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How long does heavy cream stay fresh?

by mctoft 8 years ago

Hi, I have some heavy whipping cream in my fridge, two cartons. Both have been opened. Both are expired (one a month ...


zackly commented 1 day ago

Making Whipped Cream with Half and Half?

by DishDelish 8 years ago

I have a half gallon of half and half in my fridge and would like to make some whipped cream with it, I know that I n...


erikistheman commented 2 days ago

Can I sub Sour Cream for Heavy Cream?

by Pupster 13 years ago

The scones thread below has inspired me to try a cream scones recipe, but when I went to the store I was put off by t...


Bunniebunbun commented 9 days ago

Putting milk/cream into soda?

by glitch 10 years ago

I saw someone add a coffee creamer to their glass of coke the other day and I was slightly taken aback. Has anyone ev...

coll commented 19 days ago

Help me use up milk and cream!

by NYchowcook 2 months ago

I bought a lot of wonderful local whole milk and heavy cream for our holiday open house and have a lot left over and ...


vjtaylor commented 2 months ago

USA heavy cream vs UK double cream

by BevRS 6 years ago

I am British but sometimes spend a few weeks in the US. All I can get in stores there is "heavy cream" which is heat...


KingIsland commented 3 months ago

evaporated milk versus cream

by dutchdot 10 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for evaporated milk. As a dedicated believer in fresh is always better, could I/should I ...


psravanti commented 4 months ago

has anyone churned butter in an ice cream maker?

by CharlesKochel 3 years ago

I'd like to try and churn butter in my ice cream maker, but have never tried. Anyone? I'm guessing salt is optional, ...


theozzyway commented 5 months ago

Thickened Cream?

by MIMIMOM 9 months ago

I know there have been endless discussions about different creams available in different regions that are further con...


MIMIMOM commented 9 months ago

Local powdered heavy cream/sour cream

by Foodzzy 9 months ago

I occasionally make ice cream with and have found powdered heavy cream to be a good solution since it means I can jus...


zackly commented 9 months ago

Devonshire Cream in Edmonton?

by jibberjabberwocky 6 years ago

Does anyone know of a place where they regularly carry Devonshire (aka Clotted or Double Devon) Cream in Edmonton? ...


jibberjabberwocky commented 9 months ago

Anybody sell REAL double cream?

by Scruffy The Cat 10 years ago

Having recently returned from the UK where I enjoyed dairy nirvana I'm on a mission to find double cream in the US. ...

hotoynoodle commented 10 months ago

Clotted Cream Butter?

by MIMIMOM 11 months ago

I'm currently fascinated by clotted cream and have made it twice. I made some yesterday, but it must have baked a li...

Ttrockwood commented 11 months ago

What to do with overwhipped cream & egg mixture

by haiku. 11 months ago

As per subject. DH was helping me in the kitchen yesterday. I gave him 200ml double cream and 2 eggs with instruction...


femmevox commented 11 months ago

Whipping cream frozen by accident - how best to use

by Island Girl 6 years ago

There is a cold spot in the fridge and somehow an unopened 1 litre carton ended up totally frozen. I had planned to u...


NVwendy commented 11 months ago

Need your advice about whipped cream

by sweetpotato 1 year ago

Hi, helpful ones! I will be making my usual delicious whipped cream for a chocolate layer cake. The whipped cream ...

sweetpotato commented 11 months ago

Can I still whip warmed, but re-cooled whipping cream?

by maestra 10 years ago

I've infused cream with flavor (tea, kaffir lime, lemongrass, ginger, etc.) before for ice cream and creme brulee, bu...


maestra commented 11 months ago

Clotted cream in Portland?

by el415 12 months ago

Hi all- Portland resident married to an Englishman, here. One of our favorite British treats is good fresh clotted c...


w0x0f commented 12 months ago

What is the real cream used in coffee?

by villageidiot 7 years ago

A very long time ago, I remember people using "real cream" in their coffee. Several years ago after staying at a 5 s...

Scoffier commented 12 months ago

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