Trip Planning

Trip planning really means food planning to us. When you're mapping out your route, turn to Chowhounds to help mark the best spots to stop for every meal (plus a few snacks and drinks in between).

Why You Should Always Take a Food Tour When You Travel

Making plans to travel may include things like buying airline tickets, making sure you have your passport, and booking a table at that restaurant everyone Instagrams. However, there is something else...

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Food focused day trip from Venice?

by kosmonautbruce 8 days ago

My wife and I are returning to Venice and the Biennale next month, for a longish stay of 12 days. We benefited so much on our last trip to Venice from the dining recommendations we found here, than...

Lago Maggiore Restaurant Suggestions

by CarolinaQ 6 days ago

We will be staying in Bavenu,near Stressa in a week and would welcome restaurant suggestion around the lake...as well as at and around our next stop Camogli.

Top sushi spot in Tokyo? Recommendations please

by AraEatsTheWorld 7 days ago

Hello - a group of 5 of us (I know it’s a lot and makes it hard for reservations) are going to Tokyo for a few days in December. We are trying to choose a good higher end sushi restaurant for dinne...

Plea For Help With Tokyo Eating

by erica 2 months ago

I will take my first trip to Japan in many decades this May. I'm normally an obsessive researcher when it comes to choosing where to eat but this trip has me feeling like a fish out of water (sorr...

London First Time Trip Itinerary

by jcoves73 11 days ago

Hi everyone. I will be in London for 3 nights in a couple of weeks and wanted to know what you thought of my itinerary or If I should change anything. We will be going to the theater the second and...

3 Dinners in Barcelona - please critique my plan

by LABeam 25 days ago

We are in Barcelona for 3 nights (2 back to back, and one a week later). After much research, current reservations are 1. Enigma, 2. Teoric, 3. Alkimia. Would you make any substitutions?

Need a few dinner recommendations

by lisacope 3 months ago

We'll be in Paris just for a few nights at the end of March staying in the 2nd arr. We've been to Paris a couple of times and we are pretty foody - I'd like to stay in the 75-100 euro range - it'd ...

3 days to eat in Dublin

by foodell 1 month ago

I would love to have one upscale dinner and maybe one upscale lunch that is uniquely Irish. California has lots of French, American, etc. Is there a fine restaurant with an Irish flavor? Can I g...

Solo dining in Milan

by ChowLad 15 days ago

Looking for a suggestion for a late lunch on a Saturday (I have a performance at La Scala in the evening so don’t want to have to rush thru a dinner). I’ll be dining da solo and would like a restau...

Lunch in Monte Carlo

by MisterBill2 10 days ago

I am going to be on a cruise next month with a day in Monte Carlo. We're done the standard tour out of there so I was thinking of just having a nice lunch instead and was looking for advice (there ...

Armando Al Pantheon vs Cesare Al Casaletto

by jcoves73 11 days ago

I have a reservation for a night at both of these restaurants and I need to cancel one. First time in Rome. Which would you recommend? Thanks

French lunch/dinner in Tokyo

by greycomputer 2 months ago

I would love some advice from the CH community on French restaurants using Japanese ingredients and techniques in TOKYO. I'm open to more contemporary or traditional, definitely looking for flavor ...

Best pizza in Naples?

by mdiwan 4 months ago

Title speaks for itself! Best authentic pizza in Napoli? Grazie!

Osteria Delle Tre Panche vs La Giostra

by jcoves73 10 days ago

Anyone ever been to either? which would you go to if you had to pick? Thanks!

Need some help finishing up my restaurant itinerary

by tatuaje68 7 months ago

I am visiting your wonderful city the first week of December for the first time. My main reason for coming to New Orleans is the food. I've done quite a bit of research and have narrowed down most ...

First time in Rome: 3 nights and four days

by jcoves73 1 month ago

Hey everyone. I will be going to Rome for my first time at the end of May. I have reach a bunch of the other posts and appreciate all the recommendations but am slightly overwhelmed all all the opt...

Traditional Dinner in Rome near Piazza Farnese

by adi 11 days ago

Hi Originally I hoped to make reservations at Armando al Pantheon but they don't have availability for 5/24 for 7 people. Any suggestions for a like experience in that general vicinity? TIA Adi

Spring trip to coastal Maine...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Prepping for our return to Maine late in May. We stay in Kennebunkport and travel out from there. What new and interesting culinary news can you share with us? Our travel map ranges from mid-Coast ...

3 days in Dublin next week

by foodell 11 days ago

I will have three dinner and lunches in Dublin next week. Recommendations? Ideally one or two will be upscale, one fish, one or two traditional Irish food. Traditional music ok, but not tour...

Best Cocktail Bars to Try

by LarzKe 11 days ago

I will be spending approximately 6 nights in London and am in need of help to choose some cocktail bars. I am a fan of both traditional cocktails and modern interpretations. I was considering check...