The Knife Swap You Need To Peel Ginger Way Better

To peel ginger or not to peel ginger — that is the question. Or it would be if there wasn't a foolproof peeling method for the often cumbersome root. While there is some argument about whether you need to peel ginger at all — just like there are many similar conversations about which vegetables need peeling and which ones don't – discarding the peel of ginger will offer you a smoother texture in your dishes. And with a method that makes the ginger peeling process so easy, you won't have any need to leave the often-dirty and coarse peel on anyway.


If you're peeling pretty much anything else, you need either a knife or a dedicated peeler. But with ginger, all you need is a humble spoon. Scraping away the skin of your ginger with the concave face of the spoon is not only much easier than using a knife, but you will also save much, much more ginger that would have been cut away using a knife or peeler. Scraping the skin away is simple, and it leaves you with clean, bare ginger to use however you please.


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A blank slate for your cooking needs

Once your ginger is peeled, prepping it for whatever use you need is simple. Finely chopping your ginger is made easier by peeling it and giving it a decent press with the broad side of a knife. As well, you can prep peeled ginger for julienning by breaking off smaller ginger knobs and cutting them into square-edged blocks. Like other kitchen hacks, this method is the definition of how to work smarter in your kitchen to make delicious dishes with no stress at all.


As luck would have it, you can use ginger in a plethora of recipes, from juices and teas to sauces, and of course, in wonderfully aromatic main courses. Once you start peeling ginger this way, you may feel the urge to try out some fun recipes using the root. The peppery spice is used to great effect in this recipe for honey soy marinated chicken thighs. Or you could try a fascinating Cantonese ginger chicken jook. Ultimately, you're free to explore the wonders of using ginger with just the simple use of a spoon.