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Sharing is caring, and Chowhounds know where to find the best small plates restaurants. Offer your opinions on the trend and discuss favorite spots to enjoy it.

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Balaboosta Last night

by princeofpork3 6 years ago

The apps and small plates were excellent; roasted cauliflower, fried olives (bit salty), bruschetta. The Israeli street food was outstanding. Delicious chicken and sausage in a fluffy pita with a...


by Bugsey34 7 years ago

Went by the new Comedor in Newton Center this past weekend and liked it. Overall everything was very tasty and the chef clearly has a penchant for fresh herbs, which I like. The menu is small p...

10th anniversay - not Canlis or Herb Farm

by edub 6 years ago

Hi Hounds, Coming to Seattle for our 19th anniversary trip and looking for a special pla to eat. We don't mind expensive but we don't do stuffy - hence, the removal of Canlis and Herb Farm. We...

Sunday dinner on the UES?

by biondanonima 6 years ago

My parents are going to be here for a brief visit at the end of July and my only opportunity to dine with them will be on Sunday evening before they depart. We'll be coming from a performance at t...

Three Nights in the East Village

by MMM 8 years ago

Coming to NYC for three nights at the end of January (from Toronto). Staying at the Standard East Village. Looking for recommendations for dinner - obviously food is key but also hoping to find ...

Hearth & Table in Lincoln City, OR

by wintersweet 6 years ago

My partner and I found ourselves in Lincoln City, OR, a few weeks ago. The place we stayed in was great, and the beaches were beautiful, and the bookstores were great, but the food situation seemed...

Paris - Feedback on food itinerary

by cjhsu1026 6 years ago

Hello fellow chowhound members, My husband and I will be in Paris for 4 days (6/23-6/27) for the end of our honeymoon. We are trying to do a mix of classic bistro, small plates and fine dining. ...

Need help with Avairy, RPM Steak, and Momotaro

six dower
by six dower 6 years ago

Having a drink and bites and each place tomorrow night. Where should I start and what dishes are a must order? Also had Bedford on my radar because of the whiskey selections. Also stopping by a fe...

Tray Kitchen

by sweetpotater 7 years ago

Three of us ate last week at the new Tray Kitchen between Fremont and Ballard. It's Korean-ish small plates, some on a set menu and some brought around on trays, dim-sum style. Off the menu, we had...

Small plates tour of Charleston, SC - suggestions?

by peripateo 6 years ago

I would love to have any suggestions on small plates to try on our small plates / tapas crawl of Charleston. What are the must try tastes of the city? Thanks!

Sir and Star at The Olema

by Kayde 8 years ago

This month we went to Sir and Star at The Olema - dropped in Easter weekend and a few weeks later midweek. Margaret Grade and Daniel DeLong opened their new restaurant on the ground floor of the ol...

Bristol, Cotham, Stokes Croft, Cheltenham or Gloucester Road? For this weekend!

by willowan 7 years ago

Hello folks Down in Bristol this weekend and staying in Cotham. Last time I was in the city I ate at Flinty Red and whilst it was good I didn't find it overly friendly... perhaps because ther...

Mistral, Princeton

by Foody4life 9 years ago

As reported here: http://philly.eater.com/archives/2012/07/02/chef-scott-anderson-opening-mistral-in-october.php element's Scott Anderson and partner Steven Distiler are opening a new restaur...

Center City Restaurants?

by jayjay 6 years ago

I'm going to be staying at the DoubleTree for a few days next month and I'm especially interested in going to restaurants that have a "small plate" concept; also would consider ones that have a var...

Pardes: new menu section, attentive service, creative small plates still amazing

by AdinaA 7 years ago

New section on menu last week called something like "Meat with bread" The evening I was there it included a bacon burger, a beef-cheek pizza, a BLT and 3 or 4 others. All familiar, main-course di...

London with six year old

by mlin1 6 years ago

Hello! My husband and I will be visiting London for the first time with our six year old daughter in tow. She travels relatively well and is generally well behaved in restaurants. We will be comin...

Ribelle Outstanding

by bakerboyz 6 years ago

Planned to meet my daughter around 8:15 last night for a last minute dinner at Barcelona in Brookline. I arrived before my daughter, the restaurant was packed, there was a short wait for a table an...

Cozy Intimate Place Midtown

by Lovelyday 7 years ago

Hello - Can you please recommend a cozy romantic bar in midtown ? I would like some place where nice spirits and small plates are served. budget is not a problem. Thank you very much

Not liking small plates, tapas trend.

by zackly 7 years ago

I'm seeing more higher end restaurants that feature small plates. I find these "little bites" expensive and not filling. I end up walking away from tapas meals hungry. My appetite doesn't shut off....

Early evening music and good food options?

by Windsor 6 years ago

Seeking early evening music venue for drinks, small plates or light dinner. Is there a music venue mid week starting around 7 pm with good music and decent food? Easy taxi or trolly from Fren...