Mona Corboy

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New York City
University Of Oregon
Pastry & Baking, NYC Food Scene, French Cuisine
  • Mona discovered a love for baking at a young age and takes pride in her perfected chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  • She learned about sustainable agriculture while working on an organic citrus farm in Australia during her early twenties.
  • She has a varied writing background, contributing to brands like Nike, RVCA, and Laird Superfood and providing editorial content for online publications such as the Financial Diet and Frugal Portland.


Mona is a seasoned food lover, writer, and (want-to-be) yogi who hails from the rainy Pacific Northwest. Her journey in the realms of writing and brand marketing has woven a path from the vibrant forests of Oregon to the windy city of Chicago and ultimately to the buzzing streets of New York City, where she has lived for the past two years. She loves to explore the city's diverse culinary options, whether it be soup dumplings in Chinatown, indulging in the latest Michelin-starred restaurant in midtown, or waiting an hour to try a trending bagel spot in the West Village. Mona has an adventurous approach to food and is willing to try anything once. During her free time, she enjoys volunteering with God's Love We Deliver, which prepares medically tailored meals for people living with chronic or serious illness.


Mona has a B.A. from the University of Oregon, where she studied journalism and minored in French and creative writing. While studying at Oregon, she completed the Kidd Program, a highly competitive year-long fiction workshop.

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