6 Simple Ways to Make the Best Tea Ever

Morning, afternoon, or evening, it’s never a bad time for a steaming, soothing cup of tea. (Mother’s Day brunch might be the best time of all.) Whether your penchant is for a caffeine-free herbal tisane...

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Boil milk in the new stainless steel kettle before first use?

by HLing 12 years ago

I've seen it here and there, and probably not just for stainless steel, but metal in general. Can someone tell me the logic behind it? (I have heard that milk is DEATH for those beautiful crystal...

burned le creuset kettle...safe?

by oystersallday 12 years ago

so i left a kettle burning and now my friend has convinced me that it is unsafe to use. i never would have thought of this. anyone know the deal about burned pots/pans--or in this case le creuset i...

The paint on my Le Creuset kettle is peeling.

by littlegreenpea 13 years ago

Has anyone had this problem? We've only had it for a couple of years, and now the paint is starting to chip off of the bottom; it's starting to cake onto the burners.

Please. Help me save my kettles.

by rockyraccoon07 13 years ago

I'd like to refinish the insides of a couple of old water kettles. Both have chipped enamel, one has a leak because of it and the other one has this brown paint-like mystery stuff stuck to the bot...

Water Kettle

by coachof2 13 years ago

My calphalon kettle has died and they are no longer making them,,,, I need a new whistling kettle with stay cool handle that doesn't spill but don't want to spend $100 Any recommendations?

Got any Tips for Polishing up an Old Stainless Steel Kettle?

by niki rothman 13 years ago

I was given a beautiful heavy stainless steel kettle as a wedding present (a very long time ago). It still works fine despite being forgotten, and then boiling until it's dry, and then sitting empt...

Kettle with temperature control

by EclecticEater 14 years ago

I bought an Aero Press Coffee Maker and they recommend using water that is 165 to 175 degrees. Rather than use a thermometer every time and try to guage the correct temperature, I would like to fi...

dumb question about whistling kettle

by roy 14 years ago

I just bought a Le Creuset whistling kettle. Expensive. Problem: it hardly ever whistles! I can't see there's more than one way to put the stopper in, so I just can't imagine what I might be do...

best tea kettle? - reposted (originally on "not about food")

by wow i'm a dog 15 years ago

i recently discovered that our le creuset tea kettle (we have this one: http://www.cooking.com/products/shprodde.asp?SKU=107757 ) is all rusty inside. since i'm not sure if this may be a warranty m...

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