Squash Blossoms

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Vela Wellesley- great meal/ deep fried stuffed squash blossoms

by emilief 13 years ago

I hesitate to post this as there are those who seem not to like this place,but we have had some excellent meals, and again last night, and we really want this place to succeed. The owner/chef is ve...

Where can I find huitlacoche, squash blossoms, and masa?

by ggordi1 13 years ago

I am hoping to make a traditional mexican dinner for Cinco de Mayo but I need some help finding some ingredients. I am looking for Huitlacoche, squash blossoms, and masa for tortillas and tamales....

Squash Blossom and Goat Cheese Soup [split from Los Angeles board]

by Jason_Coulston 14 years ago

[Split from http://www.chowhound.com/topics/499155] That recipe isn't really on my mind because the season isn't here yet. My Summer notebook is still archived for now, but from memory, it shou...

Can't find squash blossoms anywhere

by livetoeat 14 years ago

I'm in the metro NYC area, but would also buy online. Does anyone know where I can find fresh squash blossoms?

Squash Blossoms

by shopgirl26 14 years ago

I have never seen this in person, but always see recipes with them. Are they not available in Kansas?

MSP - Squash Blossoms?

by pgokey 14 years ago

I was just at the Midtown Farmers Market - what a treasure! Small, yet excellent selection and prices. The quality of the items there was surprisingly good. They even had a woman singing French...

squash blossoms in Pasadena

by eberhard49 14 years ago

I had stuffed squash blossoms at Mike and Anne's in South Pasadena for the first time this past weekend and am now intrigued with cooking with them. Does anyone know where I can find them?

Squash Blossoms

by bigskymind 14 years ago

I just got back from the farmers' market where I scored some squash blossoms. I plan to fry them, but have never tried stuffing them. I also picked up some cheddar and feta cheeses. Can I stuff t...

Mozza update-no squash blossoms

by stormin norman 15 years ago

Made the pilgrimage last night from Irvine to experience the much heralded Mozza and its infamous stuffed squash blossoms.After telling my wife how wonderful they sound in the reviews,we arrived to...

Squash Blossoms

by Pincho 15 years ago

In N. California, squash blossoms are in the farmer's markets now. Could not resist a beautiful bunch of them this weekend. I kept it pretty simple and was very happy with the results: Had about...

Squash Blossoms With Squash Still Attached

by oakjoan 15 years ago

Berk Bowl used to sell the blossoms with the small squash attached. I prepped them exactly as if they were only the blossoms, but that little barely cooked crunch adds something I love. Now I c...

Squash Blossoms

by wineguy7 17 years ago

Are squash blossoms still available this late in the summer? If so, please recommend places one can purchase them. Preferably in San Francisco. Thanks, Wineguy7

Squash Blossoms at Eastern Market

by Tweaked 17 years ago

The produce is really starting to take off at Eastern Market, South Carolina peaches, nectarines, and I spotted one vendor with a big tub of squash blossoms for 25 cents each. I picked up some...

squash blossoms

by PoolBoy 17 years ago

Where have you had good squash blossoms? I've had two versions recently. Zaytinya's were pretty good but overwhelmed, I thought, by the copius amounts of feta stuffing in each. Better were t...

Squash Blossoms - Any Ideas?

by ChefLisa 17 years ago

I just came back from a magnificent afternoon of digging in the earth at a local farm where we harvested our own lettuce, beets, radishes, Swiss chard, tatsoi, zucchini and unbelievably large squas...

Fresh Favas and Squash Blossoms for Easter (Greater New Haven)

by Tk 18 years ago

For several years running, I've made a delicious fava bean ragout and fried squash blossoms for part of my Easter dinner, and now I know not where to obtain the favas or blossoms. Any ideas?

Squash blossoms

by Harlan 18 years ago

Do any of the local Latino shops carry fresh squash blossoms in the winter--or at all?

Squash blossoms and scarlet runner beans

by AndreaOK 18 years ago

I'm planning a dinner for this Saturday that will hopefully include these ingredients. I don't often make it out of bed on the weekends early enough to get to the farmers' market (when I do go I g...

Squash Blossoms

by Ipsofatso 18 years ago

Where can I get these other than raiding my neighbor's squash patch?

squash blossoms

by foodfirst 18 years ago

They are beyond abundant where I live, and cheap too. I've stir-fried them, frittata-ed them, stuffed with cheese and sauteed them, and still can't get enough of them.... would love to know other b...

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