Whipping Siphon


Isi Gourmet Whip and leaks

by Dr. Crash 5 years ago

I want two whippers. I first bought an Isi Profi (cheaper, removable head valve) and then started to convert it for hot preparations (red silicon gasket). But then I realized that the head valve al...

Cream charger reccomendations

by PhotoMike 5 years ago

I was recently given an iSi Gourmet cream whipper. I'm looking for some recommendations of chargers. I know iSi recommends only using iSi chargers, but is there any reason not to use a cheaper off-...

Foaming pump dispenser

by sakura58 5 years ago

I know this sounds weird.....I have a foaming pump for my hand soap but could I get one for cooking? Has anyone ever used one in the kitchen as a cooking tool? For example, maybe for balsamic vineg...

I can't remember how to charge my whip cream dispenser

by rasputina 6 years ago

I haven't used it in ages because I couldn't find the tips. So I found them, bought some N20 and now I can't figure out how to charge it. I think it's a Mosa? I'm not sure though as it was a gift a...

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