Work Lunch

11 Tuna Salad Recipes Perfect for Your Work Lunch Box

A good tuna salad recipe is a thing of beauty, and we have several of them, from no-frills to downright fancy. The key is to use a good, high-quality, oil-packed tuna; look for brands packed in pure...

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Business lunch to impress near Doubletree 569 Lex

by Larry30030 4 years ago

Have one chance to impress in a 1.5 hour lunch within a few blocks of 569 Lex. Don't know Manhattan. Would appreciate help.

Madison and 24th

by eateat22 4 years ago

Folks Can anybody recommend a mid-priced lunch spot near madison and 24th to take a customer to? Looking to see if there is anything unique in the neighborhood Thanks

Restaurant recs for Kennett Sq/northern DE

by E_M 4 years ago

I am bribing an expert with lunch for an hour or so of her time in the Kennett Square/Brandywine Valley area. It needs to be quiet (so we can hear ourselves talk), well-lit (so we can easily see ou...

San Francisco with clients

by sloane888 4 years ago

Hi all- I'm going to San Franciso in a few weeks for a conference. I would love some suggestions for client breakfast, lunch and dinners. I loved Kokkari last time for lunch and am blanking on othe...

Downtown lunches

tim irvine
by tim irvine 4 years ago

I know I am spoiled and we do not live in a food desert, but lunches downtown just seem like more of a chore than a pleasure of late. Even if you are willing to go to a fifteen dollar meal, the of...

Who makes the best tuna salad for sandwiches?

by devilham 4 years ago

Was just chatting with a coworker about lunch options, and we both agree we like a good tuna salad sandwich, however, so many places mess this up. I prefer my tuna lightly dressed with mayo, but n...

Faux pas - eating fish at work?

by fldhkybnva 5 years ago

Do you or don't you? For me, it depends if the dish needs to be reheated. I've reheated fish at work and it wasn't an issue but I only reheat fish like tilapia and cod that are fairly low on the f...

Client lunch by Lincoln Center

by edc09 4 years ago

Hi guys, I need to give suggestions for a client lunch by Lincoln Center. The suggestions I already gave were shot down (see below). Looking at $20 plates (per person). The client likes Ame...

Need recs for quiet business lunch - Financial District

by stampita 4 years ago

Hi all -- I've got lunch planned with the founder of my organization in about a week, and I need to find a place that's relatively quiet -- she wears hearing aids, and conversation will be SO mu...

Work lunch in SF for under $30

by calalilly 5 years ago

My work is planning a celebration lunch for 10 people. Half of the group is flying up from LA so it should be somewhat special, easy to get to from Oakland airport and maybe even a little touristy...

Work Luncheon Suggestions

by alcoholic29 6 years ago

Group of 30-35 Located in PB but willing to go in 15 min drive radius. Would prefer to avoid preset menu. To give an idea of interests, I tried World Famous and JRDN but unable to reserve....

Suggestions for work lunch - pickup or delivery to Temple Hospital

by katebauer 6 years ago

I'm looking to reward my staff of approx. 10 people with a fun and reasonably healthy lunch in a few weeks. Any suggestions for somewhere I could either pick up a catered lunch or who would deliver...

Decent catering options for work lunches -Financial District?

by Bivalve 7 years ago

We host large group meetings fairly often that include lunch near Gov't Center/Downtown Crossing. We need to expand beyond the usual sandwiches, chips, drinks from the usual suspects (Viga, Milk S...

Looking for restaurant near the Handerly Hotel (Union Square) for a group work lunch

by adamandeve 7 years ago

Hi, We are looking for a place where we can host a working lunch with the following characteristics: - Walking distance (short!) from Union Square- hopefully 4 or 5 blocks top - We will have a...

Vegetarian friendly restaurant for work lunch on Upper East Side?

by lanikai 7 years ago

Hi, looking for some recommendations for a veggie friendly (fish ok too!) restaurant for a work lunch on upper east side. Should be in a 5-10 min walk of 68th and York. Doesn't have to be super fan...

Work Lunch in the East 50s

by amnyc 7 years ago

Hi All! I'm meeting a former colleague for lunch next week. I want to meet near her office– 3rd avenue between 51st and 52nd for a relatively quick (an hour or less) lunch. So walking distance ...

Portable Work Lunch Ideas

by uwsister 8 years ago

I've been packing the same lunch for my husband for past five years now. Cashew/almond butter and jelly sandwich, egg sandwich or boiled eggs, chopped carrots and celery. Sometimes I throw in a pie...

Work lunch - $500 budget for 8

by Barcelonian 8 years ago

I need help finding a great place for my coworkers and me for a celebratory lunch. I would assume the $500 is including tax, not necessarily including tip, and no alcohol. We can go anywhere, b...

Recs for a Monday work lunch walking distance to UCSF Mission Bay?

by sfbing 8 years ago

For a departing coworker who is moving to Oklahoma. Preferably not American cuisine. We have 1 vegetarian in our party of eight. Not too expensive (ie about $20-25pp, since we are paying out of poc...

Work Lunch at Babita - need recs

by cjelias 9 years ago

I have a work lunch at Babita. Its a big group and therefore a limited menu and I need to choose in advance. Choices below, looking for guidance for my first visit : Enchiladas de pollo en mole ...