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Dobosh Torte in Rhode Island??

by karlssoni 13 years ago

I was raised on Dobosh Torte in California and New York. I have been unable to find a source in the 38 years I have lived in Rhode Island. Can anybody help?

Instant Linzer Torte

by Niki Rothman 14 years ago

This is almost too good to be true. Walker's shortbread, spread with marzipan, top with best quality raspberry preserves and refrigerate to firm up. The most delicious thing I've eaten in a while.

Do You Have a Linzer Torte Recipe?

by Niki Rothman 14 years ago

I've bought the almond paste and the raspberry preserves and I'm only intimidated by the lattice top crust. So I'm ready - let's have your favorite linzer torte recipe. It IS my absolute favorite d...

pischinger torte

by barlev 14 years ago

My late father-in-law used to purchase this chocolate wafer torte at Eclair Bakery, which I do not believe it around anymore. Anyone know of a place where it can currently be purchased? Thanks . ...

Hazelnut torte recipe for Chowfun Derek

by oakjoan 14 years ago

Here's Jamie Oliver's Hazelnut Torte recipe. Excuse any weird typos, I scanned it from the cookbook....a VERY large book Preheat the oven to 375°F. Butter an 11-inch loose-bottomed tart pan or 1...

Linzer Torte--Lower Westchester/Bronx

by Ruth 14 years ago

Does anyone know of a great place to buy a linzer torte in lower Westchester or the Bronx? I'm going to bring one to a party tonight and I'd rather not make it! Thanks.

Craving Linzer Torte in SF or Northern Penninsula

by Niki Rothman 14 years ago

Seen any? Please report.

"Truffles and Tortes" Plymouth MN

by Alice 14 years ago

This place is in the same strip mall as Tea House, only now they are open until 8pm, at least on Saturday nights, so we finally got to try it when we went to Tea House. So good, the best patisseri...

The plum torte... and a plum crumble.

by km 15 years ago

Marian Burros has a piece on fall cooking in Wednesday's NYT Dining & Wine section. The accompanying recipes include the one for her original plum torte (made famous on this board by galleygirl) ...

European Cakes/Tortes in Calgary/Canmore/Banff?

by sunnyside 15 years ago

I was wondering whether anyone knows of a good bakery/patisserie in Calgary, Canmore or Banff that makes European cakes such as Blackforest cake or Sachertorte.


by SpongeBobSquarePegs 15 years ago

Just returned from Vienna where we indulged in the best. Anyone seen it here and found a good one?

Italian Almond Torte

by Peter 15 years ago

Where can I find a great one in Manhattan? I am craving one!

Fantasy Torte

by howie 15 years ago

I live Max's Fantasy Torte and would lke to bake one. Any recipes? Thanks.

Pie vs. Tart vs. Torte??

by Emme 16 years ago

So, I know that a pie is generally baked in a shell or a crust of some sort, with one or two crusts. There are tarts that can be one-layered open-faced, or mini ones that resemble little pies. ...

Pesach dessert idea--Sacher Torte

by DeisCane 16 years ago

My mother-in-law made a pesadich sacher torte this year, and it was truly delicious. Because a sacher torte has so little flour in its normal form, the pesadich version was very authentic. Someth...

Lithuanian Bakery / Torte?

by BigOTeetoe 16 years ago

Being a transplant from Omaha, where there is a Lithuanian Bakery. I was wondering if there was such a place in SF (or at least a place that sells Lithuanian tortes)? I am not Lithuanian so I don't...

Dobosh Torte

by Bob Libkind 16 years ago

Anyone know where a fine Dobosh Torte may be obtained (not the cardboard stuff you get from Midwestern mail order purveyors). Manhattan preferred, but Brooklyn okay.

What's the different between a torte and a cake?

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

So most torte recipe I see and taste ends up just like a cake. So why is something called a torte?

THAT (Budino's) apricot torte - excellent dairy-free recipe (good for Passover too)

by Katerina 17 years ago

This recipe was sent to me by Budino when I requested ideas for dairy-free baked desserts. I made the torte yesterday and it's fantastic. To be able to share it with you, I have changed the wordin...

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