13 Healthy Turkey Burgers That Will Make You Forget About Beef

We constantly find ourselves asking the question why no love for turkey burgers? They're cheap, lean, and far healthier than their bovine equivalent. Unfortunately, everyone has probably had at least...

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Thanksgiving turkey, to brine or not?

by oilybase 19 years ago

I'm a turkey roasting virgin, but I'm going to do it this year for a group of friends. Is brining worth the effort?

Thompson Black turkey - can it be done without the meat?

by annab 19 years ago

I am loving these black turkey postings... and am about to embark an event called The Great Turkey Taste Test (more on that later). I'm dying to take a crack at this recipe, however I think I woul...

Let's Talk Turkey...Burgers

by Pappy 19 years ago

All of the recipes I've found call for lots of seasoning, trying to impart some flavor I suppose? Most start out with onions, herbs, spices, soy sauce, worcheshire, etc. Others include pats of go...

truffled turkey

by Doug Mose 19 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for classic truffled turkey. So far, I've only found one -- a James Beard recipe for braised truffled turkey from 1965. Does anyone have any other recipes? Or know a go...

Black Turkey

by M. Allen 19 years ago

I am looking for the recipe for Black Turkey. It is a very involved, time consuming recipe. I have only made it twice, so I can't remember the ingredients. But it makes INCREDIBLE gravy, has to do ...

Smoked turkey temperatures revisited

by Dylan Yolles 19 years ago

I posted recently about smoking a turkey. I ended up brining a six pound turkey breast for eight hours in four quarts of water, with two cups of kosher salt and two cups of sugar. I then rubbed the...

Smoking/roasting turkey, internal temperatures etc

by Dylan Yolles 19 years ago

I'm smoking a turkey for the first time this weekend. I thought I'd use the brine recipe someone posted recently here. I plan to brine the 16lb Turkey for about 18 hours, then slowly smoke it at ab...

Turkey -- It's not just for Thanksgiving

by Pappy 19 years ago

I did a turkey on my Weber Kettle grill last night for the first time, and I was really surprised how easy and convenient this dish is. I started with a frozen Empire Kosher turkey because I unde...

Thompson's Turkey Revisited

by Lew P. 19 years ago

May I add a few more words on Morton Thompson's Turkey? I missed the exchange in early May, but I gather the subject comes back from time to time. In our family we refer to a bird prepared in th...

Has anyone ever made or eaten an Infamous Thompson Turkey?

by ryan 19 years ago

I have included the recipe for this semi-myth below. The paste on the bird turns black, and allegedly seals in all the flavors of the turkey. The skin is peeled away to unveal an absurdly juicy i...

Turkey fryer used for wok?

by Wendy Leonard 19 years ago

I am thinking of getting a turkey fryer after the discussion on this board a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering, has anyone ever used one as a wok cooker? A first-class restaurant wok stove is ...

turkey fryer

by tonya casmo 19 years ago

has anyone just done a turkey breast in the turkey deep fryer or always just a whole turkey?

Black Turkey Report

by Gary Rolin 19 years ago

Just a quick report on the Black Turkey (see link or previous posting for more information.) It really is the only way to make a turkey. I cannot describe the depth of flavor added by preparing t...

If I DO brine my turkey...

by Suzanne Fass 20 years ago

should I reduce the amount of salt or eliminate it altogether? I'll probably use the brine recipe from the link given in the "Virgin Turkey" responses on the General Topics board -- 2 cups of salt...

Cream of turkey soup

by Denise K. 20 years ago

This is for my non-Internet-savvy mother. . . She desperately wants to find a recipe for cream of turkey soup -- NOT cream of chicken with the turkey substituted. The only thing I was able to fi...

West Wing's Turkey cooking lesson

by gordon wing 20 years ago

Last night's episode of the West Wing had a great thread about President Bartlette's obsession with cooking the Thanksgiving turkey....the 15 /17 ingredients in his brine recipe, to stuff the turke...

Deep Fried Turkey - The awesome conclusion

by Shoeman 20 years ago

If you like turkey, but have never eaten/cooked a deep fried one, put it as your chowhound new year resolution. The dark meat becomes crisp and more flavorful. The white meat is moister and tastes ...

Black Turkey

by Gary Rolin 20 years ago

Someone sent me this story a while ago. Since I've read it, I've been curious about it. It is an extremely invloved method for preparing a turkey called the "Black Turkey Recipe." The recipe itse...

Grilling Turkey

by Vital Information 20 years ago

I apologize in advance if this has been covered on the board, but I'm being lazy... Very (very), nervously, Ms. VI is allowing me to cook the turkey this year on the grill. I am pretty confident...

Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey Questions

by Shoeman 20 years ago

I just got back from Home Depot where I purchased a huge stock pot and assembly to deep fry a turkey for the first time. I have a couple of questions: 1. What type of oil should I use? 2. How hot...

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