Turn Leftover Pita Bread Into Dessert With Common Grocery Staples

Pita bread is a simple but versatile food — and one absolutely steeped in history. It can be used in a variety of dishes, but what happens when those loaded ground beef gyros are all done and dusted but there's still some pita bread left? Have you ever thought to use them as a base for some delicious desserts?


Pita is typically saved for more savory dishes, or even for a sprinkling of traditional za'atar, but leftover pita can be a great vessel for your after-dinner delicacies, too, and all you need are a few common grocery items. With a little bit of cinnamon-sugar, you not only have an easy substitute for cinnamon toast, but also a platform to load up on the sweet factor even more. A drizzle of honey or even some chocolate or caramel sauce are super easy additions and can go a long way toward amping up the humble pita bread to true dessert status.

Utilize the spreads in your pantry

In the same way that you might consider topping, say, a dessert crepe with some jams, spreads, and/or fruits, you can do the same with leftover pita. Spreads like peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate spread, and jam or jelly will give you a huge boost in flavor. Not only this, but they also open the door to top your new dessert creation with chopped up fruits (apples, peaches, etc.) and berries. 


Just picture a warm pita with some strawberries and chocolate (or even this chocolate mousse for extra indulgence), or a generous serving of Nutella and bananas. You could do worse than a dessert of that caliber. These additions will help to turn pita bread into a glorious sweet treat. As a bonus: The spreads and fruits that you add will also substantially increase the portion of your dessert — turning what is a perfectly good, if not super filling, pita into a dessert that deserves to be the final hurrah to your meal.

Get cheesy with it

While turning your leftover pita into a sweet treat is a great way to use your spare bread for a dessert, it's not the only option you have. If you've got some cheese around, now is the time to throw it onto your pita and make a dessert that blends sweet and savory. Pita works well as a vessel for baked brie cheese, and you can modify this hazelnut and fig baked brie recipe and instead use pita as the initial base. Throw your brie on that and top it with some figs, hazelnuts, and honey, and you have a truly mouthwatering dessert choice. 


Alternatively, you could draw inspiration from a cinnamon-raisin and brie grilled cheese, but use pita to house your cheese, raisins, and spices. Brie works well for this, but cream cheese will also give you a sweeter version of an already creamy goodness. There really are a bunch of ways you can use pita bread. When it comes to using it for dessert, the only limitation is your imagination. So get creative and wow your next guests (or just treat yourself) with some inspired pita creations!