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Mardi Gras in New Orleans is an experience, but no trip to NOLA can compete with the city’s finest attraction: its beignets. Put the beads away because you have more pressing matters to attend to…like your trip to Café Du Monde.

No matter how many other people are currently doing it, stopping at this French Quarter staple is a must. If you visit New Orleans and don’t visit Café du Monde, does it even count? When you take a bite of those pillowy yet crunchy squares, you’ve officially consumed fried dough goodness from the gods. Sprinkle it with a little powdered sugar, or really a whole lot of powdered sugar, wash it all down with a hot cup of coffee (bonus points for chicory coffee), and you’ve achieved bliss.

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It’s a mighty fine pastry (read: meal), but if you’ve noticed, beignets do bear a striking resemblance to the zeppoles from your neighborhood’s annual carnival or perhaps a recent trip to Little Italy. A plate of either is certainly bound to be a good time, but what exactly is the difference between the two?

Let’s start with the origin: Beignets hail from France whereas zeppoles are the Italian counterpart. Both are fried, but beignets tend to be square in shape; the word originates from “buyne,” meaning bump or lump. Zeppoles, known as “fried soft dough” are circular treats that are a staple on Festa di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph’s Day).

Stepping away from Italian holidays, let’s focus on the French, who have codified two significant types of pastry dough: a variety where yeast serves as the dough’s rising agent, and a second variety is rises from its own steam. The correct term for the latter type is “choux pastry,” which includes beignets. Beignets made their way over to the United States thanks to the Acadians. The legends behind zeppoles and their connections to St. Joseph, however, are up for much debate.

Regardless of origin, both delectable pastries are worthy of seconds, so no sweat about trying to differentiate the two. You’ll just have to have both. If you can’t make it to NOLA to enjoy Louisiana’s state doughnut, or if you’re not able to attend the next St. Joseph’s Day party, here are a few recipes to whip up on your own.

Dough-nut Zeppole


This recipe puts a convenient spin on the classic Italian dessert. If you find yourself with extra pizza dough after whipping up a pie for the fam, you can put it right to use after dinner when making these zeppoles. Get our Dough-nut Zeppole recipe.

Gingerbread Surprise Beignets with Spiced Mocha Hot Chocolate

Half Baked Harvest

This dessert is the perfect comfort food for the colder months. Thanks to the naturally warming flavors of ginger and cinnamon — plus chocolate oozing from each bite — all you need is a warm blanket and fireplace to accompany your dessert. Get the Gingerbread Surprise Beignets recipe.

Zeppole di San Guiseppe

Christina’s Cucina

These zeppole call for a cream filling and a cherry placed atop of the treats — never a bad idea. We hope we get an invite to this San Giuseppe party. Get the Zeppole di San Giuseppe recipe.

Chocolate-Filled Beignets with Chocolate Sauce

Back To The Cutting Board

These beignets give us a double chocolate whammy that Willy Wonka himself would certainly be proud of this one. Get the Chocolate-Filled Beignets with Chocolate Sauce recipe.

Zeppoles with Hazelnut Chocolate Filling

Mangia Michelle

Here’s a more subtle, but no less delicious incorporation of chocolate into some zeppoles, with the added bonus of an air of hazelnut from Nutella. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Nutella + Fried Anything = Delectable. Get the Zeppoles with Hazelnut Chocolate Filling recipe.

Strawberry-Lemon Beignets

Chocolate + Connie

Get a fruity twist on your favorite fried dessert, but maybe don’t try to convince yourself that these are somehow good for you. I mean, they’re good for your soul, if that counts. Half tangy and doughy, yet completely delicious, these snacks are a must for any summer soiree. Get the Strawberry-Lemon Beignets recipe.

Yogurt Zeppoles

Laura In The Kitchen

Yogurt and lemon are just the zesty components needed to give your zeppoles a true acerbic Italian wit. Don’t be surprised if you start hand-gesturing wildly after a plate of these. Get the Yogurt Zeppoles recipe.

Beignets with Raspberry Sauce

Country Cleaver

This take on the Louisiana fan favorite adds a tangy blast to the dessert care of some raspberry sauce. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the fruit dip makes this an eligible breakfast option, in case you were somehow still on the fence about it. Get the Beignets with Raspberry Sauce recipe.

Pumpkin Zeppoles

Sparkles To Sprinkles

You’re going to need a dessert to accompany your PSL in the fall, and these Pumpkin Zeppole Fritters are the answer. This treat screams “scary movie fest” and “plaid sweaters,” so obviously it’s a go-to for the season. Get the Pumpkin Zeppoles recipe.

Apple Beignets With Vanilla Sauce

The Girl Loves To Eat

Love apple pie and ice cream? This is your fried alternative to the beloved dish, which may cause you to start rethinking your Thanksgiving dessert options. Get the Apple Beignets with Vanilla Sauce recipe.

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