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How to cut sweet potatoes easily

by nickblesch 3 years ago

Hey all, I love sweet potatoes and I love using them in various dishes, but - let's be honest - they're a giant pa...


seefoo commented 2 months ago

Best way to bake a sweet potato in the oven?

by LA 14 years ago

to foil or not to foil? what temp is best? and for how long? I know that it depends on the oven, but general recs wou...


banosk commented 6 months ago

Why didn't my sweet potato fries get crispy??!!

by Suzie 12 years ago

I tossed them in olive oil and cooked them in a 400 oven. They became mushy, stuck to the foil, burnt on the side on...


K_Brigham commented 8 months ago

Extra Sweet Potato Mash ~ Ideas?

by christiewhit 8 months ago

What would you do with 2 cups of mashed sweet potatoes? Tell me your creative ideas!


eclecticsynergy commented 8 months ago

White spots appearing on sweet potatoes [right before my eyes! ] . . .

by mike2401 5 years ago

I know I must appear frightened by sweet potatoes but this really freaked me out: I cut into this sweet potato and...


mponce713 commented 11 months ago

I Can Only "Bumble" a "Crumble" Topping. Help!

by JasperRabbit 1 year ago

I've tried making a crumble topping for my sweet potatoes a few times now to no avail. I'm thinking of something tha...


saregama commented 1 year ago

Sweet Potatoes with Bacon?

by DuffyH 1 year ago

Hi everyone, Because I hate that cloying sweet potato casserole, I'm always looking for ways to change things up b...


rasputina commented 1 year ago

Sweet potato and food processor?

by Conundrums 1 year ago

I have arthritis and am thinking of buying a food processor, especially Cuisinart. Would a good food processor be abl...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Where can I find purple sweet potatoes near Orlando?

by Hollandaise 2 years ago

By Longwood or Lake Mary? They're also called Okinawan or Hawaiian, they're purple on the inside and whitish on the o...


VWRobin commented 2 years ago

Sous Vide Whole Sweet Potatoes?

by zackly 3 years ago

Can I cook whole, skin on potatoes or sweet potatoes in a water bath? I'm thinking of dumping the 5# box of sweet pot...


michaeleriley commented 2 years ago

How long do cooked sweet potatoes last?

by forzagto 7 years ago

I love sweet potatoes but they take a while to cook. Was hoping I could put 4-5 in the microwave Sunday night and th...


eriemoto2011 commented 2 years ago

Do I need to reheat sweet potatoes before mashing?

by JanRan 2 years ago

I baked and peeled the sweet potatoes, but don't have time to mash and finish them today. Tomorrow I'll mash them wi...


JanRan commented 2 years ago

Sweet potato fries -- when did it start and where??

by GG Mora 15 years ago

Just doing a little research, trying to track down the origins. When was the first time you had Sweet Potato Fries, a...


meetoo001 commented 2 years ago

Sweet potato in microwave started smoking! Why?

by Howard_2 2 years ago

A friend told me she'd tried to cook a sweet potato in a microwave, and it turned into a chunk of carbon, so natural...


Wtg2Retire commented 2 years ago

Soggy oven-baked sweet potato fries

by miamivores 2 years ago

I made some sweet potato fries using the following recipe: 2 sweet potatoes 1 tablespoon olive oil 15g melted bu...


Dorro commented 2 years ago

How to reproduce Dr. Praeger's Spinach / Sweet Potato Pancakes at home?

by fr1p 6 years ago

Hey there, Hounds. As a recent dad, I've been pretty pleased that my infant son has taken a liking to Dr. Praeger'...


Dorro commented 2 years ago

Is there Fiber?

by KeepOurFreedoms 2 years ago

I'm trying to eat healthier, so I make sweet potato soup with onions, garlic, red bell pepper, cumin, pepper, and a t...


mcf commented 2 years ago

Green center of boiled and stored sweet potatoes - bad?

by CNX 2 years ago

Hi everyone, first post here. It is hard to believe, but after 43 years I just recently discovered sweet potatos. ...


EM23 commented 2 years ago

Sweet Potato fries

by tim irvine 4 years ago

I have never really enjoyed sweet potato fries that much, but I just heated some Alexia sweet potato fries for someon...


512window commented 2 years ago

Help With Sweet Potato Recipe!

by nezzie 3 years ago

Looking for a simple but MEMORABLE SWEET POTATO RECIPE that my one VEGAN guest can enjoy on Thanksgiving. I can simp...


momof5x commented 3 years ago

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