The Chopstick Hack That Gives You Double The Fridge Space

The household refrigerator is supposed to be a welcoming place that provides us with snacks and keeps our leftover cheesy baked ziti nice and safe until we're ready to eat again. But anyone who has lived with roommates or a large family knows how quickly this sacred site can turn into a war zone. Once a refrigerator has been taken over by dozens of plastic containers, three different cartons of milk, and rotten fruit, it can be difficult to see the light again (mostly because it's been obstructed by various yogurt containers on the top shelf). This issue can be exacerbated by a lack of plastic containers with lids. If all you have to cover a leftover bowl of chili is a sheet of aluminum foil or plastic wrap, it drastically reduces your fridge space since nothing can be stacked on top without potentially breaking through. Fortunately, the solution to this issue is probably sitting in your silverware drawer: A set of chopsticks.


Most people are familiar with chopsticks as a way to eat various noodle dishes from around the world, but their usefulness goes way further than helping you slurp down a bowl of ramen. To help extend your refrigerator's storage space, simply put two chopsticks on top of a covered bowl of leftovers, then stack another container on top. The chopsticks will provide a stable base that you can put another bowl or plate on top of, making storing leftovers much more efficient.

Chopsticks make anything stackable

You can stack more than just bowls using chopsticks. This technique can also be used to create more room when storing large, deep plates, casserole dishes, or even whole trays of food. As long as the chopsticks are able to span from one end of the container to the other and are secure, there shouldn't be any issues. Before you start stacking, just be sure that the bottom base container doesn't have food that breaches the top edge. If the container is overfull, the chopsticks won't be able to lie flat, and whatever you stack on top of them will likely topple over. You should also be cautious when trying this hack with large aluminum trays, as the chopsticks may be simply crushed into the container and leftover food since there isn't enough structural support.


If you're running low on chopsticks, you could also try this hack with metal straws. Those with a small refrigerator that's constantly running out of space may even consider cutting up a few thin wooden dowels for a constant supply of stacking support. Otherwise, holding onto any extra chopsticks included in our take-out orders should be fine. This hack isn't just great for making the most of your refrigerator space — it can also help you reduce food waste since you won't have to throw out dishes that otherwise wouldn't fit in the fridge.