10 Hidden Gems In Trader Joe's Freezer Aisle

One thing all Trader Joe's super fans know is the store keeps a revolving door of products, many of which have earned a claim to fame for the quality ingredients yet budget-friendly prices. But with the store's long list of viral items, from Mandarin Orange Chicken and Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings to Cookie Butter and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, it's easy to overlook its countless other hidden gems. There are a plethora of foods you might not have grabbed off the shelf before that deserve a shoutout, starting with the store's frozen aisle.


These items cover a range of cuisines and can be heated in a pleasantly short time if necessary, leaving you with a full meal or satisfying midday munch that can hit your taste buds after only minutes of preparation. The grocery chain carries frozen desserts as well. With a handful of options for your sweet tooth, you're bound to find a crowd-pleaser, whether that be ice cream or cake. Try out some of these unsung heroes to see if they earn a place in your list of talked-about Trader Joe's favorites.

Mushroom & Black Truffle Flatbread

Most people's ears will perk up at the mention of any repost involving truffles. Truffles are a costly, luxurious type of fungus that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are poisonous while others are not. But the edible ones garner attention for the unique, intensely flavored oil it yields. The distinct taste is often associated with lavish dishes like risotto and complex pasta sauces. There's even truffle bruschetta and truffle gnocchi. But real foodies know it can be used to drastically change up your more informal foods, too, such as fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, crackers, and popcorn.


Trader Joe's pizza is another example of how truffle oil has been used to dress up casual foods. The Mushroom & Black Truffle Flatbread's use of this item creates an upgraded comfort food. With its added mozzarella cheese, wild mushrooms, and truffles straight from Italy, it's an affordable yet gourmet option for dinner that only takes 10 minutes to make.

Korean Beefless Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a classic entree in Korea, consisting of thinly sliced meat in a marinade of soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, onion, sugar, and honey. It's typically made with beef, but the recipe varies between homes and establishments depending on what marinade and sides are utilized. Nonetheless, the dish has become a common favorite in the United States, too, making its way into many households and frequented Korean barbecue restaurants.


Despite the translation of bulgogi being "fire meat," vegetarians and vegans can now experience the well-liked food. Trader Joe's version, Korean Beefless Bulgogi, consists of 100% textured soy protein. It has a meat-like texture and is still made using the traditional marinade, with ingredients like pear puree and green onions, giving people a taste of bulgogi's hype. To get an authentic Korean experience, serve it with rice and some classic napa cabbage kimchi on the side.

Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Alright, maybe this one wasn't so hidden. At the start of 2024, Trader Joe's Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Dip was voted the number one appetizer in its 15th Annual Customer Choice Awards. Though clearly customers were able to find and enjoy this item, its small packaging can undoubtedly be easy to miss by those quickly making their way through the frozen aisle. Trader Joe's other frozen packages are much larger, possibly making the dip get lost in the options and skimmed over by those not hunting for it. So keep a close lookout because you're missing out if you don't get your hands on this consumer favorite.


Those who enjoy ordering the long-standing Spinach and Artichoke Dip at Applebees and T.G.I.F. will especially want to pick this item up, as it gives you a way to bring the cheesy goodness home and enjoy it from the comfort of your own dining table. You can follow the restaurants' lead by scooping up the dip with some tortilla chips and salsa, or for a similar effect with a slightly different taste, pair it with this homemade potato chip recipe. Otherwise, get creative and splash it on a burger or taco.

Spicy Mexican-Style Riced Cauliflower

Cauliflower rice has been known as a low-calorie, low-carb alternative to traditional rice. It's not only high in vitamins C and K, which, respectively, are important in tissue growth and making proteins, but it helps produce healthy red blood cells. Despite its many health benefits, though, it unfortunately tends to lack flavor just the way white or brown rice does when used on its own. Trader Joe's takes care of this problem by providing a pre-seasoned, Mexican-style option of this superfood.


The grocery's Spicy Mexican-Style Riced Cauliflower thrives off its blend of seasonings. With lime, cumin, cayenne, and tomato concentrate, combined with the dish's incorporation of bell peppers, diced tomatoes, and jalapeños, the ingredients work together to create a more complex flavor for this versatile health food. Treat it the same way you would regular rice by pairing it with protein sources like chicken or sausage.

Spizzico di Pizza

Even if they're marketed toward children, there's no shame in relishing in some Bagel Bites at any age. These frozen, mini-sized pies, topped with cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce don't discriminate, as both young and old can appreciate its ease of preparation and familiarly comforting pizza flavor. But this same taste and quick turnout time can be found in Trader Joe's Spizzico di Pizza – the adult version of Bagel Bites, if you will.


With a bougier presentation and thick, flaky crust that makes up most of the snack, it provides a similarly casual yet upscale vibe. One box offers 12 of the tiny pizzas, which are created with a blend of mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss, and parmesan cheese. All you need is about two minutes in the microwave, and once that cheese starts to bubble, you know it has been heated long enough and is ready to be chowed into. For a crispier outcome, pop them in a toaster oven for around 15 minutes instead. Both methods will leave you with a reliably satiating and fun food that can be used as an appetizer, snack, or even a full meal if you eat enough of them.

Beef Birria

Social media became a beacon of growth for birria tacos' popularity when the hot, savory Mexican dish started gaining traction on the internet in 2018. Fast forward to late 2020 and early 2021, and TikTok jumped on the bandwagon, too, prompting the exponential rise of the meat-filled stew's recognition. The time that has passed since then has done nothing to slow the food trend. Birria tacos remain a crave-worthy meal.


Despite its increased inclusion on menus, birria is not offered at every restaurant. And even when it is, it's not always guaranteed to give the authentic taste that reigns in Jalisco, Mexico, its place of origin. Trader Joe's aims to provide a genuine experience with their Beef Birria by cooking it for hours in kettles, leaving the meat tender and thoroughly marinated in tomato and chile sauce. From there, it's ready to be added to some fried corn tortillas and garnished with cilantro, onions, and lime juice. Consider serving them in bao buns for next level birria tacos as well. Use the remainder of the broth as a dip for your tacos, or delight in its savory goodness as a simple stew.

New York Deli Style Baked Cheesecake

A classic baked cheesecake yields a luscious homemade dessert, but for those who can't take two hours out of their day to make it, don't fret. Pick up a frozen, blue-boxed version at Trader Joe's. Made with a sour cream and cream cheese base as well as a graham cracker crust, the New York Deli Style Baked Cheesecake hits the three c's: creamy, crumbly, and cost-effective.


The entire cake supplies seven servings. Considering the dessert's generous size, its eight-dollar price is a win when compared to rates at restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory, where just one basic slice is over nine dollars. The many portions are perfect to keep in your freezer as a long-lasting dessert to enjoy in multiple sittings. You can also decorate its plain, ivory top layer with colorful fruits, icing, or whipped cream for a special occasion, whether that be an anniversary or birthday.

Gone Berry Crazy! Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pieces

Trader Joe's took to Thailand as the source of one of their best-selling products — Gone Bananas! Chocolate Covered Banana Slices; it's the frozen treat we never leave the store without. From there came yet another lesser-known but similar dessert that uses strawberry instead. Gone Berry Crazy! is a simple combination of Thai strawberry pieces and dark chocolate. It makes for a decadent snack or dessert, whether eaten on their own or used as a topping.


You can indulge in these nutritious, juicy strawberry halves one right after the other to enjoy their chocolatey-crunchy coating as a midday nibble or post-dinner delicacy. Pair it with a glass of wine, and you've got yourself a lovely self-love sweet treat or an aphrodisiac for your next romantic date. If you prefer to add them to something, top off a vanilla ice cream sundae with a few pieces.

Figo! Half Dipped Chocolate & Vanilla Sandwich Bars

Have you ever been torn between which type of ice cream to grab out of the freezer? Well, now you can get the best of both worlds with Figo! Half Dipped Chocolate & Vanilla Sandwich Bars. They contain two different types of ice cream in one product to satisfy your dueling cravings. The bottom half consists of a classic ice cream sandwich composed of two chocolate wafers while the upper half is plain vanilla with a snappy chocolate coating, providing you with varying textures that come together wonderfully.


This Trader Joe's item is a gem not only because it delivers more than one way to satiate your vanilla and chocolate needs, but the serving size of two bars equates to 350 calories. This makes one bar 175 calories, which is right around the amount of calories of other ice cream bars, such as Blue Bunny and Great Value, and less than some options at stores like Sam's. But with this cold treat, you're getting two varieties for about the same number or smaller. Plus, it's the perfect size for one sitting.

A Dozen Sweet Bites

Cake tasting doesn't need to be restricted to just weddings. After all, each and every day is full of special moments and reasons to celebrate, and what food better signifies that life's a party than cake? And what better way to kick that party into gear by getting not one cake, but several? Lucky for us, Trader Joe's has a box called A Dozen Sweet Bites that satisfies just what we need. It's not available on the company's website anymore, so you'll have to make an in-person visit and conduct a search through their frozen aisle.


As the product name gives away, the package contains 12 bite-sized pieces of cake all in one package, taking care of our confectionery cravings. Those who purchase this box for the small price of six dollars can enjoy three different types of cake: Chocolate and Coffee "Opera" Cake, Raspberry "Macaron Aux Framboises" Cake, and Caramel and Chocolate Cake. With four pieces of each, the variety of flavors and tiny portions make it a wonderful repast to put on a dinner party platter or afternoon tea plate. You can also snack on it throughout the week if you can stop yourself from eating these mini bites all in one sitting.