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The Food Babe Says There’s Beaver Butt in Your Ice Cream

by ennuisans 4 years ago

Interestingly this is not the headline that appears on the web page (which saves me the trouble of changing it). Anyway, a few counterpoints to some of the claims we all see made from time to time.

Kenji Lopez-Alt vegan experience

by Teague 4 years ago

So anybody been using the vegan recipes on serious eats? I have, and find them pretty inspiring. One of the editors (Kenji) has been doing vegan recipes basically during lent for a few years, the...

Restaurant Web-Site Fails...

by jrvedivici 4 years ago

Last night I finished my appointments earlier than I anticipated, I was about 45 mins from home, and while there are many great restaurants in the area I was in, I don't want to eat/drink when I'm ...

Low sugar holiday bites for kiddos

by stefzehn 5 years ago

My work is hosting a holiday party for a local shelter and they're requesting some low sugar but fun kid-friendly snacks. I'm of the "as long as it's not overly processed and you indulge in mod...

Early Days of Chowhound Message Boards via the Wayback Machine

by Dave Feldman 6 years ago

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Internet Archive Wayback Machine -- http://archive.org/web/web.php -- which takes "snapshots" of websites from the past. I've just spent a couple of hour...

Useful websites (and Android apps)?

by Garlic Guy 8 years ago

Hi, everyone. I'm about to move to Manhattan and was wondering what websites, besides this one, I should get in the habit of checking for useful information or functionality regarding restaurants ...

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