Cook More Bacon At Once With A Simple Twist

Who doesn't love some perfectly cooked bacon with their Sunday morning breakfast? The delicious balance between crispy and chewy, well-made bacon often proves to be the highlight of any meal. But one issue has almost surely arisen in your kitchen when it comes to cooking bacon: you can only fit a certain number of strips in your pan at once without crowding it and causing uneven doneness. Even if you choose to cook bacon in the oven (which is the best way) you might still find yourself running out of space.


Having to cook your bacon this way poses several problems. You'll need to labor over your stovetop for the duration of multiple cooking cycles, not only making you wait an absurd amount of time for only one breakfast item but also causing your first batch to be significantly colder than the final batch. And this doesn't even take into account assembling all the other parts of your breakfast. So how can you cut down on your time cost without crowding your pan? The answer is quite simple: Give your bacon a twist.

Twisted bacon: the key to a great breakfast

This quick bacon hack couldn't be any easier. All you have to do is twist your bacon strips into spirals, making the twists looser or tighter depending on your desired texture. Wider twists will give you more airflow, thereby giving you more of the bacon's quintessential texture, but the choice is ultimately yours. Simply lay your twists onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and toss them in the oven. Bake them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes, depending on your oven and your preferred level of doneness.


Once finished, you'll have a full batch of bacon ready to be served. On top of its simple effectiveness, this method also gives the bacon a very interesting blend of textures, providing crispy edges and a chewier meaty center. As well, cleanup is a breeze thanks to the parchment paper, leaving you with only cursory cleaning duties for the baking sheet. A bacon dish that's delicious, efficient, and mess-free? That's a winning combination if there ever was one. Now all you'll have to do is figure out which bacon to buy – maybe go with Thomas Keller's preferred bacon brand