5 Delicious Ways To Eat Canned Artichoke Hearts

Somewhere down the line, around the point in time when peppers stored in oil and sun-dried tomatoes made their way out of our pantries, we lost touch with the glory of canned artichoke hearts. Like their fresh counterparts, they're delicious, hearty, and versatile. Though lots of people prefer the ones found in the produce section or at the farmers' market, there are plenty of times when canned artichokes are simply the better option.


After all, canned artichokes can hold their own when it comes to both flavor and texture. With the canned variety, you need not worry about your veggies being overripe. Additionally, their flavor and texture is more consistent. They also have a nice, mildly briny, sweet flavor and rich texture that makes them a great addition to almost any recipe (without much prep work required).

Now, you might think that canned artichokes are a one-trick pony, only good for melding with spinach in a delectable dip, but their capabilities go far beyond that staple dish. In fact, there's a whole world of deliciousness that can be found in that long-neglected can, though you only need a handful of these outstanding possibilities at the heart of your artichokes to recognize the canned vegetable's true value.


A great addition to dips

Adding canned artichoke hearts to a dip isn't exactly reinventing the wheel. However, the preserved vegetable's dippy possibilities go far beyond the casual dining classic. Maybe you want the rich taste of artichokes without the dairy-heavy base of cream cheese and mozzarella. In this case, you can add a handy can to your next batch of hummus. The buttery taste of artichokes blends perfectly with the tangy taste of your hummus, making for a truly unique dip. This, paired with other Mediterranean flavors such as olive tapenade or roasted peppers, makes for a unique dip that is heartier than your average hummus and goes far beyond the stuff you'll find in a plastic tub.


Sticking to the Mediterranean theme, adding canned artichoke hearts to labneh (a ridiculously good swap for sour cream) or Greek yogurt dip yields a refreshingly cool and creamy snack that makes the perfect pairing for peppers, carrots, pita, or even tortilla chips. Of course, if you want to go in a more classic direction, you can always add them to other classic dip recipes, such as French onion or sour cream and onion. Canned artichokes perfectly complement the taste of onion, adding some heft along with a gentle nuttiness that offsets the savory notes of onion.

Layer up your lasagna

Artichokes are a staple in many Italian recipes. They're commonly used to round out delectable pasta dishes, and it's often as simple as tossing some canned ones in a lush, creamy sauce. But perhaps it's time to put your artichokes into something less expected, like lasagna. The baked noodle casserole is a staple recipe for many households. However, the addition of canned artichokes is certainly a new twist on this classic dish.


No wallflower when it comes to taste, artichoke hearts add sweet, buttery, and tangy or earthy notes, an aspect that is both familiar and refreshingly dynamic. This, plus their substantial texture, makes them an ideal choice for your next lasagna. They're a fantastic replacement for meat, and thus the perfect substitution for a vegetarian version of the dish. Canned artichokes would work especially well in a white sauce-based lasagna along with artichoke's favorite partner in crime, spinach.

Fry them up

Canned artichoke hearts are a great addition to almost any dish — for one thing, they can seriously upgrade your chicken. But maybe it's time to stop thinking of them as a bit player, incorporated into recipes in order to let other ingredients truly shine. Maybe it's time artichokes were the star of the show. One way to put the vegetables front and center is by breading and frying them. To prep your canned artichokes for frying, simply remove them from their liquid, pat dry, and dredge before dropping them into hot oil per your favorite. 


Fried artichokes make the perfect appetizer to pair with a creamy dip, or, if you're looking for vegetarian recipes, they make a great alternative to chicken wings. Just try tossing your 'chokes in Buffalo sauce and serving with blue cheese (or ranch) dressing. Their hearty, almost meaty texture and rich taste make them a fantastic alternative to chicken, and simply a tasty treat in their own right. Make a batch for your next party and watch as the plate is cleared in mere minutes.

Put artichokes in your next sandwich

Real sandwich aficionados (like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo) know that you can never get enough fillings for your sandwich. Piling your sandwich sky-high with ingredients that accentuate your protein of choice is essential to creating a true culinary masterpiece. Fillings such as bacon, fried green tomatoes, pickled peppers, and less conventional additions such as jam have all made their way into savory sandwiches. But perhaps it's time to consider canned artichokes as the worthy sandwich filling that they are (and always have been).


Canned artichokes have fantastic flavor and a sturdy texture that can hold up against even the most rustic of breads, and to level up the richness, you can always add fried artichokes to your sandwich. But you don't just have to limit them to the realm of complementary fillings, either. They also make a great replacement for sliced deli meat. Plus, canned artichokes don't have the much-too-short shelf life of cold cuts, which only last a few days in the fridge. Canned artichokes, on the other hand, last for several years unopened, so you can take your time dreaming up all kinds of artichoke-packed sandwiches.

A killer topping for pizzas and flatbreads

It's not reinventing the pizza stone to suggest that artichokes belong on a big cheesy pie. Though not always seen at larger chains, artichokes are a familiar topping in many pizza joints, along with other staples like anchovies, prosciutto, and fresh basil. So, if you want to bring the tastes of your local pizzeria to your home craft, canned artichokes might just be the way to go. They add a subtly buttery earthiness to your pizza that can help to mellow out a red sauce, and also make a fantastic complement to a white sauce pizza. And of course, you can always put a spinach and artichoke dip spin on the pie.


You'll want to make sure to fully drain, dry, and cut your artichokes before adding them to your pizza, however. If they aren't sliced, they could be cumbersome to eat, and no one wants to choke on a 'choke. Additionally, because they are a wet ingredient, you should take car to fully pat them dry so they don't make your pie soggy while it bakes. If you take these extra steps in preparing your canned artichokes, however, they are sure to make a delightful addition to your next homemade pizza or flatbread.