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8 Presidents Day Recipes Based on Famed Hated Foods of the Commanders-in-Chief

Being Commander-in-Chief comes with certain privileges, chief among them, having a staff available to supply you with as much of your favorite foods as you want. Alternately, and perhaps a bigger privilege...

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Decent Deli in DC?, or anywhere south of Newark?

by John 19 years ago

Dare we even imagine it? I went to Krupin's (Wisconsin Ave) the other day for lunch, and they . . . "were out of tongue". Is Katz's ever "out of" tongue? In fact, as I learned, Krupin's does...


by Sandy Paik 18 years ago

there's a great new restaurant that opened up at the corner of 9th and I streets, NW (across from the convention center) called murali - if you eat anything there, be sure to eat the shitake mushro...

What foods are best, served off the naked body?

by cj 18 years ago

[I've reposted this from the "Not About Food Board" as it wasn't clear to me in which board it should belong. Most posts here seem to be restaurant reviews.] ------------------------------------...

Good cantonese in, yep, Centerville, VA...

by tcamp 18 years ago

Just had lunch at a terrific cantonese place off rte. 66 in Centerville. I don't know the names of anything we ate since my friend ordered off the chinese menu but everything was delicious. Great c...

Peking Eastern House -- Rockville

by Marty L. 18 years ago

In his "Ethnic Dining Guide" (see link below), Tyler Cowen raves about this place, calling it a "revelation," serving Chinese food (from the "Muslim" region) that is "like no other in this area." ...

Birthday in B'more

by Ross 18 years ago

Hello! Can anyone recommend a nice place for dinner in Baltimore? The requirements: Entrees under $20; several veggie options. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Ross

curry leaves etc.

by dw 19 years ago

i'm new to the area and am presently staying in alexandria, virginia. does anyone know where i could buy curry leaves, rampe leaves (daun pandan leaves could be substituted i think) and lemon gr...

A good restaurant in the DC/Ballston area: The Food Factory

by Chris DiBona 18 years ago

Okay, so this is an old favorite of mine, I go there every time I'm in DC, last time I went was about 2 months ago in October of 2000. Basically it's a Kebab house, thier nan is out of this world. ...

$1 Sushi

by caphill 18 years ago

OK, I promised to post more so I'm trying to make good. Uni and both Cafe Asias are now offering "sushi happy hour" featuring sushi for $1 and maki for a reduced price as well ($3-4) from about...

Crab and crabcake

by eric andersen 18 years ago

I plan a NY/DC trip in the next month or so. I am going to make it a crab extravaganza. I figure Angelina's in NE Balto and then from a well known purveyor in the large city market(I was there a fe...


by Jim Zurer 18 years ago

Tomorrow's Post Magazine has a rave review of the new Ruta/Amernick place on Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park--the site of the failed Greenwood. Has anyone tried it? Sounds delicious, but pr...

New fish restaurant: urgent request

by Jonathan C. 18 years ago

Does anyone know the name of the new fish restaurant near Metro Center? Thanks.

going home- need recommendations

by becky 18 years ago

having grown up in dc, and subsequently having fled to nyc, i've always been pretty down on the place as a food city. but i have decided to head home this year with an open mind and so i am putting...

Garden Cafe

by Fred Vinson 19 years ago

I went with a group of 6 to lunch at the "Garden Cafe" on F St. NW. The food was mediocre and the service was abominable. Couldn't get a drink refilled. Has anyone had any luck at this place? It's ...

good eats in DC Rock Creek Park area?

by Betsy Keller 18 years ago

Hi, D.C. Chowhounds! I'll be staying at the Omni Shoreham Hotel for a few days right after Xmas, and I'd really love some food recommendations. I can't spend too much, love all kinds of food espe...

Cafe Monti in Alexandria, VA

by Ron 18 years ago

My wife and I had lunch here yesterday. Café Monti is a small Italian/Austrian restaurant at 3250 Duke Street (near Quaker Lane) in Alexandria, VA. Seems to be family run. We both enjoy the food...

Source for Smoked Salmon?

by Bill 18 years ago

I'm throwing a Holiday Open House and I'm expecting as many as 75 people. I'd like to serve smoked salmon with all the fixings along with a number of other dishes. Does anyone have a good source ...

Bob W.! Falls Church, VA Info, Please!

by Jim Leff 18 years ago

a while ago, Bob. W. said: Within five miles of where I am now sitting in Falls Church VA (six miles from the White House) I can get authentic Afghani, Irani, Kurdish (!!!), Cambodian, Lao, Per...

New Years Eve

by Marsha 19 years ago

My husband and I would like to go some place different for this New Years Eve. We would like it to be more then just food...perhaps a nice atmosphere or a beautiful view...Any suggestions?

Whats yummy near Leesburg? Sterling, Hamilton, Purcellville? Reston if need be?

by Karen 18 years ago

Hi, I will be visiting in Leesburg VA over the holidays and am looking for some good food of any sort to break up the endless rounds of recycled honey baked ham at the relatives. Also reasonable to...

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