Trip Planning

Trip planning really means food planning to us. When you're mapping out your route, turn to Chowhounds to help mark the best spots to stop for every meal (plus a few snacks and drinks in between).

Why You Should Always Take a Food Tour When You Travel

Making plans to travel may include things like buying airline tickets, making sure you have your passport, and booking a table at that restaurant everyone Instagrams. However, there is something else...

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Spring trip to coastal Maine...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Prepping for our return to Maine late in May. We stay in Kennebunkport and travel out from there. What new and interesting culinary news can you share with us? Our travel map ranges from mid-Coast ...

Family Week in Nantucket

by JENNYBEEAY 3 months ago

Hello Chowhounders. Our family is spending a week in Nantucket next month. There are 6 adults and 4 kids whose ages go from 4-12. We are planning 4 dinners out. Can I get some insiders input on...

Buckwheat free Whistler

by SeleSB 2 months ago

Severely allergic to buckwheat, which is usually an ingredient in Gluten-Free baked goods. Are there any “Gluten Free, Free” bakeries in Whistler? I’m looking for classic pastries (a simple croissa...

Road Trip Recommendations

by maxhuston 2 months ago

I am taking a road trip over labor day from Michigan to New York and to Boston and back and I am doing it off of restaurants with the significant other. Any recommendations would be great!!! Going ...

Unfound Neighborhood Restaurants

by Gastronomos 10 months ago

https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/meritage-wine-bar-review-glen-cove-1.40058114 About Meritage Wine Bar: "...They're really trying to revitalize the downtown area of Glen Cove, an...

2.5 days in Markham

by morewine01 3 months ago

Having spent 35+ years in Toronto we now live in Muskoka and trave(led) extensively. But no travel and no Toronto means our eating adventures for the past 5 months have been limited to what we are...

Current Houston Restaurants

by dctalktexas 3 months ago

I am from the Houston area but I haven’t lived there for 30 years. The restaurant scene is so different from when I lived there I was hoping for some recommendations. We just got back from Oklahoma...


by Dagney 3 months ago

The dreaded Vegas question. Amongst these choices: STK CUT Craftsteak The Golden Steer Vic & Anthony's Bazaar Meats Delmonico's What would you choose for your "big" dinner? Any I hav...

Acapulco, Mexico, Food Trip

by josephml1 2 years ago

I need an advice about where to eat in Acapulco in la costera zona. I need a good for seafood fresh local a good place for breakfast Mexican dishes a good barbacoa open for suggestions for st...

Where to eat and best Luau in Honolulu and Maui?

by josephml1 1 year ago

Hi, I need your advice about where to eat most go, dont miss and a good choice for a Luau with children. I will be in Honolulu, Kaui, Maui, and hilo a day on each Place. On a cruise ship. W...

I Miss Van

by kaleokahu 6 months ago

Just a shout out from a NW WA fan of Van. I'm hurtin' with longing for my favorite places, and despair they they may not not outlast the virus. I am poorer for being away. Someone order a takeou...

Dim Sum Happy Hours in Vancouver

by nevrenuf 3 months ago

Hi, I did a quick search but couldn't find much. Does anyone know where I can look or have info on dim sum happy hours around Vancouver? Here's something I did find though....

Itinerary/restaurant advice for Piemonte, Milan, Modena, and Verona Nov 2019

by bigjppop 1 year ago

Good morning Chowhound Italy lovers. I'm getting ready for a my upcoming trip to Italy (early November 2019). I'll have about 7 days total and my primary reason for traveling is eating and drinking...

BBQ Road Trip

by delight64 1 year ago

Howdy Hounds I am taking my 18yo son on a BBQ road trip of the Deep South ( Austin, Memphis, various smaller cities in Mississippi and ending up in NOLA ) As we are from Melbourne Australia ...

Help locating coconut cake for my birthday

by honeybrook_99 4 months ago

Several years ago I had the most wonderful multiple layer coconut cake at Dickie Brennan’s steakhouse. I was told by the GM it was made for them by a local bakery. We are headed back for my birthda...

Latest Marin Country recommendations

by Headlands 4 months ago

Hi all, I grew up in Marin but am unfamiliar with the best restaurants because I haven't lived there in 25 years. :-) Going there this coming weekend and want to know what the latest and grea...

Crete, Santorini, and Athens recommendations please!

by loveyournoms 1 year ago

Hi folks! I'm very excited to be going on my first international trip this May, for our honeymoon! We're landing late at night at Heraklion, and taking a cab to our hotel in Rethymno, where we'l...

Where to Eat in and Around Denver

by dcbbq 8 months ago

We'll be in Denver a coupe of days this summer before going on to Vail, and a couple of more days after. Where to eat? We're open to 'most anything and at all price points below the top rung ($$$...

Japan experts, need advice for a Jan trip there.

by Belkisw 4 months ago

Chowhounders who know Japan well, looking for some advice. As the eternal optimists, we want to start planning a January trip to Japan. On our last trip which was in the spring a few years ago, we ...

Looking for Durango Restaurant Recommendations

by DFWBuff 4 months ago

Will have the whole family in Durango for a month. We appreciate good food. Would appreciate any recommendations.