Specialty Foods

Share your favorite specialty food shops, ask questions about to where to find unusual ingredients and brands, and chat with Chowhounds about local shops and products in your area.

This Chicago Spice Shop Is Epic...Literally

Tucked beneath the facade of an old menswear store, Epic Spices is unassuming at first glance. Step through the little corridor between diagrams of posters (featuring figs, cloves, and pepper), and...

Where do you go to buy wild foods? Especially wild mushrooms?

by lesliewhitaker 5 days ago

Hi all - I recently become a huge fan of foraging and wild foods. But living in NYC, I can't exactly go find wild foods myself whenever I want! I'm trying to find a consistent source for wild f...

What new dishes or foods did you try this year?

by prima 2 years ago

This year, I tried spam musubi, loco moco, saimin, Lahaina fried soup https://medium.com/spiralbound/remembering-lahaina-fried-soup-7814184d6f8f poi, chicken long rice https://www.foodla...

Gift ideas for special condiments, spices, wine, for gift

by laredo 2 months ago

My dear friend and I have been friends so long we’ve given each other just about everything there is to give, Christmas, birthdays, and in between, and I am at a loss this Christmas. She is an e...

Pfefferneusse in Chicago

by BillSeliger 2 months ago

Looking for your favorite bakeries that make pfefferneusse in Chicago. I'm tracking Cafe Sel Marie and Dinkel's. Where else should I be looking for pfefferneusse?

Where can I find fresh compressed yeast?

by damkavi 15 years ago

Hi. I have searched high and low. I've called all bakeries, grocery stores, and health food stores (I.E. trader joes, whole foods, mothers market) in my area and no one seems to carry this item. ...

Close encounter with a couple of ' really...really....really ' EXPENSIVE FRUITS!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 7 months ago

AWE-STRUCK!!! Close encounter with the MOST EXPENSIVE Mango I have ever come across at 'Freshway Foodmart, Markham'! Price of these two ' Miyazaki Kamyuku Mango ' ( $150 ) = Cost of a tasting...

Baldor Foods starts home delivery...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Baldor Foods, a major Bronx-based wholesale specialty food supplier to the restaurant/hospitality industry in the metro New York area, has announced it will do home delivery for the first time. Min...

St Lawrence Market vendors doing delivery and/or curbside pickup!

by highlyunlikely 2 years ago


George Washington Cake?

by cgarner 11 years ago

My husband grew up in Germantown in the late 50's and early 60's. He has fond memories of George Washington Cake (it's kind of a spice cake chocolate icing or frosting, I'm not sure) sold in large ...

Where to buy vin cotto or saba in Canada?

by Zanachow 2 years ago

I'm looking to buy vin cotto or saba online in Canada. I've found a site that carries it in the US, but they do not ship to Canada. Any leads? Thanks!

What’s your secret Curry ingredient or technique?

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

In reference to the dish, versus the powder, what secrets are Hounders willing to share on how prepare excellent curry?

ISO "Wet" or unripe Walnuts (green fresh)

by itryalot 2 years ago

I am looking to purchase or order a case of wet green or unripe walnuts somewhere in the lower thumb area stretching from Detroit to Port Huron and west to Bloomfield Hills area.

Suggestions for two 20-something on a budget in Seattle?

by ninrn 2 years ago

My niece just graduated from college and she and her boyfriend are taking their first vacation together to Seattle. Both love anything to do with the art and science of making food and beverages, a...

White Plains Farmers Market kicks off April 24th...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

A sure sign of the new season, outdoor farmers markets are starting up again. The popular White Plains Farmers Market actually begins on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 24th, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and...

Zabar's delivers...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

Like so many others, I have enjoyed Zabar's for many years. However, I never realized how good their delivery service can be. Twice in the past year I have been invited to out-of-town brunches wher...

Chile mije/mixe aka the Oaxacan pastilla in Mexico City?

by shescheeky 3 years ago

Hi, New husband and I are traveling to Mexico City in a few weeks. I'm an avid home cook and was hoping you kind and knowledgable folks would know where to find the elusive Chile mije/mixe aka th...

Yummy Market ( Major Mac & Dufferin ) - An Amazing ' European Experience ' Super Market!!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 8 years ago

Opened about 3 months ago, I only realize of its existence through the flyer they send out yesterday. With an area about twice the size of McEwan on Don Mills, this impressive 'European product foc...

China Lily Soya Sauce

by Googs 12 years ago

I can't seem to find it anywhere now. I know it isn't the high end chi-chi soya, but I find it very handy for beef marinades. Does anyone know where to find it

Garden Hearts Iceberg Babies | Boggiatto Produce, Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Star Market in Salinas promoted Boggiatto Produce's Garden Hearts Iceberg Babies in its weekly flyer. These are a special strain of iceberg lettuce that grows to about the size of a softball. With ...