What Is Aldi's Aisle Of Dreams ... Or Is It The Aisle Of Shame?

If you want to shop for a good deal on clothing or toys, you might think of going to a store like Walmart or Dollar Tree. You might not think of going to Aldi, a store mainly known for being one of the most inexpensive grocery stores often selling its house brands. If you've shopped at the store before, you may already know the Aldi Finds aisle is the place to be. Affectionately known as the aisle of shame by those who frequent the store, it is a hidden gem inside Aldi. There's even a Facebook group called the ALDI Aisle of Shame Community with over 2.5 million members. But, many call it the aisle of shame, not because the products are bad quality — it's more that people feel ashamed after leaving the store with products from the aisle they never intended to buy. 


However, some have more appropriately named the aisle (or two aisles in many stores) the aisle of dreams simply because it is full of great finds. These aisles can contain anything from advent calendars that sell out in days to toys and books that keep kids occupied on the way home from the store. The biggest draw to shopping in the aisle is that not only are the items varied, but they're also typically steeply discounted.

You can find all sorts of items in the aisle of shame

Items in the aisle change weekly and sometimes sell out very quickly, so it's hard to know what you'll find, but one thing is for sure: You can almost always find something you wouldn't expect. The ALDI Aisle of Shame Community Facebook group is used by shoppers to report all sorts of weird and wacky finds. Recent items include a chili-pepper-shaped pinata filled with mini bottles of alcohol, an Aldi-themed dog sweatshirt, and themed cat houses. It truly can be an aisle of dreams or shame, depending on what you walk out of the store with. Walk away with a $4 children's rake that keeps your child occupied for the afternoon? The dream. Come home with a cardboard cat house that looks like a food truck your cat absolutely didn't need? You might feel a little bit of shame. 


Though shoppers note the occasional flaw in their aisle of shame items (like a coffee pot with an upside-down display), they are typically satisfied with the quality of their Aldi Finds items. Among other ways to save money at Aldi, it's the low prices combined with high quality that draws so many people to the store and, in particular, the aisle of shame.

How to shop the Aldi Finds aisle

If you're looking for the aisle in the store, you might want to use its official name: Aldi Finds. It's easy to distinguish from other areas in the store because it's packed with lots of non-grocery items. If you want to make sure you come home from the store with a gem or if you want to avoid blowing your budget, consider browsing Aldi Finds online before heading to the store. This way, you'll know what's for sale, and you can skip the aisle if nothing appeals to you (and avoid any ensuing shame). Items typically change weekly, so check the website often. 


Another tip is to not sleep on an item that you want. Because the products change so often, they don't stay in stock for long. Usually, once something is gone, it's gone for good. But, if you had your eye on something but missed it you can try a different store; it may still be in stock elsewhere. And if you show up while the workers are stocking the aisle, don't be afraid to ask for an item before they get it on the shelf. Members of the aisle of shame Facebook group often recount scoring items before they even hit the shelves. But it's apparent that one thing is for sure: There is no shame in shopping the aisle of shame.