus they can be a centerpiece on their own if you spend the time to decorate them. You can also prepare multiple batches with different flavors, too. But if you bake those delicious cupcakes in advance and need to transport them to another location, then you have to make sure you do so with care. Otherwise, they could tumble or squish together, ruining your hard work.


Next time you take your cupcakes from point A to point B, don't transfer them onto a standard dish. Instead, place them neatly in a roasting pan. With high edges, the pan will prevent the cupcakes from tumbling over, especially if you're driving and need to make a few turns. But there are even more ways to secure those cupcakes within that roasting pan to make sure they stay safe for the whole trip.

How to transport your cupcakes in a roasting pan

It's an obvious solution, given that roasting pans are usually around three inches high. But beyond having those tall edges, there are other ways you can protect the cupcakes during travel. Your little baking creations need to be spaced far enough apart that the frosting on each won't touch, keeping your design intact. Crumble a bit of tin foil or parchment paper to place in between each cupcake in the pan. This way, they won't shift around while you drive.


You can also cover the cupcakes, which keeps them fresh depending on how long the transportation takes. That homemade frosting will remain soft as opposed to hardening when exposed to the air, and it will also prevent any bugs from landing on them. Finally, make sure your roasting pan is clean; since it's often used to catch drippings while roasting meat in the oven. You don't want any stains or remnants of your last dish to end up on those cupcake liners.