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Stainless steel cookware is a kitchen essential: Discuss where to buy it, what brand to get, which pans you need, how to clean it, and more.

8 Places in Your Kitchen You Didn't Know You Can Clean with Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the unsung heroes of the cleaning world. Seriously, there are so many things you can clean with vinegar, both in the kitchen and all around the house (even your deck!), and the best...

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knife sharpening

by foodsnob 18 years ago

I have not been able to find a good knife sharpener in my area so I decided to take things into my own hands. I do have a few questions: First: what is best for my knives, a stone, an electric sha...

amazon sale on sabatier knife sets - question

by pineapple 18 years ago

i just read the thread about this sale on amazon and would love to order a set, even if they are not as high quality as the original french sabatiers. can people who have ordered these weigh in...

Amazing Sabatier Knives Sale at Amazon

by Jim Leff 18 years ago

Amazon has up to 92% off (!!) on some Sabatier cutlery through 12/31. It's weird...they're marketing it badly...Amazon says "save up to 75%", but you'll notice the top sellers list includes items...

Anybody have a good knife sharpening service (Seattle)?

by The Loaf 18 years ago

I'm pretty fanatical about sharp knives and sharpen them myself usually. But I've got an old carving knife that needs reshaping and I want it done right. Thank you.

Japanese Knives

by LaryS 18 years ago

Does anyonr knoe a good place in LA to buy good quality sahimi knives?

Furi knives

by Dbird 18 years ago

I went to Broadway Panhandler today prepared to buy a Global 8.25" and just did not like the flat blade and the long handle. I am sure I could get used to both but I tried the Furi and it just felt...

Electric Carving Knives?

by Slow Foodie 18 years ago

I have some nice carving knives but I also have some arthritis in my hands so I'm not really looking forward to dissecting the boid. My husband lacks the dexterity and enthusiasm for such a task s...

Advise on knife sharpening in LA

by kairous1 18 years ago

I posed a thread in the LA food section but I think my post might be better suited here. I'm in the LA area and would like to know what is the best method to sharpen my Wusthof knives. I was thi...

knife sharpening...what to buy and where?

by kairous1 18 years ago

I need help/advice on what to buy for sharpening my Wusthof knives and where (either on line or in LA area) to buy sharpeners at best prices. Thanks.

Potts knives in US

by Westy 18 years ago

All: I notice that in earlier posts re: excellent chef's knives that the Potts knives were considered by some to be among the best, but were unobtainable here in the US. Surfing the Net, I found a ...


by WellFedRed 18 years ago

While scanning here read the below thread on W-S. I am getting married soon and registered there for these Japanese knives whose name escapes me that Bourdain had raved of in his book & other chef...

Lemongrass knife

by Fritz 18 years ago

Hi. I need to get a new knife, a very good one even if it's priced dearly. The main purpose will be for chopping off a few inches from both ends of lemongrass (the lemongrass is already harvested...

Wildfire Cutlery Knives @ Dean & Deluca & Japanese Knives @ Chinatown Restaurant Supply Stores

by SG 18 years ago

Made a trip up to NYC from Philly today and was surprised to find Dean and Deluca's stocking Wildfire Cutlery knives at their kitchen supplies section in the rear. Nice... well finished and good he...

Wedding Registry -- need help, esp. with knives

by Caitlin Wheeler 18 years ago

We have come to that stage in the wedding process where we are registering for gifts, and although I've been cooking for years, I find myself a bit flummoxed, and turn to Chowhound for ever-useful ...

Knife Sharpening - Recommendations

by Phurl 18 years ago

I have heard that it is a good idea to get good knives sharpened once a year or so. I don't think my wife would like the idea of me sitting down at the table with oil, a sharpening stone and a bun...

professional knife sharpening

by JessicaSophia 18 years ago

My Wusthof is as dull as Dilbert, and I want to get it edged and sharpened. I just called Broadway Panhandler and they say it takes 2 1/2 days-- which seems weird to me (although I guess that means...

Knives Sharpened

by Pappy 18 years ago

I just learned that you can have your good knives professionally sharpened at Strosniders' Hardware in Bethesda. I guess the service is done Tuesdays and Fridays. If you drop them off the day bef...

Engraving knives?

by Caviar 18 years ago

I'd like to get some knives engraved as gifts. Anyone know where I could do this in Manhattan? Regular engraving would be okay, but maybe some sort of laser microprinting on the surface? Any though...

Another great Amazon Friday sale - Wusthof chef's knife

by Dylan Yolles 19 years ago

$30 for a Wusthof Classic 7" chef's knife is a great deal. Sure I'd rather have the 8" knife, but I scooped this one up anyway. The sale ends today. Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stor...

what was that knife thread?

by Daniel C 19 years ago

Perhaps up to a few months ago (I think), there was a thread about knives, and one poster put forth a lengthy, detailed message about various knife brands, strong opinions on his likes and dislikes...

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