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This West Coast City Hates Lunch & Other Findings From New Study

Ever wonder where your co-worker is actually headed when they leave for lunch? Turns out it may be easy to guess based on what city you live and work in. Ubimo—a New York-based software company—looked...

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Any suggestions for a group of 12-14 in Montgomery County or NW?

by cassie p 18 years ago

We're facing that big group issue again and rather than go to a That's Amore type place, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a nice place that can service large parties in Northwest DC or...

hippest place in d.c???

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

would you pick Neyla?? or Tenpeh??, or another. looking for drama, swank, etc. thx in adv

That would be spelled Teaism

by pam 18 years ago


family dinner in dc

by barbara g 18 years ago

we have been to sam and harry's and capitol grill. though we'd try occidental grill. any info or comments appreciated. we have enjoyed old ebbits for lunch but didn't know if it was a good choice ...

prime rib vs. occidental grill

by barbara g 18 years ago

considering prime rib and occidental grill for special occasion dinner. occidental seems to be a dc institution but wonder about food. prime rib gets higher zagat rating for food. please comment ...

Serbian Crown, La Provence (Vienna), Bistrot 123

by Alicia 18 years ago

Anyone been? Would love some insight, thanks!

Vespa, Martick's

by Lucien Walsh 18 years ago

Attended a dinner at Vespa (1117 S. Charles St., Baltimore MD) last night, as I have not been in to eat in a while. Outdid themselves, they did. This was a closed event, and it was a challenge to g...

Leesburg, VA - Lightfoot Cafe - Anyone been

by Alyssa 19 years ago

I'm wondering what you all think of Lightfoot Cafe? Thinking about going there this weekend maybe. I came to this place as a result of a very narrow search: *Near Great Falls *not too expensive ...

some adams-morgan area recs

by rachel 19 years ago

hi all, i am eating shrimp dumpling soup from full kee right now and just had to express my appreciation to this board. full kee is 2 blocks from my office and i am now taking full advantage! also ...

Where can I find Key Limes in No. Virginia/Wash DC?

by traci 19 years ago

I need to make a key lime pie, and I want it to be as authentic as possible! Thanks.

prix-fixe, multiple courses in Baltimore or D.C.?

by Dawn 19 years ago

I'm looking for someplace in the area offering a multi-course dinner, preferably paired with appropriate wines, or with suggested pairings. Doesn't necessarily have to be prix-fixe, but I'd imagin...

Heads up, Washington!

by C. Fox 19 years ago

Today's Christian Science Monitor features an interesting, if simplistic, article on the effect of changing regimes on DC chow. Thought it might be of interest to you Capital 'hounds. The article...

Anyone tried Kingfish on King St. in Alex?

by tcamp 19 years ago

I've seen so many restaurants come and go from that spot that I'm thinking there's a jinx on the place. Yet the newest occupant looks rather inviting. I live nearby and want to check it out but afr...

Restaurants in the Chantilly, VA area

by Betsy 19 years ago

Looking for finds in the Chantilly area. We've lived in South Riding for over a year, but don't know too many places -- know there are some hidden gems around.

Dim Sum and Asian Fantasticness

by Peregrine 19 years ago

I was wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a place or two that serves Asian food, say Chinese, that is so authentic that none of the wait staff speak english and you have no idea what you...

Mark's Duck House? (Annandale)

by Marty L. 19 years ago

Any reliable 'hound intelligence? I've heard lots of word of mouth, but don't know how reliable it is. thanks

need help pls/swanky d.c??

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

good eve. have friends visiting d.c. shortly . they are ooking for d.c.'s swankiest, trendy lounges and restaurants. for restaurants shall I tell them d.c coast, cafe atlantico, neyla?? anyo...

Tysons Thai/steak?

by coastcat 19 years ago

We're spending a weekend in Tysons next month, and I'd appreciate some restaurant tips. 1. The Tysons area has sprouted a bouquet of steakhouses - branches of Sam & Harry's, the Palm, and Morton'...

tyson's corner

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

howdy. what are your 2 top picks in this area for dinner pls. money no object. thx in adv

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