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Points, Flats, and Packers: What's the Difference Between Brisket and Texas Brisket?

Maybe you've never wondered, What is the difference between brisket and Texas brisket?—maybe you didn't even know there were multiple types of brisket. But there is a difference, and it's all in the...

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Dim Sum and Chinese food in Austin

by Jbies 20 years ago

There are basically three restaurants serving Dim Sum in Austin at this point; Tien Hong 8301 Burnet Rd. (at the corner of Burnet and Olin) 512/458-2263 TNS 10014 North Lamar 512/339-8434 Tw...

Sunflower Downhill alert

by JBies 20 years ago

Sadly, the quality of the cooking at Sunflower Vietnamese restaurant in Austin has declined. Whether from the stress of popularity or just inattention is hard to say. I'm in the process of lookin...

Anything decent in Waco???

by Tom G 20 years ago

Stuck in Waco for a few days...Is there anything good to eat in this town????

West Texas Suggestions?

by David Cook 20 years ago

I'll be heading out to El Paso at Xmas time. Are there any good suggestions for a place to eat around the Fort Stockton area? That's usually about the time we get hungry on the trip. For that ma...

smoked turkeys

by Jenji 20 years ago

I heard an NPR story around Christmas time about a guy in Texas who makes the most fantastic smoked turkeys in the country. Has anyone heard of him? Where is he? Does he send smoked turkeys thro...

Carnitas in El Paso

by David Cook 20 years ago

Just got back from visiting my sister in El Paso and managed to have 1 really good chowhound meal that's worth passing on -- Carnitas Querrotaro. Pork carnitas cooked just right, beef or lamb barba...

Liberty Noodles and Korean restaurants in Houston

by worldlyman 20 years ago

This pan-Asian trendy fusion restaurant is located in the Rice Hotel downtown. My take on this place is this so far. I tried the "Korean rice bowl." The quantity is very huge, I'll say that much....

Vietnamese sandwiches in San Antonio

by Roxy 20 years ago

Can anyone tell me where to get banh mi in San Antonio? They're made up of pate, mayo, and veggies on French baguettes.

Bad news in Houston/ 3 restaurants burned!

by Sammie 20 years ago

Bad news for patrons of Montrose blvd restaurants, in 3 weeks there have been 3 fires! The first was the Sierra Grill in the 4800 block of Montrose, that fire was intentionally set. Just last night...

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin

by worldlyman 20 years ago

In downtown Houston, this offering from Dallas offers the best tuna steak sandwich I've ever had in quite awhile. It's a bit more moist than the ones I've had over at places like Joe's Crabshack or...

Good food around the Galleria

by bottomless pit 20 years ago

I'd like some recs of restaurants around the Galleria. I'll be in town for a conference @ the end of October. Any type of food, but ethnic is preferred. Thanks!

Cheesy Jane's

by Helen R 20 years ago

New burger place on Broadway across from Earl Abel's is the real thing - juicy burgers, great chili, fries, and onion rings. Zippy 50's decor. Buns are feather soft. Really worth checking out.

Good food in/near Dallas-Fort Worth airport?

by Eric Jensen 20 years ago

Hi all, I'm going to be at a meeting this weekend in the Dallas Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel, but I'm hoping to get out for some good chow on Friday and Saturday evenings. I've browsed the past ...

Luscious, crispy barbacoa torta

by Phil 20 years ago

I'm assuming it's real head meat, cuz ordinary beef doesn't act this way. The torta de barbacoa at La Mexicana bakery is something else. They bake their own bread - a significant plus, hence the ot...

looking for "Table Grill" asian restaurant...

by David M. Nash 20 years ago

Greetings All, I used to live in Orange County, Calif. and frequented a restaurant there in Cypress called the Genghis Khan. It's forte was that it was a buffet that featured raw meats & veggies t...

Texas Barbecue

by Dom McGrath 20 years ago

Now, I don't spend a lot of time in Texas. (Let's just call it a personal preference.) But driving through last year I stopped at a roadside place between 10-50 miles west of Dallas (on I-20). W...

Indonesian food in Houston

by worldlyman 20 years ago

Mata Hari on Dairy Ashford just a couple miles north of Westheimer. The Indonesian General Consulate of Houston also supposedly has an open cafeteria on the weekends. And Tai Pei restaurant on ...

New Mexican Find in Austin

by Greg Spence 20 years ago

I just had lunch at a Mexican meat market / grocery / lunch counter called El Michoacan on East 7th street about 10 blocks east of the interstate. You pay 5 bucks at the checkout line for a lunch ...

good chow in dallas

by Jane 20 years ago

i'm a new yorker who gets the shakes if i have to venture west of the hudson river. however, i'm visiting dallas in a couple of weeks and need help!!! aside from sonny bryan's and prince of hambu...

Midnight in El Paso

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

I'm going to be in El Paso next Friday for just a few hours, but I need to eat very very well since I'll be headed to Silver City for a few days, stuck hundreds of miles from the nearest edible ...

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