The Waffle Maker Shortcut For Crispy, Gooey Brownies

When it comes to the perfect brownies, everybody has a different preference. Some prefer a center-cut, gooey brownie with no edges and very little crisp. Others want a corner, where they can enjoy a combination of a softer side coupled with those crispier edges. Ultimately, it comes down to textural preference, but if you're someone who loves a good brownie for both its gooey and crispy texture, then allow us to introduce you to a whole new method: brownies in the waffle maker.


Waffle makers have become known for cooking more than just waffles. As long as you don't mind those signature marks, then they're an easy way to whip up a grilled cheese, toast some hash browns, or even reheat leftover pizza. But brownie batter works here, too, as long as you don't overfill the iron. Plus, they'll take on a similar texture to waffles, so they cook in just a couple of minutes.

Try baking brownies in your waffle maker

Boxed mix is the easiest choice here, but note that Chowhound chefs say you'll need three eggs instead of one to help get the perfect consistency for these waffle iron brownies. Otherwise, just prepare the boxed mix as usual, then distribute It over a heated, nonstick waffle iron (or coat the plates with cooking spray). From there, bake the brownies for two minutes — yes, that's all it takes. Remove them, and reap the benefits of the world's quickest dessert.


It's easy to just eat these brownies straight from the waffle maker, but you can jazz them up by treating them like dessert waffles; top them with a little ice cream and hot fudge for the ultimate brownie sundae, and add some sprinkles for a pop of color. You can also break the brownies into quarters and make delicious ice cream sandwiches with a scoop of vanilla or cookies and cream in the middle. The possibilities or a new way to eat this delicious treat are endless!