The Best Way To Open A Bag Of Frozen Veggies To Prevent Freezer Burn

Picture this: You open the freezer to grab that leftover bag of frozen peas to toss in with your homemade pasta sauce. It's the finishing touch on your favorite dish — until you open the bag and realize it's been plagued with the dreaded freezer burn. Freezer burn is all too real, especially when it comes to frozen veggies because those plastic bags never seem to keep the air and moisture out the way you'd hoped. But it's probably because you've been opening (and closing) frozen veggie bags all wrong.


The secret to avoiding freezer burn all comes down to how well frozen food is stored. If it's susceptible to moisture and air, then freezer burn is the likely outcome. So next time you open a bag of veggies, don't cut it straight across. Just cut the bag in a "U" shape, which will leave the ends at full length but create a hole in the center. Those ends then become an easy way for you to tie the bag up and lock out that moisture.

The U shape will help prevent freezer burn

Frozen veggies are one of the best things money can buy. They're loaded with nutrients, long lasting, and easy to store — assuming you do it properly. The downside to any frozen food is freezer burn due to improper storage. This process occurs when food is exposed to freezer air sinceit's super dry, which causes the frozen food to lose moisture. While there is no harm in consuming freezer-burnt food, it does change the flavor and texture of a dish, leaving you with sub-par vegetables that will taste like they're low quality.


To prevent freezer burn, take a look at the top of the bag. Hollow out the center by cutting about 2 inches in from each side. This will leave both sides of the bag at full length but create a missing piece in the middle, which forms the "U" shape. The veggies can easily spill out through that center opening, and you're left with two longer sides that then tie together. When you tie it, squeeze out any air that's left in the bag. This storage method is much more reliable than just folding the bag over and hoping for the best.


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Frozen vegetables have as many benefits as fresh ones

Although someone might have told you frozen veggies aren't healthy, there is actually no truth to that common claim. Most frozen vegetables taste delicious (though there are a few veggies you shouldn't freeze), plus they're just as nutritious as the fresh kind. They're picked when at their highest quality, then quickly blanched to maintain that quality before being frozen to lock in those nutrients. As long as you follow the proper storage method, those veggies will last months in the freezer, and you might even get a whole year out of them.


For an added layer of protection, you can also place your tied bag of veggies into a freezer-safe, resealable bag if you think you'll keep them for a long time. The longer veggies remain frozen, the more susceptible they are to freezer burn, so if you plan to keep an open bag around for a few months, the resealable bag will add a good protective layer. Other measures to take include storing the tied veggie bag in a freezer-friendly container or even wrapping it in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. The harder it is for air to reach the food, the better. If you follow the "U" method, these extra steps aren't necessary if you're using the rest of the frozen veggies in a short period of time.