What Is the Difference Between Corned Beef And Pastrami?

Have you ever been sitting at a deli and thought, “What is the difference between corned beef and pastrami?” Yeah, me too. When I was younger, I feel like I tried to get to the bottom of it. I was familiar...

White deposit on non-stick pan after steamed kale

by borisabrams 24 days ago

hey, pretty self explanatory title. I put some baby kale in a nonstick pan, added a splash of water, covered it and when as soon as i took the unseasoned kale out the pan, i noticed there was this ...

What's the gunk left in the pot when cooking whole lobster and crabs?

by reedux 2 months ago

I don't mean the tomalley in the carcasses. when steaming a pot of lobster or crabs, there's always this thick white/yellow/green gunk left behind in the pot. always wondered what it was, and if ...

Steaming Frozen Shrimp: Thaw First or Cook from Frozen?

by damian 7 years ago

I never plan ahead enough to defrost in the fridge. The choices are to thaw under running water, or steam from frozen. Which tastes better, in your experience? Bonus question: For thawing unde...

Rice cookers... a revelation?

by Idas 6 years ago

HI, I have been researching getting a stainless ricecooker (to avoid aluminum and non-stick chemicals) and almost bought a Buffalo smart cooker. Then I went to our Auntie's house for dinner and s...

Cooking at higher temps bad for your health?

by newbiefor1 2 years ago

What Temperatures are we talking about here? I never burn my food but I like to bake chicken at 400 and up and I like to cook my steaks on high heat on the grill and.. I like to use my broiler... ...

Steamed meat

by paykhe22 2 years ago

Has anyone steamed ground beef before? Is it as simple as putting it in a steamer and covering it?

What is the best way to cook pastrami for a sandwich??

by MiaSmash 6 years ago

I usually grill pastrami (&corned beef) for our hot pastrami sandwiches and reubens on a flat top at work, I feel it's tastiest. However, the other cook steams it. What is the difference between gr...

March 2009/July 2012 COTM Fish Without a Doubt: Poaching, Steaming, & Boiling

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 10 years ago

**March 2009 Cookbook of the Month** is Fish Without a Doubt by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore Please post your full-length reviews of recipes for poaching, steaming, and boiling here. Please men...

How to cook frozen steam buns

by hlbones 13 years ago

I got some frozen steam buns in Chinatown and tried to cook them. I steamed them in a bamboo steamer (over a wok); one for 15 minutes, the other for 20. I guess they came out done, but in both case...

Stuffed Peppers - pre cooking peppers

by michaeljc70 7 years ago

I usually make my stuffed peppers by cooking them wrapped in foil for 15 in the oven to help soften them. I then stuff them with cooked stuffing (rice, pork, etc). I am wondering if microwaving t...

How long to steam daikon cake from grocery store

by learntocookchinese 3 years ago

I bought this from Ranch 99. I don't know if it's cooked or not (anyone know?). Last time, I sauteed on the stove and it turned out pretty good. This time, I'm thinking of steaming in my Instant...

Cookware for Healthy Eating

by drrayeye 4 years ago

About two years ago, I set out to do most of my cooking at home, to improve my health through a more balanced diet--difficult when I ate out so much. Without formal dieting or exercise, I lost 45 ...

"Until Clams Open"

by lamb_da_calculus 6 years ago

I'm learning how to cook clams and have been steaming them. Virtually every recipe uses some form of the "until open" instruction, and I'd like to check that I'm interpreting this correctly. Doe...

Spruce up frozen steamed vegetables

by chowhormones 4 years ago

Due to time constraints lately, I've been preparing lots of frozen vegetables by steaming. We eat it as a side (not adding to main dishes). I normally do broccoli, or spinach, or peas, or brussels ...

Steaming--can you flavor things?

by JonL 4 years ago

I'm using a steel steamer -- a deep pot with a perforated 'basket' that sits atop with a glass lid on top of the whole rig. Unlike something like mussels steamed in wine where the mussels actual...

Steaming Hot Dog Buns at Home

by tdmort 8 years ago

I am having friends over for dinner today for Chicago Style Dogs. We are excited to attempt this at home as wel went on a road trip to Chicago recently and fell in love with the dogs. I have all ...

Steam, don't boil those hard cooked eggs.

by starkoch 8 years ago

I learned this tip from a foodie friends of mine. She heard about steaming eggs rather than boiling them to make them easier to peel. I experimented with steaming them also and will never go back...

Is it possible to steam milk w/o an espresso machine?

by BabyLitigator 12 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for steamed milk, and I was wondering if there was a way of doing it without acquiring a cappucino machine?

healthy way of seasoning/cooking brown rice

by yum 13 years ago

i love brown rice and was wondering if anyone has a great recipe for a more flavorful and tasty but still really healthy way of cooking/steaming brown rice? thanks for your help!

frozen crab legs

by Val G 18 years ago

A quick crabby query... I bought some frozen snow crab legs. Should I thaw before steaming them? Is there a trick to cooking them so that the meat slides easily out of the shell?

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