The Best KitchenAid Attachment To Effortlessly Shred Cooked Chicken

Shredded chicken is the key to many delicious recipes like chicken nachos and enchilada soup. While it makes recipes delicious, the task can be quite tedious, and if you try to shred the chicken by hand, you'll need to wait until the chicken cools off if you don't want to burn your fingers. Thankfully, if you have a KitchenAid mixer, there's a shredded chicken hack just waiting for you in your kitchen. All you need is the flat beater attachment, which most likely came with your KitchenAid purchase.


Once you have your attachment on, it's pretty simple. Just add your cooked chicken a bit at a time and watch it get shredded effortlessly. This hack works best on low to medium speed, and you might need to start slow and increase the speed as the chicken shreds more, especially if you're starting with large pieces. You might notice the chicken bounce around the bowl a bit at first, but it should soon start to shred.

Why this trick works and how to get the best results

The flat beater on your KitchenAid is designed to mix things like batters, frostings, and fillings, but that's not all. If you're afraid to add meat to the bowl, don't be. The beater is such a versatile accessory, and even the KitchenAid brand recommends using it to shred chicken. The brand notes that it can be used to mash or shred ingredients in addition to mixing them, and the circular pattern the beater moves in can break up solid foods.


You can shred either hot or cold chicken with your KitchenAid. Unsurprisingly, it will shred more tender chicken faster, and it works especially well with tender rotisserie chicken. If you're starting with rather large pieces of chicken, like a chicken breast, you might want to cut it into a few smaller pieces first. KitchenAid recommends avoiding going above speed 6 to reduce the risk of your chicken flying all over the kitchen. Once you're done, use your shredded rotisserie chicken to make shredded chicken tacos or a delicious chicken quesadilla.