The Bottled Water Service More Costco Members Should Know About

Costco has plenty of deals that members rave about — from its beloved $4.99 rotisserie chickens and $1.50 hot dogs to those giant Costco sheet cakes and bargain wines. In addition to affordable prices and bulk items, the member's only warehouse also offers several lesser-known benefits including discounts on various services. One of these is Primo Water's bottled water delivery program. While most members are familiar with Costco's Kirkland brand bottled water, this service is for 3- or 5-gallon bottles for use in water dispensers. 


Water dispensers or coolers provide convenient access to clean, good-tasting drinking water, helping you and your family or colleagues stay hydrated. They're also a more sustainable option considering a single 5-gallon jug is the equivalent of 38 16.9-ounce, single-use plastic water bottles. Primo Water provides bottles and dispensers for use in both the home and office, and according to Costco's website, warehouse members "get exclusive pricing on spring, and purified water in 5-gallon bottles, plus alkaline water in 3-gallon bottles" purchased through Primo Water.  

How the water delivery service works

To take advantage of Primo Water's discounted pricing for Costco members, customers select from spring, alkaline, or purified water, choose a water dispenser (rental is available), and have it delivered to their home or workplace. Members can then leave their used bottles outside their home, and a delivery person will pick up the empties. Users can manage their order and delivery schedule through an app. Alternately, bottles can be returned at exchange stations at over 13,000 locations, where you'll then receive a ticket to save money if buy a bottle directly at the store. You can also fill your bottle at Primo refill stations. 


Costco executive and gold star members can currently purchase 5-gallon bottles starting at $7.49. A bottom-load hot and cold water cooler (which is easier to handle than a top-load dispenser) is $3.99 per billing period for executive members and $5.99 per billing period for gold star members. There's also a combination water cooler-coffee brewer available to executive members for $9.99 per billing period and to gold star members for $11.99 per period. 

Responses on Reddit regarding whether the Costco water delivery service is worth it are generally favorable, although some customers are not happy with the rising delivery fees, which according to the post, are included in each delivery and are in addition to the cost of the water bottles. 


Other lesser-known discounted Costco services

Besides discounts on water bottle delivery, Costco has an auto program that offers discounts for parts and services at participating automotive service centers. Costco members can receive a 15% discount, up to $500 per service visit, for each vehicle owned. Keep in mind, the discount cannot be used at Costco Tire Centers. The warehouse also offers limited-time specials for savings on purchasing a vehicle, as well as low, pre-arranged pricing and approved dealers. 


If you're a Costco member who's planning to move, you might want to look into renting a truck from Budget Truck Rental. Members receive a 25% discount on a various-sized trucks (up to 26 feet). Budget Trucks also offers 24/7 roadside assistance, as well as boxes and moving supplies at an additional cost.

Costco doesn't have its own photo department, but members can receive a discount on photo services through Shutterfly. Purchase regularly priced prints, a photo book, or other personalized gifts and receive a 51% discount and free shipping (on orders over $49) on each order. As with other services, you simply need your membership number to receive the discount.