This President’s Day, Raise a Glass from The Original Presidential Winery: Jefferson Vineyards

Many Americans blessed (or afflicted) with wine obsession can summarize the cause of their wine fever in one simple phrase: time spent in France. OG Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was no exception...

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Special Birthday Brunch in NoVA - Need suggestions!

by myburg 3 years ago

DH's 60th birthday coming up and I'm looking for a Sunday brunch for 5 people (including our kids in their 20's) in Northern VA - anywhere from close in DC out to Loudoun. I would also consider We...

Seeking private dining in Italian restaurant in DC area

by Deborah R. 3 years ago

Hello -- I'm planning an event and looking for an Italian restaurant that can accommodate a private party of 40-50 people. Flexible on location -- don't want downtown DC, but Bethesda-Rockville-...

Arlington, VA to Maryville, TN road trip - Rte 81 recs

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 3 years ago

All - We're off to see friends in Maryville, TN tomorrow and most of the drive will be south along I 81. I'd like suggestions of places to consider hitting along the way. Any type of cuisine is ...

LIDL... An After Visit Report

by The_Evil_Chip 3 years ago

I'm back from my visit to the brand new LIDL in Virginia Beach. In case you're unfamiliar, LIDL is a huge grocery store chain in Europe, based in Germany. Their big competitor in Europe is ALDI alt...

Two Great Taco Finds in Sterling, VA

by Steve 3 years ago

Sterling, VA is starting to flex its muscles in the taco wars. First up is an unmarked taco truck regularly parked at a Mobil gas station at Route 7 and Dranesville Rd. (47048 Harry Byrd Hwy, S...

Restaurants in and near Centreville, Va.

by arabrab 3 years ago

Headed to Centreville for work for a month. Please tell me some good restaurants in this area. Love seafood and hibachi.

Dinner spots near Longwood Garden

by kay_MCGINLEY 3 years ago

We're going to be in the Longwood Garden vicinity for two nights and want to find some great places for dinner. Casual is good, but great food is a must. Would also like to be able to have a drink ...

NC Hound needing some RECs for the Eastern Shore, VA/Ocean City, MD areas.

by picklelicious 4 years ago

I know this may be a long shot, but traveling up the Delmarva Peninsula in a couple/few days hoping to get some rockfish in the cooler, and will stay a couple nights in Ocean City, MD, and my buddy...

Road Trip to Williamsburg VA

by girdev 3 years ago

Hi All, My family and I are planning to drive down from the Philadelphia area to Williamsburg VA for a family trip (2 adults and 2 kids - 9 & 13 y.o.) in August. Can you please recommend some ...

What Is Your Opinion Of Copper River Salmon?

by PontiusPalate 5 years ago

A restaurant in my local area (Norfolk, Virginia) recently found a source of Copper River Salmon. According to the manager, he was able to get it flown in fresh. For several weeks in a row, it ...

Recommendation for Charlottesville & Flint Hill, VA

by Gspeed37 3 years ago

Hey Chowhound Fans - Driving from Rhinebeck, NY down the Skyline Drive to Charlottesville, VA mid-May. Three nights in Flint Hill, VA, as well. Looking for recommendations for good food. Don't ...

Steak seafood Williamsburg, VA private room no room charge

by TonyBomb 3 years ago

Looking for a tastey Seafood and or Steak restaurant in Williamsburg VA with a private room where I may present some slides. $120 a person inclusive. No room charge. AI equipment not necessary.

Casual dinner in Williamsburg

by NJFsa 3 years ago

We'll be in Williamsburg in April. We're there a few times a year to visit my mother. We're looking for some new restaurants to try for dinner. Nothing too fancy as we'll have my elderly mom and o...

Sake In NOVA

by atfinva 3 years ago

Any suggestions for where to buy sake in N. Virginia? Total Wine has a very limited selection.

Looking for Creme Brulee prepared (torched) table side?

by idea2go 3 years ago

My son is a foodie and currently obsessed with Creme Brulee. Once when traveling overseas the Creme Brulee dessert was lit table side which was very memorable. I'd love to find a place in the W...

Great Road Trip: Asheville, Charlotte, Roanoke, D.C., Baltimore, Wheeling, WV, Cincinnati

by rlcole4346 4 years ago

MC and I recently completed a long road trip built around family, old friends, and of course, food. We left KY for Asheville, then to the Charlotte area, then to D.C., Baltimore, Cincinnati, and ...

Road Trip: Roanoke Portion

by rlcole4346 4 years ago

MC and I recently completed a long road trip built around family, old friends, and of course, food. We left KY for Asheville, then to the Charlotte area, then to D.C., Baltimore, Cincinnati, and ...

Stores with goat milk products

by FoodieFan123 4 years ago

Are there any stores that specialize in goat milk products? I saw that Whole Foods only has goat yogurt. Trader Joe's has goat yogurt, goat milk, and a few goat cheese products. But are they are an...

She-Crab Bisque

by raberbm 4 years ago

Has anyone ever had crab bisque at the Pirates Cove Restaurant in Chesapeake, Virginia? If so, do you know of a copy-cat recipe?