Trip Planning

Trip planning really means food planning to us. When you're mapping out your route, turn to Chowhounds to help mark the best spots to stop for every meal (plus a few snacks and drinks in between).

Why You Should Always Take a Food Tour When You Travel

Making plans to travel may include things like buying airline tickets, making sure you have your passport, and booking a table at that restaurant everyone Instagrams. However, there is something else...

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Easter Sunday and Monday in Rome

by AWG 10 days ago

I am arriving in Rome on Easter Sunday and spending 5 nights there. We are staying near the Jewish Ghetto. Prefer dinners close to our home base. For Tuesday through Thursday I have decided on Pipe...

Dayton OH

by rtv 11 days ago

Its been over a year since any posts about Dayton. Planning a visit soon. Any restaurants that fit the category "if you have only one dinner in Dayton this is the place"? (any tips on hotels are...

Where to Eat near I-95

by dcbbq 2 months ago

Ten years ago there were a number of discussions about non-chain places to eat close enough to I-95 to be realistic options. There have been few discussions since then, even though I-95 is as crow...

Taste of Paris

by TrishUntrapped 17 days ago

While checking out events that are happening in Paris in our upcoming visit in May, I discovered the Taste of Paris event which is happening at the Grand Palais. At first blush, it sounds fun. Has ...

New Haven, esp on Sun.

by Joanie 1 month ago

Going to New Haven on Feb. 15 and 16 and finding that a lot of places are closed on Sun. Was thinking that would be a good day for slightly nicer food since Sat. we'll be hitting diners, dogs and j...

Best Restaurant for Dungeness Crab

by honeybrook_99 17 days ago

Hi again! I have been told we will be missing crab season on our vacation in July but it was suggested that great crab can still be had- if we chose the right restaurant. One maybe with live tanks?...

Paris restaurants/boulangeries/marches

by smaointe 29 days ago

Going to Paris this May for 8 nights (broken up by a weekend visit to Strasbourg). Celebrating my 40th bday year, which happens to be next month. There will be three of us. I've built up a list of ...

Paris Restaurant Similar to Montreal's L'Express

by LNF 18 days ago

Hi All, I'm travelling to Paris in March and staying in the 11th district (but willing travel for a good meal). Has anyone eaten at Montreal's L'Express? I'm hoping to find a place with a similar ...

Gluten-Free in Venice Restaurant Suggestions

by Pamdixon1 17 days ago

Venice with thirteen old celiac Granddaughter in June. She eats sushi but no other fish (yet). Pasta, bread help.

Best Dungeness Crab Meal

by honeybrook_99 26 days ago

Hi all- we will be visiting in early July- is fresh dungeness still available? Where is the best place to experience it? TIA.

English Bay and Gastown Recommendations?

by kaleokahu 30 days ago

My wife and I are staying in Van for two nights. Our hotel is on English Bay. On a prior trip we discovered Red Umbrella, so I think we're fixed for breakfasts. That leaves 2 dinners and lunche...

Flagstaff, AZ

by mikecho 5 months ago

We are going to the Grand Canyon South Rim. I know there isn't much to eat in the village in the tourist area. We are staying in Flagstaff in the evenings. Any recommendation for good local food. I...

Dinner in Monterey

by engred 21 days ago

I will be in Monterey this weekend and am looking for a chow-worthy dinner spot. It doesn't need to be fancy, just good! I searched here but the posts are pretty old. Looking forward to trying Al...

Late November lunch spot in Liguria

by nicwil1120 6 months ago

My husband and I will have have one day of our late November trip to Italy dedicated to driving -- something we have to do to make our itinerary work. We'll wake up in Siena early on Monday 11/25 a...

Lunch Recommendations, please and thank you!

by MissMarleygirl 26 days ago

Hello Chowhounders! I have used Chowhound for many years, but mostly to help us plan our most recent European trips (France, Italy, Sicily, Portugal and Spain) and have found it tremendously hel...

French or Italian upscale restaurants near University of Pittsburgh

by meshfoodlvr 1 month ago

Looking for suggestions for upscale restaurants to take my college grad to dinner with family (total of 10) after Pitt graduation at end of April 2020. Must rely on uber/lyft for transportation....

Wilmington updates?

by ksbee 29 days ago

Am planning a short trip to Wilmington in February, and it looks like all of the posts are about 6 years old. Many mention Catch and Caprice Bistro - are there any updates on great food? Am thinkin...

Taking a winter trip to The Beltway...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

It is actually one of several trips we take each year to D.C. and environs to catch up with friends, family, cultural sites. While we have favorite dining spots in the area, what's new and interest...

CDMX and Oaxaca

by getgot211 28 days ago

Hello everyone, have a trip planned soon and will be in CDMX for a couple weeks with a weekend in Oaxaca. Plan on hitting a lot of familiar spots but also looking to try places I haven't been or ne...

Best Dungeness Crab Meal

by honeybrook_99 26 days ago

Hi all- we will be visiting in early July- is fresh dungeness still available? Where is the best place to experience it? TIA.