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A good wine bar can be hard to find, but we've got you covered. Chowhounds weigh in on the best wine bars in every city, with points for good beverage lists, excellent light bites, and ambiance.

Why You Should Drink Champagne Every Day

Many people see Champagne as solely a celebratory drink, to toast with at weddings or at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Not Ariel Arce. “It’s just wine that has bubbles in it,” says the New...

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Navarre...new wine bar in PDX

by Jim Dixon 17 years ago

We ate here last night..amazingly good small plates from 2 Genoa chefs. It just opened and isn't doing any advertising yet, so it's easy to get in. Here's what we ate: frico, $2 (Friulian cheese ...

New Suzanne Goin Wine Bar / Tapas

by Chase66 17 years ago

Read about this soon-to-be-opening place, has it opened yet? Does anyone know which part of town / address? Many thanks, -- chase66

E's Wine Bar & Restaurant?

by mc michael 17 years ago

Drove by this spot on Colorado in Pasadena yesterday. What's the 411? Is it a for real wine bar?

Italian wine bargain at TJ's!

by DavidT 17 years ago

On Sunday afternoon, while shopping at the Trader Joe's in Daly City, I found a rather generic looking 1997 Barbaresco "Che Storia" Riserva selling for $9.99. Barbaresco is one of the premium red w...

Vertical Wine Bar

by torta basilica 17 years ago

Had a great late dinner Sat night at Vertical on Forest Avenue in Laguna. Sat at the bar (which we prefer to do anyway to socialize & get tips from the bartender). Flight of Chards was an Austral...

Lower East Side wine bar

by susan 17 years ago

Help. I'm blanking on the name of a wine bar that's supposed to have an awfully nice winelist and some good food -- it's sort of a kooky name. Help me! I want to go there next week! Thanks. ...

Wine bars around LA or OC?

by shoos 17 years ago

Can anyone recommend one? I live kind of close to the Vertical Wine Bar in Laguna, but I've heard mixed reviews.

wine bar in Williamsburg

by Carrie Schadle 18 years ago

I found a great wine bar on Wythe and North 7th called D.O.C that has been open for about a month or so. It's run by a guy from Sardinia and his wife. Apparently (I may not have the details exact...

tribeca border w/soho wine bar???

by AllyS 18 years ago

has anyone any suggestions for wine bars in the broome/varrick area???

morel wine bar

by lazy susan 18 years ago

Anyone know of a wine bar called Morel (Morrel?) in Manhattan? Any information would be grand.

5th Avenue wine bar coming

by Stephanie L. 18 years ago

A new wine bar will be coming to 5th Avenue between Berkeley and Union, next to Bierkraft. I think that when Red Wine and Bubbly opened, Darren, the owner, said he wanted to open a wine bar in the...

SOS - Any recs for Wine Bars?

by Spidey from Rachacha 18 years ago

I'd appreciate any ideas for an interesting wine bar anywhere on east side, but particularly mid town to upper East side. Have been to the one at Rock Center. It doesn't matter what type of wine it...

Mr. Zoogunzoo--wine bar in Aoyama, Tokyo

by Rachel M. 18 years ago

A friend and I were in the mood Friday evening for a couple of glasses and wine and some pasta, and I remembered having heard good things about Mr. Zoogunzoo from Robb S. and others. It's hidden a...

Mendocino Grill and Wine Bar

by Winnie 18 years ago

I tried Mendocino Grill in Georgetown last week and had a fantastic experience. We split the goat cheese and wild mushroom bruschetta and the calamari appetizers. Both very tasty. For dinner we ...

Calling all austin hounds - wine bars?

by John 18 years ago

Hello, I am going to be in Austin and am wondering about any good wine bars in the area. Doesn't have to be fancy. Any suggestions? Thanks, John

Wine Bars

by Randy 18 years ago

I will be in Manhattan in the beginning of September. The reason is to visit wine bars and restaurants with excellent wine programs. Please help me with as many names as you can conjure up. Ive hea...

wine bars

by Randy 18 years ago

I am going on a trip from Los Angeles to Chicago to New york. The purpose of this trip is to visit as many wine bars and restaurants with good wine programs as possible. Ive heard of Bin 36 and tro...

Morrello Wine Bar & Cafe

by mels 19 years ago

I ate here once when it first opened and it was excellent. I was thinkning of going back, but as you know, some places tend to go downhill after some time. Has this place gone downhill or is it sti...

$2.99 white wine bargain @ Grocery Outlet

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

My mom loves prowling the aisles at the Grocery Outlet for bargains and close-outs and stops in at least once a week to see what’s new. I joined her hunt last weekend down in Salinas. I needed to...

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