The Ultimate Guide to Charcuterie

From humble beginnings often come magnificent ends. Case in point: charcuterie. You might have a vague sense that charcuterie refers to “sausages and things;” you might even be aware of how to pronounce...

November 2010 COTM: WOLFERT- Meats, plus Terrines and Cassoulet

by smtucker 11 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss WOLFERT: WOLFERT: Meats, plus Terrines and Cassoulet recipes. When posting your review, include the source. If the source is a book, include the book name and page...

How creatively do you use your Pillivuyt?

by damiano 3 years ago

I've long been an admirer of French porcelain, having some items in rotation for over 15 years now. I used to buy (German) Arzberg but have switched to the French brand Pillivuyt some years ago. ...

Terrine starter but what for entree?

by akdad 3 years ago

Wishing to make this lamb terrine as a starter with (gin) martinis for a dinner party. What do I follow this act with? It’s so rich, any meat or even fish seems too heavy, but going vegetarian afte...

What to do with my new cast iron terrine?

by damiano 5 years ago

So, a great deal came up on this Staub enameled cast iron black terrine. It was bought in Belgium but it is the same as this one http://www.amazon.com/Staub-Terrine-1-5-L-Black/dp/B000S6F3PI Any...

ISO: pâté & terrine cookbook

by biggreenmatt 6 years ago

Hi, all! The title pretty much sums it up. I'm aware of the Reynaud books, but the reviews I've seen haven't been exactly flattering. Love to get my hands on a fantastic, old school cookbook o...

pate/terrine recipe needed

by eLizard 13 years ago

I just got my LC terrine, and I'm looking to make a forcemeat in it. Any tried and trues you'd be willing to share? And any idea where a girl can find fatback in Boston?

Terrine Maison

by AubWah 7 years ago

Just returned from France and sampled many "terrine maison". Who is turning out the real deal in NYC?

cooked gefilte fish terrine can I freeze it? and how do I defrost it?

by shayla715 7 years ago

I cooked too much gefilte fish terrine, using pike and whitefish but I do not know if I can freeze it and if it will still be good.

L'Ami jean pork terrine

by Heeney 8 years ago

Ate there last week and they left a terrine at the table to start. So incredible. Now we are a world away from Paris and craving it. Any idea of the recipe? Can't find it anywhere. It was sligh...

Bring foie gras terrine back to CA?

by bobabear 8 years ago

Hi chowhounders - from previous threads, I was able to find that Eataly sells 1lb of Hudson Valley foie gras terrine! Thanks for that. Now I'm wondering if i'm supposed to keep the terrine cold ...

Le Cresuet Pate Terrine questions

by jljohn 8 years ago

Hi, I'm thinking of picking up an LC Terrine for multi-purpose use: pate, bread, meatloaf, roasting pears/apples, etc. To that end, I've been watching ebay, and I have a few questions that I'm ...

Le Creuset pate terrine

by ctl98 14 years ago

Aside from pate, what else do you use this for? I got one for Xmas and I need some ideas.

Making a Grilled Vegetable Terrine using Agar..

by bmrodriguez10 9 years ago

Should I dissolve the Agar Agar in Tomato Juice, or separately in water first?

Terrine / Pate - How long does it keep / is it worth the trouble?

by echoclerk 9 years ago

I've always wanted to try making Terrines at home but ... Is it worth the trouble? There are just the two of us at home so it would probably take us ages to get through it. - unless I was c...

Pork Terrine in KC

by wmkwhite 9 years ago

In KC (Westport/Plaza Area) and wondered if anyone was making a good terrine? Ate at The Boot last night and the bartender mentioned that The Rieger does a pork terrine, and their online menu confi...

Terrine mold for my birthday--send me your favorite recipes!

by nofunlatte 9 years ago

the birthday angel known as my sister gifted me with a Le Creuset terrine dish (0.8 l). So, if you have a favorite recipe to share, I'd be most appreciative! I'd love to try out this baby in the ...

Place with good charcuterie (bonus points for great terrine!)

by Rafie 9 years ago

Looking for a dinner joint tonight with good meat boards. Bonus points if said meat boards include great terrines and/or pate....and offers good cocktails, to boot. I've had good charcuteri...

CHALLENGE - possible to make a terrine or pate with leftover cooked duck and ham, plus raw livers?

by lankyFool 9 years ago

I have the following left over from a Christmas feast and was wondering if I can put them together to form a terrine or pate. I realize that such things are usually constructed from raw ingredient...

Death of shared cheese at Sardi's in NY; why can't US serve shared terrine's, Amuse Buche items like the French?

by gingershelley 10 years ago

My last dinner at Le Regelade St. Honore branch, started as it always does, with the lovely house course terrine of Pate and bread brought out to us to enjoy while we decided on our meal.... The t...