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CHOW-TO 23 Episodes



CHOW-TO is an instructional series hosted by Senior Video Producer Guillermo Riveros dedicated to breaking down the process for creating the most delicious foods. Follow along for valuable insight, fun demos, and guidance from the world's finest chefs.

Take 5 4 Episodes

Take 5


Take 5 is a video series that explores a city’s thriving dining scene, hosted by our very own Joey Skladany. We feature five restaurants in five different categories, hand-picked by five local celebrities and influencers.

Universal Eats 8 Episodes
Open Kitchen 1 Episode

Open Kitchen


Open Kitchen is a video series that takes viewers inside the kitchens of renowned chefs and food personalities.

Kitchen Essentials 14 Episodes

Kitchen Essentials is a video series that invites Chowhound viewers into the kitchens of chefs from around the country, unveiling which five tools are simply essential to their work.

Food IQ 621 Episodes

Food IQ


Tips and tricks to improve your culinary skills and expand your food and drink knowledge.

Recipes 134 Episodes



Step-by-step guides to recreate Chowhound's original recipes in your own kitchen.

Holidays 25 Episodes



Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years inspiration galore.

Food News 10 Episodes

Food News


News covering today's most important topics in the food, beverage, restaurant, bar, cooking, and dining worlds.

Care to Share 3 Episodes

Care to Share


We take what’s trending on social (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) and share 4 variations of how you can make the trend at home.

Started From... 5 Episodes

There’s no one path to success, and we uncover the pivotal moments (highs and lows) that culminated in the career of the featured talent today. This series will highlight the stories behind the chefs, restaurant owners, artisanal food makers, and bar owners who intentionally (and sometimes, not so intentionally) found their place in the food and beverage industry.

Cities 28 Episodes



Stories of undiscovered people, places, and experiences that shape food and drink culture.

Let's Talk About Food, Baby 2 Episodes

We talk all things food with people outside the industry. From rappers to politicians, and everything in between.

The Easiest Way 64 Episodes

In Chowhound's Easiest Way video series, our Test Kitchen demonstrates the simplest way to make delicious versions of popular dishes. Minimal fuss, maximum flavor!

Makers 9 Episodes



The Makers video series for Chowhound is an up-close-and-personal look at some of the innovators in the craft-food revolution as they share techniques and tips for elevating food to the extraordinary. We’ll see their dishes, hear their stories, and glimpse their struggles. Then we'll take you into their kitchens, and show you how to re-create a handful of their dishes at home.

MDRN KTCHN 13 Episodes



For Chowhound's video series about the science and technology of cooking, we partnered with the brilliant folks at Modernist Cuisine to dig into the most cutting-edge tools, ingredients, and techniques of modernist cooking.

Lunch Worth Eating 4 Episodes

Chowhound's lunch-focused video series features tips on kids' lunches, air-travel lunches, office lunches, and more.

CHOW Happy Hour 12 Episodes

Chowhound's Happy Hour video series is hosted by Martin Cate, who owns Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco, a bar devoted to rum drinks. Rather than having Martin show you how to make a drink—pour two ounces of this, add ice, etc.—we wanted to give you the feeling of sitting at his bar enjoying a chat as he makes you a drink. Of course we'll be including recipes for all the drinks you see—just pause and grab a cocktail napkin to scribble on, just like you'd do at a real bar. Stay tuned for a variety of drinks, fun stories, and special guest bartenders.

Cooking with Grandma 8 Episodes

You know her by many names: YaYa, Nana, Bubbe, Gangy, Grandma. Chowhound's Cooking with Grandma video series celebrates family traditions, taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane that records a special family recipe.

My Food Thing 21 Episodes

My Food Thing


In Chowhound's My Food Thing video series, meticulously trained chefs, hardworking food-industry folks, and even, sometimes, famous actors show us their delicious, reliable, and easy recipes.

You're Doing It All Wrong 44 Episodes

Chowhound's You're Doing It All Wrong video series is constructive criticism. Don't take it the wrong way; just learn the right way.

Brew | Cook | Celebrate 2 Episodes

Goose Island presents videos on their barrel-aged beer, including a behind-the-scenes look at one of Chicago's most beloved breweries.

CHOW Cooks From Books 2 Episodes

In Chowhound's Cooks from Books video series, recipes from cookbooks—new releases and classics we love—are brought to life, including any mishaps along the way. Watch us cook in real time and get tips and tricks to make these recipes at home.

Obsessives 21 Episodes



A Chowhound video series in which we explore the worlds of singularly focused food-industry figures. These are the people with the dirty hands, answering detailed questions about the work they do.

Product Reviews 20 Episodes

Chowhound's Test Kitchen presents video reviews of kitchen cookware, gadgets, and appliances to accompany more in-depth product reviews elsewhere on the site.

The Perfect 18 Episodes

The Perfect


The unparalleled. The best in show. We call it The Perfect: Chowhound's video series on how something so very good gets to be that way.

CHOW Report 23 Episodes

CHOW Report


Chowhound's intrepid video food-reportage, from profiles of chefs to delicious food finds in New York.

Field Trip 3 Episodes

Field Trip


For Chowhound's Field Trip video series, we take the show on the road. From country farms to city restaurants, we visit the places your food comes from. The fresh air is good for you.

Supertaster 243 Episodes



What’s new? What’s great? What’s weird? Chowhound contributor James Norton, a.k.a. Supertaster, samples offerings from supermarket aisles and fast-food menus.

Tasting Notes 6 Episodes

Tasting Notes


A video blog from Chowhound that explores the place that wine has in our lives. Includes wine (and occasionally beer) tasting notes!

CHOW Tour 29 Episodes



Chowhound's Tour video series features two theme-based travel series. There's 2010's Innovation Tour, which uncovered food-related innovation in SF, LA, and NYC, from people mashing up different cuisines, to handing out free organic vegetables to low-income folks, to presenting old dishes in a new way. And then there's 2011's Handmade Tour, which sought out real people making real, authentic food—from pupusas being slapped together by hand out of a food truck to whole-animal-to-plate antelope tartare—in Austin (TX), Oakland (CA), and Portland (OR). Watch, travel, and eat along with us!

CHOW.com Archives 6 Episodes

Some of Chowhound's more esoteric videos, from a stop-motion gingerbread home for the holidays to Bruce Willis pitching vodka.

Asking for a Friend 7 Episodes

We ask experts to participate in some of our community's most popular discussions.

Behind the Bar 14 Episodes

Inspired cocktails sourced from the beverage industry's most influential mixologists.

Taste Test 7 Episodes

Taste Test


Chowhound samples the latest trends to help you decide what is worth your time and money.

With Love 3 Episodes

With Love


Follow Chef Patrick Connolly as he spends his day in the kitchen and around New York — with love.

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From Chowhound Partners

Chowhound Partner

Cuisine d’Auteur 9 Episodes

This narrative video series, featuring chefs who attach personal meaning to the dishes they make, highlights the process of conceptualizing, creating, and elevating food to the level of art. By focusing on sustainability and human connections in the day and process of each chef, we draw light on how each chef reintroduces stories, emotions, and personal experiences into the food system.