Tofu vs Tempeh: These Meat Alternatives Are Both Soy Good

Even if you lust for a bloody burger once in a while, you've likely dipped a toe into the world of meat alternatives and plant-based protein, including these two popular soy products. But what is the...

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Good source for tofu making ?

by oferl 6 years ago

Tokyo or Kyoto, recommended places to buy high quality coagulants, molds and other intersting gadgets, prefferebly of course at good prices ? Thanks

Doufu Nao from Z&Y [San Francisco]

by soupçon 7 years ago

I was unaware until informed by a friend the other day that Z&Y Restaurant has a Sichuan version of doufu nao (lit. "tofu brains") on its menu, hiding under the name "Silky Tofu With House Spicy Sa...

fried tofu

by newmarket2 7 years ago

I've been stir-frying tofu chunks for protein, primarily with bok choy. I want to experiment with frying/sauteing bigger chunks of tofu as a main course protein. And while that crispy exterior an...

Yuba - Creative Dishes Using Tofu Skin

by eatingjoy 7 years ago

While shopping for supplies at the Asian market I picked up Yuba for the first time. I plan to begin with a simple cut and deep fry for a weekend dinner salad but wondered about other uses. htt...

dried tofu in center city or easy commute

by Bride of the Juggler 7 years ago

Where can I find dried tofu (freeze dried japanese product)? Whole foods doesn't have it and it seems maido market closed in narberth and never reopened in ardmore? If no one knows for sure, I will...

Ma Po Tofu / Mapo Doufu - The very best recipe you've ever made

by Breadcrumbs 8 years ago

I LOVE Mapo Doufu. It's a dish I never tire of...ever. It's the one dish I could eat morning, noon and night, day after day. That said, though I love to cook and I like nothing better than exper...

*May 2009* COTM Cradle of Flavor: Tempeh, Tofu, and Eggs

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 12 years ago

**May 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Cradle of Flavor: Home Cooking from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore by James Oseland. Please post your full-length reviews of recipes ...

artisan tofu makers

by kare_raisu 15 years ago

are there any existent in the us? or miso for that matter

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