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A Slice of Tradition: Wedding Cakes Around the World

There’s all the reason in the world to round out your reception with a wedding cake. It’s delicious, photogenic, traditional, and lucky, since it’s a fertility symbol (wheat, the basis of most flour...

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London delights

by tomandtoni 20 years ago

Other than Andy's Feb 1 comments ,can anyone report on The Capital Restaurant at 22 Basil Street? How about a comparison of overall dining experience versus The Sugar Club.THANKS


by Tom 20 years ago

I would appreciate any views on this restaurant which I understand is located in Knightsbridge and may have another London site.Thanks

London- Books for Cooks update

by magnolia 20 years ago

Yesterday was the very last day Books for Cooks, the bookshop/test kitchen on Blenheim Crescent in Notting Hill, served their famous bargain lunch (wherein customers would book well in advance for ...

London in March with Family

by KRF 20 years ago

First time to London with husband and 10 year old. Would love to have suggestions for resturants. We are staying in Piccadilly.Thank you.

the ivy (london) curry?

by yvonne johnson 20 years ago

got AA Gill's "The Ivy" cookery book a while back as a gift and i used it for the first time yesterday. I made the chicken masala. as is stated in the book, not a dish you'd expect at a posh restau...

London in March w/family in Mayfair

by d.b. 20 years ago

My wife & I will be in London in March. We will have our children (Ages 10 & 6) with us. We will be staying on Park St. 1) Looking for kid friendly places to eat. 2) We will be able to go out a co...

restaurant in london

by jay gibson 20 years ago

we will be in london at the bonnington hotel on southampton row for six days starting the 22nd of feb. does anyone know of a good moderate priced szechwan or hunan restaurant?

chives or foliage - London

by adrienne 20 years ago

I know the two are very different but not really sure which would be the better food and ambience experience. It's been a couple of years since we were last in London. Also, has anyone tried Kand...

London Restaurants: some notes

by m 20 years ago

Rules- Ye olde setting filled w tourists (like us). Relaxed. Service obliging.Sole- the Wife says best she's ever had; pheasant casserole: boned, around apricots, served w mash and ? chives- wonde...


by Karen A. 20 years ago

Hi. I am going to visit my parents in London this coming week. I would like to know if any of you chowhounds can suggest a good italian, french, or whatever kind of restaurant that is reasonably ...

Restaurants in SE London ?

by Jon Mitchell 20 years ago

Can anyone suggest a decent eatery in the culinary wasteland of south east london for my dad's birthday? So far it seems to be between The Lawn in Blackheath (which I don't really fancy 'cos Ton...

posh night out in London

by Andrew Beach 20 years ago

my company has a long standing tradition of a 3 month review of new employees at the restaurant of their choice. All kinds of places have been used (my colleague is going to Nobu on hers in a few ...

the first 'can we have our own board, please' london dinner

by howler 20 years ago

ok, i'm organizing it. the venue's decided - its the india club. what we've got to decide is when and where to have pre- and post-dinner drinks. send me your suggestions/times to the-mail account a...

Clifton's - Maida Vale, London - a gem!

by magnolia 20 years ago

Went to Clifton's, 49 Maida Vale, for dinner. Had never heard of it, and only saw one review posted in window - Faye Maschler - a superficial net search revealed no more. Can't understand how this ...

Upcoming trip - France, Spain, England, Ireland

by Barbara S 20 years ago

Planning for a five week "Eurotour 2001" to begin around Feb 25. The bare bones of it right now: Paris for a few days, rent a car, drive southish near the Atlantic Coast, into Spain, westish to B...

Blake's Hotel, London

by Squid 20 years ago

I am thinking of eating in the restaurant at Blake's Hotel for a Valentine celebration. The decor is cool and romantic, and the menu seems adventorously Asian-fusion. Has anyone ever been? Is it...

London Chinese New Year?

by Helen 20 years ago

Does anyone know what events are planned in Chinatown? Are there any good restaurants offering special banquet menus? Food stalls? Etc.? -H

classic British in London?

by Dan 21 years ago

Planning a trip to London and wondering about the best classic English meals (expensive is fine) and best places for high tea. Also, any cheapish hotel recommendations in London? Not youth hostel...

Indian vegetarian food in london

by Paul Brown 20 years ago

Will be going to London for the first time in February and my new bride and I would love to try authentic Indian vegetarian food. We both love Gujrati as well as Kerala cusine but both being New Yo...

Please help me w London restaurants in February

by Martin 20 years ago

Will be in London for a week in Feb. Please advise on restaurants. Thanks, Simon, for suggesting Sweetings, which I'll book. My other resources besides this site are "Rough Guide to London Restau...

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