Chrissy Teigen's New Food Site Is As Fun & Sassy As She Is

If you're hungry for more of Chrissy Teigen's particular brand of food-centric sass (and who isn't?) then today is a good day. Teigen launched her new website Cravings as a place for the cookbook author...

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How do *you* find kosher dairy recipes online?

almond tree
by almond tree 5 years ago

Decided to go dairy this past Friday night. I wanted to start with cream of mushroom soup, based on guess what? *Cream*. 1st google result was tons of recipes that included cream ... & chicken st...

Le Creuset checkout error message?

by FooledByLC 5 years ago

I have bought a lot during their black friday sale last year and recently when I tried to order I have had issues checking out with LC so I switch to other credit cards I have, but still it didn't ...

Heavy Table's Out of Towner's Guide.

by BigE 6 years ago

http://heavytable.com/out-of-towners-guide/ Good stuff. Maybe we could just pin this guy for the inevitable "where do I go?" threads.


by oooYUM 5 years ago

HI ! please move this if it doesn't belong in Home Cooking... I'm having a bit of trouble (I guess) with the Bookmark function on EYB, can anyone just give me a clue here? ( please, no judging) ...

Who is behind U Magazine ?

by LotusRapper 5 years ago

Doesn't strike me as an indie blog site .... seems too slick, with corporate backings ? http://www.umagazine.ca/

Tabelog . . . now in English!!

by obenihk 5 years ago

I only just realised that the Tabelog site is now available in English! http://tabelog.com/en/ Sorry if I come across as a bit OTT about this but I thought this site was like the Holy Grail f...

Ordering Vietnamese dishes

by LotusRapper 5 years ago

Found a site (2 parts) that provides useful pronunciation guides for popular dish names, greetings, phrases and place names. So next time don't you go ordering "bun theet newyong chah gee-oh" w...

The New Open Table website

by L2k 5 years ago

is it awful? Or really awful??? :) I tried to find discussion here about the wholesale changes they made to their website a few weeks ago and don't see that it's being discussed. I can't s...

looking for healthy dessert recipes!

by Lea25 5 years ago

Hi guys, I’m looking for a website that offers healthy dessert recipes. I have a sweet tooth yet my dietician advised me to lessen it or suffer the same diabetes as my mom. Hope  you can help me fi...

Dining in southern France, how we did our homework:

by Gastrobuck 5 years ago

We recently indulged in a three day food tour in southern France. For planning, I wanted to avoid all of the Michelin craziness. Blindly trusting in the guide impressed me as a superficial way to...

Book/website recommendations? Meal planning for two

by erichalias 5 years ago

Hello, everyone, I'm expecting to move out of the parent's home later this year and living with the SO. We enjoy cooking but don't have enough experience yet to cook without a recipe. The proble...

The Food Babe Says There’s Beaver Butt in Your Ice Cream

by ennuisans 5 years ago

Interestingly this is not the headline that appears on the web page (which saves me the trouble of changing it). Anyway, a few counterpoints to some of the claims we all see made from time to time.

Kenji Lopez-Alt vegan experience

by Teague 5 years ago

So anybody been using the vegan recipes on serious eats? I have, and find them pretty inspiring. One of the editors (Kenji) has been doing vegan recipes basically during lent for a few years, the...

Restaurant Web-Site Fails...

by jrvedivici 5 years ago

Last night I finished my appointments earlier than I anticipated, I was about 45 mins from home, and while there are many great restaurants in the area I was in, I don't want to eat/drink when I'm ...

Low sugar holiday bites for kiddos

by stefzehn 5 years ago

My work is hosting a holiday party for a local shelter and they're requesting some low sugar but fun kid-friendly snacks. I'm of the "as long as it's not overly processed and you indulge in mod...

Early Days of Chowhound Message Boards via the Wayback Machine

by Dave Feldman 7 years ago

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Internet Archive Wayback Machine -- http://archive.org/web/web.php -- which takes "snapshots" of websites from the past. I've just spent a couple of hour...

Useful websites (and Android apps)?

by Garlic Guy 8 years ago

Hi, everyone. I'm about to move to Manhattan and was wondering what websites, besides this one, I should get in the habit of checking for useful information or functionality regarding restaurants ...

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