Paper Towels Are Key When It Comes To Storing Spinach Long-Term

It's a tragic, all-too-familiar tale. You buy a bag of spinach during your weekly grocery run to use for lunch or dinner somewhere down the line, but by the time you get around to preparing it (perhaps as creamed spinach or in a delicious spinach dip), it's already gone bad. The once crisp, delicious leafy green has turned mushy and unappealing, and it's sticking to the sides of the plastic bag. But what if there was a better way to store your spinach?


Fortunately, there is, and all you need are some paper towels and a new container. To achieve this trick, which we found in a TikTok from @tastegreatfoodie, just remove your spinach from its original bag and place it in a new, air-tight container with a paper towel at the bottom. Then, once all of the spinach is inside the new container, place another paper towel on top before sealing.

The video from @tastegreatfoodie promises to keep spinach fresh for up to a month; however, this veggie's shelf life varies, and most spinach lasts between a week and 10 days in the fridge. Because of this short window, you shouldn't let your greens sit for too long. Take note of how wet the top paper towel is, and when it gets too wet, swap out the paper towels on both the top and bottom. These will help draw out the leaves' moisture, which will prevent them from rotting.


Why this spinach storage trick works

How exactly does the trick from @tastegreatfoodie's TikTok video extend the life of your pre-bagged spinach? It all starts with water. Spinach contains a lot of it, and while this water is essential for the veggie's fresh appeal, it can also make the leaves wilt prematurely. By adding paper towels to your container, you're giving this moisture a place to absorb rather than pool. Excess moisture can even make spinach leaves start disintegrating, which can lead to some seriously slimy, unappetizing greens.


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You should also remove your spinach from its original bag and instead store it in an air-tight container. The bags in which spinach is sold aren't ideal for the delicate green, as the malleable material puts pressure on the leaves and can cause them to release water, thus leading to premature wilting. An air-tight box, on the other hand, gives your spinach more room, so it's less likely to get crushed. If your spinach already comes in a box, you can certainly use this container for the hack, as long as it's clean and dry.


These tips should greatly extend your spinach's shelf life, but you don't have to stop there. This hack is also great for other veggies, so if, for example, you're struggling to keep your carrots fresh, you'll just need to grab a few paper towels.