Specialty Foods

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Chile mije/mixe aka the Oaxacan pastilla in Mexico City?

by shescheeky 21 days ago

Hi, New husband and I are traveling to Mexico City in a few weeks. I'm an avid home cook and was hoping you kind and knowledgable folks would know where to find the elusive Chile mije/mixe aka th...

Yummy Market ( Major Mac & Dufferin ) - An Amazing ' European Experience ' Super Market!!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 6 years ago

Opened about 3 months ago, I only realize of its existence through the flyer they send out yesterday. With an area about twice the size of McEwan on Don Mills, this impressive 'European product foc...

China Lily Soya Sauce

by Googs 9 years ago

I can't seem to find it anywhere now. I know it isn't the high end chi-chi soya, but I find it very handy for beef marinades. Does anyone know where to find it

Garden Hearts Iceberg Babies | Boggiatto Produce, Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Star Market in Salinas promoted Boggiatto Produce's Garden Hearts Iceberg Babies in its weekly flyer. These are a special strain of iceberg lettuce that grows to about the size of a softball. With ...

George Washington Cake?

by cgarner 8 years ago

My husband grew up in Germantown in the late 50's and early 60's. He has fond memories of George Washington Cake (it's kind of a spice cake chocolate icing or frosting, I'm not sure) sold in large ...

Montreal MUST-eats (local food)

by Qball 11 months ago

Hello, I'm traveling to Montreal with my two small sons and want to try what Montreal is known for. I want some great French restaurants (maybe even some good take out ones?), great poutine and a...

Where can I find just plain chicken stock?

by chowchow12345678 7 years ago

No one seems to sell chicken stock or broth without several other ingredients. I'd rather not have to make it.

Where to find Gourmet Salts?

by ldubosky 1 year ago

First post here! My sister is starting a gourmet salt collection, and I’m soon traveling to London— so I was wondering if there are any interesting places to pick up some cool/unique sea salt or ...

New ideas in oatmeal

by drrayeye 1 year ago

Since my childhood, I've always had oatmeal for breakfast, made with old fashioned Quaker Oats. Recently, with induction, I've been able to recreate that dish for one, by adding a cup of oats to 2...

zeytinia trouble? [Croton]

by DGresh 6 years ago

Was just there today and it had that "sparse" look when a place is in trouble. Whole shelves in the freezer, cheese area, and "fancy bean" area that were empty. No milk in the refrigerator (though ...

Where can I find Marmite in Montreal?

by saregama 1 year ago

Staying in the downtown / westmount area. Looking for Marmite jars - the spreadable kind. I see Bovril soup concentrate at the supermarkets, but no Marmite... maybe I'm looking in the wrong section...

Is there any point in getting in to buying organic products?

by Danraph373 1 year ago

My spouse and I were discussing whether to be more conscious about buying organic products when shopping.. I'm quite cynical about it however, and have read accounts of the organic label meaning...

Short trip - a food/goodie treasure hunt - ideas?

by flygirl 2 years ago

Good morning everyone I'm heading up to NYC on Memorial Day for an overnight, home the next evening. I'll arrive in time for lunch and I'm staying in Soho but more towards the water - on Hud...

London Food Markets

by noradailey 2 years ago

I will be in London early August. Really enjoy local food markets, local produce, any mixture of that sort. I have not found any recent posts about this. Any suggestions?

AG Ferrari Warehouse Sale Returns March 17

by DavidT 2 years ago

AG Ferrari is having a another sale at their warehouse in Alameda. It is one day only, Friday, March 17 from 9am to 4pm. I was at the one 6-8 weeks ago. There were some very good buys on pastas,...

What should I bring back from Spain?

by Monica 2 years ago

I know there are numerous posting on what to bring back from France but I don't recall any posting about Spain. Any special food products and related products I should bring back? Thanks!

I need help finding grocery stores and restaurants in Tri-Cities Tennessee

by Foodandgreyhounds 3 years ago

I'm a new resident of Kingsport TN and close to the edge of culinary breakdown. I'm sending this out as a last ditch attempt to find grocery and restaurant suggestions in the Tri-Cities that would...

Rosedale's Finest Specialty Foods

by sumdumgoy 2 years ago

This very elegant grocery store with carefully curated food selection will make most 'hounds hearts beat faster. Here is BlogTO's take: www.blogto.com/grocery/rosedales-finest-toronto/

New England Food Show - Feb 26th

by grant.cook 2 years ago

Has anyone walked the floor at the New England Food Show (at the Convention Center, Sun-Tuesday Feb 26th-28th)? I have a couple of vendors I'd like to talk to, but nothing I couldn't do in another...