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Looking for a great gift to give your favorite java fiend, or just want a way to keep yourself in coffee (especially now that we’re about to lose an hour of sleep with Daylight Savings Time)? Whether you’re after fair trade coffee, organic beans, whole or ground, or even quality instant coffee, there’s a perfect coffee subscription out there for everyone. Here are some of the best coffee subscription boxes and coffee clubs to try in 2020.

What’s your coffee sign? Whether coffee is your “sanity in a cup” or your “love language,” a coffee subscription can bring greater convenience and joy into your daily routine. Getting coffee delivered to your home every week or month means you won’t risk a dreaded, coffee-less morning. And, many coffee subscriptions come with something extra special, whether that is really (really) good beans, an ethical element, or a fun theme. We rounded up the best coffee subscriptions, keeping cost in mind, so that you can enhance your relationship with coffee without breaking the bank!

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For Bean Snobs

Passion House

Passion House coffee subscription options

Passion House

Passion House embodies what we mean by really, really good beans. Go with the Roaster’s Choice subscription for a different pick of coffee “genre” with each delivery, or keep it blend-free with the Roaster’s Choice Single Origin subscription. Whether you pick weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, you’re paying $17 per 12-ounce bag, plus a one-time shipping fee that averages out to be less than a dollar a bag (a single charge of $7.25). For beans this flavorful and aromatic, that is money well-spent!See It

For Those Who Prize Sustainability (& Also Have a Budget)

Just Coffee Cooperative

Just Coffee

Completely worker-owned and established with the goal of building strong relationships with the coffee-farming families from which they source their beans, Just Coffee Cooperative is a great option for those wanting a more sustainable coffee subscription. Shipping is included, and so when you select a 12-month subscription, you get two 12-ounce bags each month for just under $21—a little over $10 per bag. Of all these coffee subscriptions, this one is definitely the least expensive, and the most sourcing-focused—it’s affordable coffee that will help you stay awake and get woke!See It

For Those Who Want a Curated Coffee Experience puts a fun spin on coffee subscriptions, by allowing you to set up your coffee “playlist.” Peruse their list of coffees or get started with a little guidance based on roast type and flavor notes. As you select coffees, they are added to your playlist to be delivered one-at-a-time at your chosen frequency, with the option to pause deliveries at any time. Bags of coffee range from $15 to $19, and shipping is free. Just make sure you have a coffee grinder, as these bags are whole bean only!See It

For Those Who Love Dogs as Much as They Love Coffee

Grounds and Hounds

Grounds & Hounds

“Every pound saves a hound,” is the slogan of Grounds and Hounds coffee company, which donates 20 percent of all profits to dog rescue organizations. With blends like Morning Walk, Paper & Slippers, and even a decaf roast called Hush Puppy, this is the perfect subscription for dog lovers. Join the Grounds and Hounds Coffee Club for a subscription starting at $13.99 per bag and $2 per shipment. It’s the ideal way to keep a steady supply of coffee at the ready for those post-walk mornings in front of the fireplace, with your best buddy snoozing at your feet.See It

For Those Who Want to Stay On-Trend (& Cold Brew Fans)


Trade Coffee

If you love traveling around the U.S., and you always check out the local coffee scene when you do, a Trade coffee subscription is the one for you! They’ve got all your favorite roasters from across the country, like Gimme! from the East Coast, Sightglass from the West Coast, Intelligentsia from the Third Coast, and more! As far as subscription options go, you can get two 12-ounce bags of classic blends for $25 total per delivery ($12.50 per bag), or a single bag from one of 400 roasters for between $15 and $22 per delivery (shipping included for both options). Trade takes you through a few coffee onboarding questions to suss out your preferred roasts, and if you need ground coffee, they even let you select your usual brew method for the perfect grind size! You can also sign up for a personalized cold brew subscription.See It

For West Coast Coffee Die-Hards

Bean Box Coffee of the Month Club or Bean Box Sampler Box

Bean Box Coffee subscription

Bean Box

Bean Box highlights renowned Seattle roasters and has two subscription options. The Coffee of the Month Club brings you 12 ounces of freshly roasted, hand-picked, whole bean coffee (you choose the roast, or leave it open to all possibilities: light, medium, dark, espresso, or decaf) with tasting notes and tips for brewing to perfection, plus an artisanal chocolate to enjoy with your cup. Plans start at $78 for three months. Or if you like more variety, the Bean Box Sampler includes four 1.8 ounce bags of coffee in whole bean or ground format; again, you can pick your roast preference. You’ll get a caramel with this option, which starts at $24 for one month. In any case, shipping is included and you can pause or skip a delivery at any time if need be. Right now, the company is donating $5 for every Subscription and Gift Box you purchase and $2 for every bag of coffee to the Feeding America® COVID-19 Response Fund.See It

For World Travelers

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club brings you single origin coffee from one of 50-plus countries where coffee is produced. Not only is the coffee high quality, but every subscription delivery comes with a postcard featuring its country of origin, as well as a message with tasting notes and some brewing tips. A full bag of coffee costs $14, and a sample shipping cost is $4.95 (to Chicago, for example), making this subscription a bit pricier, but a fun and delicious way to try different coffees from around the globe.See It

For Espresso Fans


Illy Coffee

Founded in 1933, Illy now combines their coffee-rich history with modern convenience through their coffee subscriptions. This subscription is best-suited for those wanting regularly-delivered replenishment for espresso makers, but if you opt for whole beans, you can get two 8.8-ounce containers of coffee (in those classic tins) for $24, or approximately $16 per 12 ounces (and shipping is free with subscriptions). One of the standout features of this subscription is the welcome gift—choose from several cup sets (coffee, espresso, or cappuccino), valued at up to $40. If Illy is already your go-to for espresso, not a bad way to keep it coming and score some swag!See It

For Those on the Go

Sudden Coffeetemporarily unavailable

Sudden Coffee best instant coffee brands

Sudden Coffee

If you don’t have time to wait for drip coffee or pour-over, or if you want to ensure you have better quality coffee with you at all time—whether at work, on the road, or even camping—you’re in luck, because instant coffee has come a long way. Sudden Coffee is a subscription service that specializes in high-quality, single origin beans that are freeze-dried in small batches and shipped in recyclable, single-serving test tubes, so you can take them with you anywhere you go. Just add hot water (or cold if you want iced brew) and you have a shockingly great cup of coffee. Deliveries come every month but you can adjust your frequency, and you receive a new coffee blend each quarter (but can choose either light or dark roast). The price varies depending on how many servings you want and how frequently, but start at $20 for an 8-cup pack every month. UPDATE: After announcements of shipping delays, the option to subscribe is currently unavailable, but we will update when it is back in action. In the meanwhile, see where to find Sudden coffee at local retailers.See It

Whether your relationship with coffee is loving, addictive, casual, or codependent, there’s a coffee subscription for you. Options, ethics, and plain old good coffee await your choosing—and some of these subscriptions are amazingly affordable, too. Get your priorities in order, purchase your favorite, and get percolating!

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