The Easy, Delicious Ways To Snack On Leftover Broccoli Stalks

When you're cutting up broccoli florets for recipes like crispy smashed broccoli or a simple sauté, there's a major guilt factor when you're left with a hearty stem. You may be inclined to throw it away but stop yourself, as multiple tasty snacks are hidden within that bulky stalk. Plus, broccoli stalks are packed with flavor and nutrition.


A single broccoli stalk is a good source of protein, packing more than three grams in a single serving. It is also rich in calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C. It is part of the mustard family and a close relative of Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and kohlrabi.

Broccoli florets and stalks can be eaten raw or cooked. The stalks can be used in raw salads, made into pesto, and roasted or turned into fries. Here's how to turn that bulky, seemingly unusable stem into something magnificent.

How to use broccoli stalks

First, you'll want to use a vegetable peeler and remove ⅛ inch of the tough exterior. Then, take it away from there like any other vegetable. The peeled stalk cut into ½-inch cubes will roast beautifully in the oven until crisp.


If you slice the stalk-like fries, you can air-fry them into crispy sticks and use them with your favorite dip or hummus. You can finely mince broccoli stems with garlic, grain mustard, and lemon zest for a topping over grilled fish or chicken. You can even make a broccoli pesto using the stems and florets, or try roasting the full head with the stem for a stunning side to dinner. 

There is no reason not to finish your greens. Throwing away the broccoli stalk is like paying for a full vegetable and tossing out half of it. Broccoli stalks have an earthy, green flavor and will cook like any other vegetable.